Rob Stuart | Fasting for Healthy Skin | Fasting Summit

I went the typical route. Went to my dermatologist. I went to my MD and I was profoundly, negatively affected by those experiences. I was told that I’m gonna have to live with the disease forever. There’s no cure. I was told that diet and lifestyle have nothing to do with healing the body or the symptoms of the disease. And from my own displeasure with all that, I just started researching
alternative medicines and alternative practises
and stumbled upon Ayurveda, which led me to a deeper quest and want for yoga. And the yoga brought me
right into water fasting, juice cleansing, and just that whole realm of purification of the
body from the inside out. Gut health and filtration
health is out of balance for some reason, be it because of genetics, because of what you eat, stress levels. All of those things play a factor in it, but if you look at it
from like a really deep perspective, like kind of
a third party perspective, if you get the kidney,
liver, and lymphatic system balanced and clean, and
you really pay attention to your digestion, then that
relates to the immune system. And the immune system just
governs the whole body. So once those kind of three things are let to be balanced and feel healthy, then the skin shows that. (bright music)

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