Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cannabis, Marena Collins of MO, 2007, Testimonial, Subtitle

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cannabis, Marena Collins of MO, 2007, Testimonial, Subtitle

Marena Collins Rheumatoid Arthritis MO 2007 – Interviewer: Can you give us your name
and where you from? – Marena Collins: I can do that. My name is Marena Collins of Clinton Missouri. I’m a medical marijuana patient. I have arthritis and unable
to take any kind of inflammatories. There’s one medication I can take. That I may be able to take for a long term. I may not be taking long term. The only other medication
there is, is cannabis. Now, I didn’t know
how bad my arthritis was. Till a few months ago. And for some reason
I ran out of cannabis. I thought my arthritis was some
aches and pains here and there. But when I ran out of cannabis. Slowly, over time, I thought
my body was going into rigor mortis. I was waiting for somebody to come in
and tell me I was dead. And that it really was a rigor mortis. But it worked out,
that I wound up getting more cannabis. Because when I called my doctor. He asked me what I was taking
for anti-inflammatory and pain. I told him cannabis. He said to go get more
because that was the best thing there was and he couldn’t give me any better. He talked a little bit about
the side effects, lack of side effects and the side effects
of the contemporary medications. I would much rather do the cannabis. I’ve had some internal bleeding
from that type of anti-imflammatories in the past. And right now the medication
that he’s giving me to go along with the cannabis. Just in case I ran out again I guess… Is one that could possibly
cause internal bleeding again and when that happens,
there’s nothing left. I also have a little dog,
a little black pup named Bug. Bug has a seizure disorder that is terrible. The vet is giving her
all the medications he can. He does a lot of work,
he takes care of her very well. But the medications he gives her… She was still having 1 to 4 seizures a day. And we, right at this moment, know for a fact. That a little bit of cannabis per day,
Bug the pup does not have seizures. Which is so awesome! – Interviewer: It’s incredible. – Marena: Yes, it is, it’s wonderful. So it’s not only I in the household, it’s also little Bug the pup. I’ve had people,
I’ve talked to people, a lot of people will say,
ow well it’s just in peoples head. People want’s the marijuana to work,
so it does. Well, little Bug the pup just happens
to be proof that that doesn’t work that way. She didn’t had a clue
what she was taking. It works really well for her. We need medical cannabis in Missouri. We need medical cannabis everywhere. There are patients everywhere that needs it. – Interviewer: Patients in rural Missouri
who need medical cannabis? – Marena: You bet there is, a lot of them. More people. We need to get that word out there. This is good,
this is not a demon thing, this is good. This is something
that we have been given to care for our bodies. And we’ve made it illegal,
so that nobody can use it. So… spread the word! Yes, peace and legalization,
spread the word! – Interviewer: Excellent, thank you. – Marena: You bet. Medicalcannabisjournal.net

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  • Lola Wolfe says:

    amazing story! i have a fourteen year old twice promoted brother who was student president twice and always on honor roll. he plays guitar and drums advanced and has many other interests. this sweet, amazing ,gentle talented , intelligent young man also has arthritis fibro and cervicalgia and he needs medical marijuna legalized so he can stop taking all of these painful toxic meds which do nothing for him after a year on being on them. we are moving to a better state and town to make that happen as the support of medical marijuana is not yet legal in Ohio and I am tired of seeing my brother suffer.

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