Riboflavin and Tanning Beds for Fungal Infections? | Chris Masterjohn Lite #145

Riboflavin and Tanning Beds for Fungal Infections? | Chris Masterjohn Lite #145


  • Optimize with Science says:

    Wow, you're sometimes making videos about topics I haven't even thought about 😀

    Still great content always!

  • Hot and sassy says:

    I have recently started taking a good amount of riboflavin and man I love that vitamin! So many benefits I’ve noticed from it. Makes me think I was low in it as I spend so much tome out in the sun!

  • Leyla Turayeva says:

    Can natural sunlight be used instead of the tanning beds?

  • Bob Bine says:

    Providone iodine externaly.
    Lugoils iodine internaly.
    Oregano oil
    Garlic oil

  • Atomic Space Bunny says:

    How would you think the best way would be of killing fungal infection variations of athletes foot and fungal nail infections of the foot?

  • Adam Blaknovski says:

    You ate the wrong vegan diet clearly.
    Grains, nightshade plants and their fruit and tubers, legumes, indeed any vegetables that need cooking to be edible, refined sugars, processed or cooked food is what causes all our illnesses along with other environmental toxicity.
    Animal products are not necessary and are not digested properly by the human digestive system, which is herbivorous not omnivorous.
    How do I know? Omnivores all eat shit. Their own, other members of their same species and that of other species, along with other omnivore eating traits we don't have, like not being able to chew very well, whereas we as humans are master masticators.

    We are supposed to eat all our food raw just like every other organism on Earth, shocker, and to think that cooking our food was in any way an improvement to our nutritional needs and intelligence is to ignore all the current scientific data.
    Healthy human gut flora (in the lower intestine) is able to digest raw plant fibres and release energy for our own glycolysis, omegas and amino acids along with Vitamins, potentially from background bacterial die-off amongst other sources.
    When you have a teeming healthy gut source from a healthy compost colon, you have no need to consume b vitamin rich food sources as you're carrying a b vitamin factory around with you.
    Getting there is no easy feat though, neither is staying there with so many gluten rich Roundup soaked poisonous treats waved in your face daily totally by accident of Commerce with no evil machinators in the background twisting our reality with temptation or anything.

  • Netto says:


  • Alex G says:

    its good for toenail fungus ?

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