Rheumatoid Arthritis | Wim Hof Method Testimonial

Rheumatoid Arthritis | Wim Hof Method Testimonial

My name is Henk van den Bergh. I live in Holland’s most beautiful village Blaricum.
You can’t miss it. I run a forge.
It’s a family business. In 1984 I was diagnosed with rheumatism. At first I had difficulties with opening a carton of milk. I couldn’t work for a while.
I ended up going back to work yet the rheumatism stayed. My fingers and elbow needed surgery. My shoulders, knee and right wrist were infected. Three years ago I could barely walk. I was on a lot of medication that my rheumatologist had prescribed me. One of those; Biologicals,
wasn’t working anymore. So my alarm bells went off and at that point
our friend Henk Mollema said; “You should pay Wim a visit.” Just try out the ice bath
and some of the other stuff we do. I said: no way, I’m going to do that. I have a Jacuzzi and a sauna. I’m not going to do that.
I’m just gonna do my thing. I’ll stay in my comfort zone. I’m not going to go into the cold. No way. But Wim challenged me to try out the ice bath, as well as some other activities. He also mentioned doing thirty push-ups. “Mister Hof.” I said. “No thanks. I’m going home.” “Thanks for a nice day.” “What’s your name?” “I’m Henk.” “You’re going to do 40 push-ups” “What do you mean?” “You are going to do 40 push-ups.” “I don’t think so.” “Fourty times!” So the next morning he took me aside to
focus on the breathing exercises. We practised for 45 minutes. And somehow I managed to do 40 push-ups
I couldn’t believe it. But I did fourty of them.
Tears in my eyes. I gave it everything and somehow succeeded. I was thinking:
Wow, he got the best out me. I also understand that the previous evening
he was working on my mindset. So that I was already mentally charged for it. Also the breathing exercises definitely helped. With that push-up exercise he really showed me what my body was capable of. Same goes for the yoga exercises. I really wanted to continue with it. His enthusiasm and the way he motivates you to push further and the way he looks at you… Great guy. And so pure. So I started taking cold showers,
which I really hated at first I really didn’t like it.
Just getting one leg under water…Jesus Lord You probably know what I mean when you first start out.
You’re thinking.. “Shit, I don’t want this.” But I also thought: if he can do it, then why can’t I? I’m just going to try it and evaluate it after a while Then, if it works But if it doesn’t work, too bad. I had fun while it lasted So slowly…I continued with the method. I continued with taking cold showers and doing breathing and yoga exercises. I also continued the appointments with my rheumatologist and informed him about my experiences with the Wim Hof Method. My rheumathologist asked: “Are you really sure?” “Yes, I’m doing it.” “But there are enough reasons to not do it.” I already have enough reasons like that. I’m at the end of my medication line. Who knows what will happen next?
I’m just going to do it. The blood levels improved. The infection values decreased. I became more fit, stronger and healthier. I was convinced. My rheumatologist was also happily surprised. The problems I had with my rheumatism… …have been neutralized for the most part. I’m not saying the rheumatism has gone up in smoke, but it is has come to a halt. Wim’s method played a role in that
plus the other stuff I picked up along the way. I don’t want to state that the Wim Hof Method
is the answer to rheumatism. Yet adopting the Wim Hof Method requires a change in lifestyle and that certainly triggers stuff in your body. It has impacted my life in such a way that it has increased my performance. It has impacted my life in such a way that it has increased my performance. An older gentleman who works here said “I would have not believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes how you recovered from this.” And also a female co-worker said; “Seeing how your health has improved is just amazing”. “It’s that I see you everyday that I know that it works”. I really want to emphasize that I’m sharing my personal experiences. I don’t speak on behalf of others and don’t know if it works for other people. I also want to stress that it’s not only the Wim Hof Method that has helped me. But it’s an important part in the whole spectrum. You also become more aware of what you eat. You become more active, practice yoga more and focus on your mindset. It’s a matter of trying out new stuff to get your health back in shape. I also want to make clear that this whole endeavor is for life. I’m going to stick with it. I enjoy practicing the method. And I hope to enthuse other people to try it too. there’s enough cold water to practice in. Persuading people to give it a go… Encouraging them… Stimulating people to try a course… But start with yourself. You can always go to a doctor to get some pills. Doctors know a lot
but they don’t know everything about you. They know their statistics. You personally are the only one who can make that change. Nobody else. The nice thing with Wim is that he gives the incentive to just do it. He broadens your horizon. “There’s more.
Perhaps you should take a look at this” But you have to really want it Don’t even bother if you don’t want it..
Go read the newspaper or watch a movie. Don’t bother trying it. But if you feel compelled to give a go and you really believe you can change.. …then you should go for it. And fully commit to it. …for months. And then see what happens.


  • Josh Goodrum says:

    Needs the subtitles for us English speakers. Wim is my Hero!

  • dinospitter says:

    is there a way to get involved in this wim hof project? are there careers?

  • Acid Techno Man says:

    The problem is there is no clear cut instructions. Just videos all over the internet. For retards like me, I need STEP1 STEP2 STEP3

  • WisdomTooth says:

    Great Video !

  • Irene Boers says:

    Mooi verhaal, geweldig voor je!! Met enkele Hoffers gaan we regelmatig 'zwemmen' bij Loosdrecht. Als je wilt……
    Al een jaartje de methode geoefend met het boek maar de grote omslag kwam in Polen, november 2015, ongelooflijk!! Ook ik ben gezonder en sterker dan ooit!

  • dave bond says:

    keep up the good work Henk you can do it

  • Eko Priyono says:

    inspiring me. thanks Henk. from Indonesia

  • Mona Taylor says:

    great dialect!

  • GC says:

    Well done Henk! Thank you Wim. xoxo

  • Olivia Lewis says:

    I have had the same results as you. great authentic video couldn't have described the process of reclaiming my health better.

  • Graham Higgins says:

    no welding/dust mask!

  • dave bond says:

    So so inspiring

  • Miyamoto Musashi says:

    Is this method good for GERD and Acid Reflux ?

  • NPC 86740296 says:

    I'm afrikaans so I understand a bit of Dutch since I'm afrikaans but I also don't completely so I read the subtitles and just make myself confused why can't it be Indian or something? 😂

  • norbu Gallego says:

    Than you 💚💚💚
    I am going to do this méthod because I have a big problem with the sleep oldo now live in Valencia and how do with the cool. ..because here is summer

  • norbu Gallego says:

    Sorry the firt I am very happy for you
    With breathing is enough doing it severa times
    I have been slpeeping for almost 6 years in a couple of hours every day….and physically and mentally
    I am very bad the doctor send me antidepressants that do not do any thing
    I hope a advice because a need help
    Sorry for my english is not well
    Good day for all being 💚💚

  • iTom Journey says:

    Hello Wim, I suffer from the same illness, what is the other stuff except your method that Henk does to stop it from progressing ? Thanks. Tomas.

  • Richard Heinz says:

    Has anyone told this guy he is not speaking a real language?

  • André Mariano says:

    2:36 proof he is an alien. watch in slow motion

  • vera intuizione says:

    Thanks for the video!

  • Tiago says:

    Hi everyone!!
    I've been dealing with two autoimmune diseases, Ankylosing Spondilitis (AS) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC), since 6 years now. I'm now 26 years old. Because of UC i also have had some chronic gastritis crises. Until that time i could live a normal life, however after that i've been struggling against them. Having symptoms like joint pain and gut problems.
    Now i'm on biological treatment (cosentyx) it's been 4 months. I improved a lot in this period, with maybe 85% less pain. However i don't feel really good about how life presented itself to me, seeing all my friends being health.
    I may sound a bit dramatic, but I'm a guy who seeks for solutions, so i'm goint to try the method, and document my progress here with you.
    I could write a book over here. Talking about all the previous journey, but let's skip it and begin the process to a better life :))

    Obs. Hope you don't mind my english. I'm still learning.

    Now i'm on my first week. The breath tecniches and the cold showers have helped a lot to keep the mind calm. During this time I had a mild flu. Influenced by my immunosuppressant pills. But I kept the program.

    Best regards to all of you!!

  • Terje says:


  • TheFreedomMindset says:

    Inspiring, although a ton of the people in these videos keep doing press-ups wrong 🙂

  • plolow says:

    I've had RA for 5 yrs. From the diagnose I've been trying to keep in good physical condition and diet, hovever I'm a vegetarian for 22 yrs (37 yrs old). In spite of I'm feel quite good with medication (methotrexate) I'm going to start with WHM. Let's see how it's work for me. Thanks for new oportunity. Maybe I will fell good without drugs for some time.

  • Bipin Baral says:

    Wim please come to nepal…? You are the life changer of all the ones who are frustrate depressed and loses the mind by different way…

  • Sri Yantra says:


  • Genka Guelfenbein says:

    Exelente , real, ecuánime !!!!

  • Josla says:

    Dit is echt inspirerend. Zelf kamp ik met zware artrose, doktoren kunnen niets voor mij betekeken, enkel zware medicatie in de vorm van Oxycodon (veel sterker dan morfine). Eerst 15 mg per dag, ondertussen ben ik er zwaar verslaafd aan want het is opgelopen naar 100mg per dag. Gewenning is hetgeen er voor zorgt dat de dosis na een tijdje niet meer werkt en de pijn weer als vanouds is.

    Ook ik ben zoekende en heb zoveel dingen uitgeprobeerd, van therapieën acupunctuur, 10 keer ruggenprikken gehad waar de zenuwen een soort van gekookt worden op 60 graden zodat deze afsterven, pijn komt gewoon weer terug. Pijn af laten bidden, hypnose en ga zo maar door, werkelijk niets heeft geholpen. Nu ben ik sinds een paar dagen begonnen met de minicursus online van Wim Hof. Na het zien van deze inspirerende video ga ik doen wat Henk zegt, gewoon doorgaan met de Wim Hof methode en over een paar maanden terug kijken en zien wat het oplevert.

  • thomas sørensen says:

    His apparent hygiene is impeccable! 😎😅🤣😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Kirvan says:

    Thank you for sharing this information

  • Ihsan aktaş says:

    I healed my knee's arthrid problem with in 1 month of breath exercise. I was dealing with about 2 years. I started to run again after 2 years this week. Thank you wim.

  • Dumitru Tudor says:

    I ALSO AM TRYING WIM HOFS METHOD AS WE SPEAK I AM ABOUT 11 DAYS INTO IT. i started with the cold ice water in the evenings and i am doing the breathing 3x day. i don't do Yoga (i don't like it )nor the push ups just yet.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Eliminators says:

    Medical research reports published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, mention a mycoplasma bacterial connection to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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