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well hey guys welcome back to skincare with Chris Gibson if you’re new I’m Chris and on this channel we talk about skincare product skincare routines it’s getting care gurus skin care dupes to save money just about anything to do with skin care we talked about here so if that’s your thing you are definitely in the right place so do me a huge favor hit the subscription button and the little notification bell so that you get notified when my new videos are up each week now that you found me don’t lose me Oh to get that j.lo glow you know she just rocked the halftime show at the Super Bowl with Shakira and whether you think she is a diva or you think she is a saint 450 years old she looks pretty damn good and while she was supposed to launch her own celebrity skincare line last year I know another one that still hasn’t happened yet but what has happened is I have for you today her exact products skincare routine and steps that she uses to keep her skin flawless and I’m sharing that all with you today and before you guys go on oh my god she’s got all this money she’s a celebrity there are a lot of celebrities at 50 years old with a lot of money that don’t look half that good but I will tell you she is not afraid to spend some dollars on skincare products and not at all but no worries because I have the products she uses and the dupes in this video now you may know that JLo is a big fitness buff and that she maintains time in her routine for her cardio and her circuit training and it shows so it goes to say that we might all learn something from her skincare routine because when you take a look at her it shows there too now recently on dr. oz she revealed that she has four main inside out beauty steps that she takes so if you’re interested in that video I will put a link in the video description box so you can watch it cuz it is really really good but I am going to share with you her products and routines now these four inside out beauty secrets are really kind of surprising and there’s things that a lot of people don’t talk about even though on this channel I do talk about them quite a bit her first secret is drinking water and not just drinking water haphazard but drinking it throughout the day to stay hydrated now she says she doesn’t count the bottles and hopefully she knows about BPA and all the problems with plastic bottles and she’s ditched those but she’s right water is a huge component of a healthy skincare routine that goes all the way through your day second she doesn’t smoke and she doesn’t drink well at least much so she no she doesn’t drink and she says she’s done that her whole life she made that life decision way back in her young days when her mother told her that if she touched drugs or alcohol it would kill her so she says that sort of stayed in her mind of it who would stay in my mind so she made that lifelong choice and now it’s paying off dividends all these years later third she stays out of the Sun and uses sunscreen she’s a huge sunscreen Queen and if she says that she started doing this in her early days basically staying out of the Sun almost all together in her 20s and 30s and she really credits that with why her skin looks so amazing today next she eats a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and antioxidants and she does this pretty much on an ongoing basis for her diet she’s also a low sugar no sugar person which means she tries to avoid refined sugars at all costs all the time in our ongoing diet and again you guys know on this channel I preach all the time about cutting out as much of that kind of sugar out of your diet as possible it’s something that I did in my early 20s and it has paid dividends for my skin ever since so then what products make up a JLo skincare routine it was an interesting mix of products that she uses she’s never touched Botox and she’s not had plastic surgery so whatever the hell she’s doing it’s doing a good job so let’s take a look at what that is now rather than a intensive routine like you might think a celebrity would have JLo has a keep it simple stupid routine for her morning and nighttime routine so she actually has two routines that she does every single day her morning routine is really really simple its cleansing moisturization serums and sunscreen and boy is she big on moisturization for her cleansing she uses lancer the method cleanser from lancer skincare it’s a really expensive face washes at 55 dollars but it is a good glycerin based face wash the only issue that I have with it is it has sulfates in it that can be very very irritating for some skin types and again $55 for 4.5 ounces of face wash that’s not a lot of face wash it’s not gonna go very far that’s kind of pricey but I do have a dupe for you and that’s clear revolution skin cares famous foaming face wash you get a two-month supply of similar product ingredient mix for 28 bucks now next for her daytime moisturizer she uses dr. Hauschka creme de la Rose face cream which is a naturally based moisturizer which is rich with oils like avocado peanut and of course roses now if you have peanut allergies this might not be the product for you and it also contains fragrance and I know fragrance oils are a lot of problem or problems for or cause a problem for a lot of people so you may want to take a look at that and my do for this product is fresh rose deep hydration cream it comes in at a mere 15 bucks now she also uses an anti-aging well and this is a big rage among celebrities then it gets in the skincare community alight we talk a lot about facial oils and not just essential oils but really like nut oils and things that can really hydrate the face and JLo is no different she uses salsa fear concentrated and tight aging oil which is an intense mixture of eight oils grapeseed macadamia bitter orange and jasmine oils among those oils that are in this really expensive mixture now she says it’s super hydrating but at 175 dollars it should give you a damn facelift now I recommend you try Mara algae and Marengo oil for a similar effect for a whole lot less money and you’re gonna get the same type of results from that product now for her serum she uses vintners daughter active botanicals serum and as you can see here it is really expensive stuff and again we find her using a product as a really heavy essential oil product including eight oils plus turmeric and hazelnut so you can see she uses a lot of oils in her routine which are not gonna work for everybody and if I were trying to do this I would probably alternate these products as serum and the moisturizer or the anti-aging oil every other day so that not so much oil if it’s like a lot of oil now the good news is there is a really excellent dupe for this and it’s kills daily reviving concentrated oil and you could you that just the same way and it is a whole lot less money now for sunscreen she uses a pretty mainstream product it’s going to be surprising for you which is Sun balm SPF 15 and I can’t recommend that product at this time because they need to change the formulation it has four ton on four of the sunscreen ingredients that the FDA has found leeches into people’s blood screen including two of them that are bad for the coral reefs and the planet please try to stay away from any sunscreen out there that has a baboon’s own oxalate and oxy krai lean in it because those are not good for you and they’re not good for the planet hot for instead products like blue lizard or baboo which are both sunscreens that are zinc and titanium base much better for you much better for the planet now for JLo’s nighttime routine is pretty simple she uses the same cleanser of the Lancer the method cleanser for a cleansing step and she does this after she exfoliates with Lancer the method polish again another really expensive product exfoliation is the key to any good skincare routine I always say that but you can do this a lot less expensively like derma e microdermabrasion scrub or even a simple buff puff sponge you know what you use this daily it’s gonna set you back a wallet crushing four bucks now she also uses a 10% aah a cream which I usually recommend this to all my clients and you guys watching AAA’s glycolic acid creams are really really good five to ten percent she uses Lancer skin cares 10% cream again really expensive you can accomplish the same effects with alpha hydroxy 10% glycolic cream glycolic AJ creams are really really good for your skin especially if it’s acne prone and the skin anti-aging benefits have been proven for way over 20 years next she uses one of the top rated most expensive facial moisturizers out there its legend among celebrities and it’s creme de la Mer facial moisturizing cream and the shit is expensive fortunately I have a great dupe for this one as well which is Mario Badescu seaweed night cream it’s light its oil-free which I recommend for a lot of people especially with sensitive skin and oily skin or acne prone skin this is a really great product and again it’s gonna save you some big bucks now she also uses an eye cream lancer eye contouring cream with diamond powder now I had to research what benefit what possible benefit could diamond powder have on the skin other than raising the price of a product well it does have a slight exfoliation element to it because it is tiny little crystals but more so it’s designed to reflect the light off the skin so that fine lines and wrinkles don’t show as much just fused by the light much like a blur product but a really good eye cream will have hyaluronic acid caffeine and vitamin b3 in it as well as a hint of concealer to do the same exact thing that this kind of product can do for a who hell of a lot less Olay eyes is a really really great substitute for this product at a mere twenty five dollars so JLo really has it down when it comes to her body and her skin and her skincare routine and it really does show she does a really good job and she does a lot of steps but it’ll be really interesting to see what she incorporates into her own personal skincare line when and if it ever launches now I hope this video helps you know that you could put together a really high-end luxurious skincare routine without spending big bucks on the products and I would love to know what products that you use so please tell me in the comments below what are your favorite products like I said I’d really really like to know thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys stay beautiful and I’ll see you over on the next one

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