RETIN-A FOR ANTI-AGING| Dr Dray Vlogmas Day 14 🎄

RETIN-A FOR ANTI-AGING| Dr Dray Vlogmas Day 14 🎄

well hey guys happy vlogmas day 14 welcome back to the QA I hope you guys are enjoying vlogmas and having a lot of fun in today’s QA as i mentioned last week i’m going to be talking about all of your questions about Tretton Owen or retin-a if you will for wrinkles and for anti-aging purposes this is a topic that I get so many questions on and I wanted to do a specific and distinct video just on Tretton Owen and anti-aging so to speak or a wrinkle prevention and if you missed last week’s Q&A I did a general overview of retinoids and Trent Owens so make sure you check that out this is a follow-up to that specifically talking about wrinkles in next week’s Q&A I’ll do a video addressing your questions about retina and acne and in the week after that I will do another video on retina or Tretton Owen in dark spots hyperpigmentation in melasma so if those topics are of interest to you make sure you you stick around if you’re new here welcome my name is Andrea I am a dermatologist and I have a YouTube channel here wherein I share a day in my life vlogs with you guys vlog messes on and rockin this year and lots of fun lifestyle and recipe videos so I encourage you to subscribe to my channel of that kind of content interests you I talk a lot about skincare and skincare ingredients so welcome and with that let’s get started try knowing is commonly referred to by its brand names retin-a retin-a micro retrieve Renova but tretinoin belongs to a class of medications known as retinoids which are vitamin A derivatives regulates function really at the cellular level in your skin when applied to the skin they can enter the skin cells they bind to specific receptors to alter the biology of your skin cells and train your skin cells to behave properly to differentiate properly to repair themselves properly and to function at their best selves if you will so retinoids are very very efficacious and a powerful classification of medications as I mentioned in last week’s video retinoids are used commonly for not only wrinkle prevention as I’ll talk about here but also acne melasma psoriasis they can be used for wards trend Owen is one type of retinoid however that is the most well studied and has been around the longest to demonstrate without any question an anti-aging benefit okay because it has been around and it has been in use for so so many years we have the most data on Tretton Owen as far as an anti-aging agent we have quite a bit tons of data to show that Trenton Owen is effective when applied to the skin at penetrating into the skin and actually getting into these cells and actually altering their biology teaching them to go back to the way they once behaved to make more collagen to calm down inflammation to bypass some of the problems that occur when there is excessive pigmentation that leads to discoloration and aging we have solid molecular meaning laboratory data for Tretton Owen doing this as well as human data okay in in people using Trenton Owen long term we have excellent clinical peer-reviewed unbiased data showing a demonstrable effect in collagen production in the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles Trenton oh and far and away is the is the golden child in my opinion and in the opinion of most dermatologists really Tretton Owen is king okay as far as it actually can reverse wrinkles it actually can train your skin to behave properly and to begin making more collagen in the deep layers to actually boost some of the suppleness and reverse fine lines and wrinkles furthermore we have robust clinical laboratory and unbiased information that treta known applied to the skin also can inhibit some of the biology of how pigment cells sort of talk to each other and result in discoloration discoloration is a is a component of photoaging okay of aged skin so we can say with confidence that tretinoin at the molecular and clinical level okay in actual people using it long term and using it long term consistently Trenton Owen can actually improve wrinkles can improve fine lines and can improve some of the discoloration in the dull lifelessness that plague people who are bothered cosmetically by the appearance of photo damaged aged skin okay so Trenton Owen in my mind and in the mind of most dermatologists is the golden child for anti-aging and for the most part other things aside from aggressive sun protection are irrelevant okay Trenton Owen far and away is is the salient ingredient okay try’n Owen is available however exclusively by prescription okay you have to go to a physician and obtain a prescription for Trenton Owen it is FDA approved for wrinkles and fine lines but because that is a cosmetic indication it is most likely more than likely not going to be covered by your insurance and associated with an out-of-pocket cost to you the individual okay given what I’ve just told you that we have the most confidence in treta known as an anti wrinkle as a wrinkle reverser to me it is a worthwhile investment it is far more it is a far better investment in your dollar if you will if this is something that you’re motivated to do then any other anti-aging serum or cosmeceutical line than any vitamin C serum I’ve discussed in other videos the limitations of vitamin C serum than any anti oxidant threatenin is a far better investment in your dollar if you will than any any cosmeceutical peptide cream serum vitamin C serum any of that all of that you could just scratch you’re kind of just waving your hands okay Trenton Owen and sun protection really are the golden children and really that’s really what we have the most confidence in and really you know what in all honesty your dollar and time and energy are best invested in if you are motivated towards an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle regimen sun protection and right and in Trenton Owen now because Trent Owen is available by a prescription only many people ask me about well what about retinols and retinaldehyde that i can buy in the drugstore in various creams okay I can’t get in to see a dermatologist or I cannot you know I’m not sure I can afford a prescription retinoid what about a retinol cream that I can buy in the drugstore so as far as those go and buy retinol and retinol the Heinz and cosmeceutical creams I’m referring to things like Neutrogena ‘z rapid wrinkle repair rock you all of these doesn’t matter the price all right things that you buy without a prescription that claim to have a vitamin A derivatives in them are they worth it if you can’t get a prescription for trade knowing that is probably one of the most common questions that I get those largely consist of a retinol and retinyl the heights which are not retinoids in their active state okay they require your skin to perform an additional step on them to get them there and and while there is some evidence that some of these can be somewhat potentially helpful the evidence is limited the evidence is somewhat biased in many of the studies and because these cosmeceutical retinols and retinaldehyde are technically non drug cosmetics they’re not regulated in the same manner as you’re trying knowing they do not have to undergo the same level of scrutiny as far as demonstrating efficacy they require your skin to do a whole lot of work on them to even be plausible that they’re functional you’re left to the mercy of the proprietor selling you the cream that they in fact have a retinol or retinol dehyde within that vehicle that is stable and that is in a molecular and biologically irrelevant state that could ever potentially be efficacious okay I have no I have absolutely no way of ever ever ever knowing that furthermore they have not been around as long as trend knowing okay so I’m not convinced all right try it no one has been around long enough to actually have been used consistently enough in a long-term longitudinal manner to actually say hey yeah this actually works this people have been using this long enough that their their their quote mature in the mature skin years and we see effects okay so I lose confidence significantly with many of the with with all of the over-the-counter cosmeceutical retinols and retinol Hinds however do know there is some evidence that potentially they can be helpful so they’re not completely useless okay so in what settings might these be beneficial well is it a good idea to combine them really there’s no data to suggest that that’s efficacious some providers tell you to do that because some of the cosmeceutical retinols are less irritating than retina and so you know I’m putting them in some areas potentially could make make your tread known a little bit more tolerable some providers start you on one to kind of get your skin used to retinoids a little bit theoretically but that is based on the providers experience with using anti-aging skin care and it’s really not based on like any clinical consensus recommendation so there’s quite a bit of variability there it’s it’s reasonable it’s plausible but it’s not a Holy Grail recommendation or anything for people looking to start treta knowing who can’t yet obtain it who and for people who are interested in starting triton Owen but have found that it is too irritating on their skin okay so at the end of the day I can absolutely never recommend to anybody in any country a a retinol or retinol dehyde with any confidence because to me they’re all pretty much the same and they all fall under the same bucket if I don’t know so because I don’t know I can’t with confidence really recommend one to you now the other question I get from my us viewers now that we have another retinoid that previously was only available by prescription this other retinoid is called adapt Elaine the brand name is different this retinoid is actually now available over-the-counter without a prescription okay so it gets a little bit confusing here for many of my viewers in that different is a retinoid okay meaning it’s a retinoid in its active state does not require the skin to perform an additional step on it okay so I then get many questions well should I use different for wrinkles or try and use different for anti-aging because I can’t get a prescription for it Tretton Eleanor retin-a and I’ll tell you the limitations of different for kind of an anti-aging armamentarium first its strength it is a retinoid so it’s probably a better bet to you and when you can feel a little bit more confident in than any other retinol or retinol the hide that you would buy in the store or buy from a distributor without a prescription for sure so I have more confidence in in adapting or different we have good evidence that adapt lean brand name different can inhibit some of the biology of pigment so kind of abnormalities and result in a brightening effect we have some evidence that they can you know lightly peel the skin but do you know that different are adapt lean does function on slightly different receptors than Tretton Owen and receptors that are located at different layers of the skin it doesn’t function on those same deeper receptors that help to boost collagen the biology isn’t quite there different adapt Elaine is also a molecule that unlike Tretton Owen is very oily loving it concentrates in the oil-bearing glands it doesn’t function as well on some of the just plain skin cells okay it tends to localize and concentrate and be a most efficacious in kind of the sebaceous gland the oily surfaces and function there it is FDA approved for acne so know that okay and in concentrate there therefore some of the skin renewing properties of Tretton Owen theoretically are just not there with AD abilene okay also add abilene um also adapt lean it’s FDA approved only for acne it’s not FDA approved for wrinkles and fine lines whereas Tretton Owen is okay so Trenton Owen you know still more confidence in it as an anti-ager we just don’t have the data in adapt alene they’re different we don’t have the studies of people using it as for wrinkles and fine lines so if it gets so it goes in that category of things if I don’t know because there’s no evidence for it there’s no data there are no big studies looking at there we just don’t have the same kind of studies with adapt align that we do with Tretton Owen as far as its ability to even alter wrinkles it’s done it’s not very likely that it is as robust or as efficacious of a of an anti wrinkle cream or a kind of anti aging cream in comparison to try it now I’m okay but different is a fantastic you know retinoid works very very well for acne and that is what is fda-approved for so that would be my kind of final thought on that but the other reason why I’m so fond of Trenton Owen as an anti-aging ingredient if you will got individuals who have a propensity to develop UV related skin cancers form far fewer of those and more well contained versions of those if you will so not only is trend now in anti-aging but it is chemo preventative as well for some of these skin cancers which these skin cancers well for the most part are not acutely life-threatening they they need to be managed in the management of these skin cancers is quite a burden to you the individual now in last week’s video I talked quite a bit about the side effects of Tretton Owen cream so make sure you check that out but Trent Owen probably one of the things that keeps people from sticking with it though the longest is the fact that in the beginning it causes quite a bit of peeling and irritation and redness it is absolutely essential during that period of time if you are using this that you use a thick moisturizer to combat that join us if you missed my facial moisturizer Q&A make sure you check that one out I talked all about how to moisturize the face it can be I hope that that video would be helpful to you as you’re combating some dryness and peeling of Tretton oh and on the face but a moisturizer on the face is very very important to combat that dryness likewise a little Vaseline for the lips is also very important to protect them from the retinoid getting there that would be another tip because tread noan thins the very top layer of the skin and peels it it increases the likelihood of sun damage coming in which makes it even more essential that you be a complete complete perfectionist when it comes to sun protection I mean demand perfection from yourself sunscreen SPF 30 to 50 broad-spectrum every day reapplied periodically throughout the day if you are inside all day and every two hours while you are outdoors okay you have to take out the Cerebral component and keep the behavior in place that way it’s always there you’ve always got the sun protection on as I said in my sunscreen videos sunscreen alone is not enough for sun protection so you should dawn a broad brimmed hat sunglasses to protect your your eyes and the skin around your eyes and you know UPF 50 clothing or fabrics with a tight weave to protect your skin I have some of my personal favorites listed in the description box below which you see me rocking a fair amount that I think are fantastic add Juventus to your sun protection to your sun protection game so if you’re not rocking a like aggressive sun protection game and I’m not just talking about your head neck I’m talking about the backs of your hands your lower legs if you are not on that and not a perfectionist about that get on it okay not only is it important for anti-aging not only is it important for anti-wrinkle but in my mind it’s it’s most important because it can decrease the chances of you forming skin cancers which can really have a a profound impact on your overall quality of life there they can be a real hassle to deal with for the most part sun protection is is the semi quinone of anti if you are not if you are not doing that back the bus up okay because whatever else you pursue is completely completely futile including treta knowing and the reason is Trenton Owen also increases some of your susceptibility to that sun damage so if you are not if you are not playing that battlefield properly you’re you’re kind of taking a few steps back with the tread knowin and if you’re doing any other kind of serum or anything else definitely negating any potential benefit that that could ever have without the sun protection so sun protection sun protection sun protection if you are not obsessive about that you know you’re kind of spinning your wheels and wasting your time period then the other thing that people always want to know is well how long until I can see in effect if you use it consistently it takes about anywhere from three to six months to see an effect and I think three to six the three to six month kind of delay really is kind of getting you over the the irritation home that occurs and what benefits can you see definitely a skin brightening effect you will see a diminishment in wrinkles and fine lines kind of some of those dark sunspots can begin to fade and the skin will become supple more soft and sort of have this luminous glow to it so you know those are all some beneficial effects in terms of the anti-aging endpoints that you can expect to see with 3 to sit after 3 to 6 months of consistent use of tretinoin because the irritation is so difficult to because the irritation is such a difficult hurdle to to get over one thing that is worthwhile to talk about with your prescribing healthcare provider is the vehicle that the treta knowin is in depending on the vehicle as well as the concentration of the Shred knowin you may find that switching to a lower percentage strength or a different vehicle and by vehicle I mean cream gel you may find that by having them switch those things for you you’re better able to tolerate the treadmill and a follow-up question that I you always get to that as well are lower percentage story as effective as the higher ones and yes they are when used consistently their onset is slightly delayed but if you think about it if they have less irritation then the compliance is increased so they’re more likely to work for you if you’re using it because you can tolerate it so they they certainly are as efficacious just the onset may be it may be a little bit delayed in comparison to higher percentage strengths another question that I get a fair amount about as well can I put Tretton Owen on my neck for a quote crepey skin there are far fewer I’m kind of oil-bearing glands on the neck and Trenton Owen on the neck can be a very very irritating the skin there is quite thin and it can it can cause quite a bit of discoloration as a result of that robust irritation so it’s generally recommended that you not do that unless sometimes healthcare providers may have you do that for specific indications in which case just discuss with them well guys I hope that answers all of your questions about Trent known for anti-aging I’m sure there are many many more but that’s all I have time for today and next week’s Q&A I’ll be talking about Tretton Owen for acne and in the following week I will be talking about threatenin for hyperpigmentation and mobile hotspot so stay tuned for those if you like this video give it a thumbs up share with your friends and as always don’t forget to rate and subscribe I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow [Music] [Music]


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    I buy my .05% Retin A in Thailand. It’s over the counter there and cost about $7 a tube. The expiration is 2 years out. I have used it over 2 years and it’s amazing. I am a sunscreen protection freak too.

  • Sara M says:

    Dr Dray, does tretinoin exfoliate the skin? I have heard conflicting reports on the internet.

  • khan Rana says:

    Are there special instructions to use tretenoin as I am aware should start slowly then increaase gradually

  • Lourdes Layton says:

    Hello Dr. Dray, I recently ask someone who travels to Mexico to bring me back a tube of Retin A cream. They brought something back with the name TOCODERM 0.050%. Just want conformation from you that it is indeed Retin A cream. Hope you can help! Thanks!!

  • Zakir Ali says:

    Hi Doc,
    Im 31 and want to start using this anti aging cream..but ive a question, will our skin get worse if we stop using the cream?

  • mary ezra says:

    Using Retin A for 2 and a half years. Amazing results!!

  • Heather Mccullough says:

    I noticed a difference in my skin literally after ONE use!! I wish I could put it under my eyes 😪 What is the best product to use there?

  • regina Murano says:

    Ay what age is it appropiate to begin using tretinoin for prevention of wrinkles?

  • Chainsaw Kitten says:

    I remember when I got my first script. I went to Walmart, mistakenly thinking it would be the cheapest there. $170!! Eventually used an online coupon and paid $70 at Walgreens.

    For years I used a product from Alpha Hydrox, I believe it was their 12% salicylic acid lotion. It did work. Not that easy to find in stores now, though. As for the other over the counter, including high end stuff like Fruition, I saw no results. Zero. Just lots of BS from the makers of this stuff.

  • Kristoffer John Melodias says:

    Dr. Ray, i perspire after i apply the retin-a but no irritation or redness only that i perspire after application. Does this reduce the efficacy of the retin-a? Do i need to re-apply?

  • OnWingsOfHope says:

    I’ve used Retin A 0.05% for 1 year & I see no noticeable improvement to my skin. In fact, I find that my skin is just plain super dry & the fine lines have not decrease one iota. It just looks horrible. I’ve since stopped using it. I started at age 59 & am now 60. Did nothing for me. Did not see any “glow” or improvement to texture of skin. I’m back to using Skinceuticals Vitamin C E & Ferulic acid and am definitely seeing a vast improvement to my skin texture & it has evened out my skin tone too. I am done with tretinoin.

  • Elizabeth Isaac says:

    How do I go about getting a prescription?

  • Karen Whitman says:

    Is it toxic to the body though?

  • Susie Zubiran says:

    I wish Dr Dray was my dermatologist!!! 🥺💔

  • Inka rawat says:

    Thankyou so much for this info. I have recently subscribed to your channel and i am hooked!! Can you please let me know which is the best Tretinion cream i can find in Canada region?

  • Maria says:

    I recently went through Curology for a tretinoin cream as our health insurance doesnt cover dermatological care. The concentration prescribed by Curology was for 0.01% tretinoin, which I feel does nothing. What concentration do you typically start patients on?

  • Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov says:

    Great video! Thank you so much!

  • anallely m says:

    Is it safe to use Tretinoin under the eyes for wrinkles?

  • urban7rat says:

    Hiii, i'm 30 and want to use tretinoin for fine line repair and wrinkle prevention. I deal with acne and have taken isotretinoin orally in the past.
    What type of tretinoin cocnentration would be goood for me? i'm particularly interested in prevention/repair of fine lines around the eyes.
    will 0.5 retin-A be helpful for that, or maybe a 0.1 at least?

  • sharp 907 says:

    Youre right about over the counter products….I've used ROC products for about a year and for me it was over priced and served no purpose + smells awful 🤔😅

  • Janet J. says:

    I need Vaseline and a big sun hat for my walks. I won’t look cute but I will be protecting my face!

  • larkabroad says:

    Does use of tretinoin help with outbreaks of HS? What about the little remainders of skintags or scars?

  • sashi sharma says:

    Hello can someone please help me out bc I have so many questions with such little hope. So I started using retin-A consistently about 2 months ago. I started in May using it about every other week or so and I started to have an acne flare up so I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed to me Spironolactone (25mg) and told me use my 0.025% retina. Fast forward to July now and I’ve had the most horrific painful acne IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I HAD NEVER HAD CLEAR SKIN FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME BUT I’VE DEF NEVER HAD ACNE THIS BAD. Yes I know retina does that. It pushes up all the pimples to the top, surfacing them but…in June to just recently, I’ve started to use it twice a week…still lowkey purging but now as of this week of July I’ve been trying to move up to 3 times a week. I feel like my acne has purged less than the initial first month or so but I’m still breaking out and my acne is still not under control. Should I still be subtly purging at this three month mark of retina? Could it be because I’ve only been using a product I should be using every day (at this point)-to every other day, twice a week only? i’m hopeless and I can’t leave without make up on or I just won’t leave the house bc it’s so bad. Recently it’s been better but I just need some hope and to be honest I really don’t wanna give up using it bc I went through the pain of having horrific purging, insane acne scarring, and straight up pain for the last two months. So anyone would feel that frustration of “THIS PRODUCT BETTER WORK” cuz I’m going through so much w this product. Only to not get the benefits of it later down the road and have scarring all for nothing? I don’t wanna give it up bc I NEED this product to work it’s damaged my skin too much at this point to not have any benefits. Also I have a face that’s always been more chubbier. It just hold more meat around the cheeks naturally if this is any useful information.

  • Ariel Johnson says:

    Do u recommend using a derma roller when one first starts using tretinoin?

  • autumn sweet says:

    hello dr dray , first of all thank you so much for the generous informations…i've started retine a 7 months ago, i've been on and off, i stoped it for like 2 months and restarted it a month ago , i use 0.025 % , i noticed that the wrinkles under my eyes got MUCH worse and new ones formed and i am pretty much sure am using it the right way…does it get worse befor better or should i stop ! and if i stop will my skin restore and heal, i am freeking out !

  • Azeneth says:

    I’m using curology currently, I started because I had severe acne. All of the store products did not help me at all and many of the dermatologist I went to only prescribe pills. After a year curology helped me with my acne… now I have scars that are left now and many people have recommend Retin A
    Using spf 50 sunscreen so far so hoping it does well but I don’t want to use it forever. My skin is very sensitive.

  • Adriana Woodward says:

    I'm starting Retin-A does the strength of it matter?

  • stuck_in_the_suburbs says:

    I use a compounded formula of trentinoin/niaminicide/lactic acid 0.05/4/1%. I still have some dry skin and peeling. Can I use the Cerave Moisturizing Cream on top of my trentinoin formulation? Which should come first? I have searched on the internet, and found many different answers. Some physicians say that you negate the effects of the trentinoin when you use a moisturizer with it. Thanks in advance for your reply

  • maimee says:

    when the best time to move on from adapalene to retinoic acid or tretinoin? should I move on? all three is easy to get on my country but I bought adapalene to avoid irritation.

  • Eliver Perlman says:

    when should I start using tretinoin pls?

  • Hailey Smith says:

    Just check out the sunglasses and sun protection gear. Way more then I can afford right now sadly. But will definately be upgrading my sunscreen game! Thank you! Also going to see bout getting a prescription (depending on if I can afford) on this product.

  • Eva Diaz says:

    How often do we have to apply Retin-A in order for it to be effective? Does it have to be applied on daily basis or is twice/wk enough?

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