Review Khách hàng Hoàng Vỹ sau khi điều trị mụn viêm, trị thâm. Tại Hiền Vân Spa I bài 320

Today Hien will review a customer for acne treatment The result gives after making nonmetal once before the skin treatment he darkened a lot due to squeeze acne shaped acne should be dark after he came back from studying abroad comeback and he had to find Hien to ask for acne treatment and treatment bruise and Hien advised him on using the nonmetallic method and will reduced to about 70% after one treatment for new bruises will be about 90% And this is the result after one treatment The bruise part has greatly reduced greatly reduced we can see not only reducing dark spots but also tightening pores The skin is strong and shiny This is the result after the first ten day nonmetals After finishing the needle, he returned to Danang and his hometown is in the sea and we can see It doesn’t catch the sun After take acne he made nonmetal Can you share a little bit? Hien advised you that before treating acne You use non-metallic method to treat pores and restore weak skin and reduce bruise Hien has advise you during the treatment Nonmetal method will make your skin stronger and reduce darkening up to 70%, and now your bruises have decreased Are you satisfied with the service of Hien Van spa? I was really satisfied compared to all the spa I went to I’m very satisfied The customer service quality is very good and the spa’s technology is very advanced During the treatment I did not worry about anything after returning Everyone looks at your skin very differently than before It’s like having a successful puberty for the second time😂😂 Hien thank you very much💕 He is a student studying abroad in Canada During the summer holidays he went to Danang to play But he stopped by Saigon to get rid of acne In the process of skin consulting, he had a lot of bruises, so Hien consulted on intensive treatment with non-metallic method Can both treat acne, tighten pores, restore healthy skin and treat darkening At the time of counseling, Hien only advised that it would decrease by about 70% but the current results were reduced by about 80%. We can see that his skin is very strong right now and today is a nonmetallic skin care For better skin improvement If you guys are hiding acne, we should not take it on our own to prevent dark spots and inflammation You this customer due to improper acne get so bruise and bottle a lot he received treatment promptly and did not leave pitted scars and after a great result Would you like to share with other acne sufferers? Do not use your hands to squeeze acne and tree squeeze acne improper and you are having acne can visit Hien Van spa to treat acne

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