Removing Scars on Face | How to Remove Chicken Pox Scars? Beauty Tips in Tamil

Tamil Beauty Tips for Removing Scars on Face | How to Remove Chicken Pox Scars? Most of the people would have been affected by chicken pox in this summer. After curing, it would have left some scars. It may diminish your beauty and Laser treatment has come to remove the scar but it is costly. Hair fall can happen as a side effect of this laser treatment. In this video let us see how to cure this chicken pox scars with home remedies. Take 20 grams poppy seeds which we use for cooking. Use turmeric root which is available in country medicine shop instead of using turmeric powder. This type will give good result and I am taking 20 grams. Finally take 20 grams curry leaves. Soak turmeric root in water one hour before preparation so that it can be ground easily. Grind poppy seeds, turmeric root, curry leaves in a mix and make a fine paste and you can add little water. Wild turmeric (kasthuri manjal) cures the scars and improve your skin tone. It prevents pimple and heals pimple marks. Poppy seeds keeps your body cool. When it combines with the other ingredients it cure chicken pox scars. It hydrates your skin and gives you a soft and smooth skin. We are going to cure chicken pox marks with this face pack. Apply this on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face. You can apply if you have chicken pox scars on your body also. You have to use this pack once in a day and thrice or four times in a week. Curry leaves is an antibiotic and it heals both chicken pox scars and wound. If the wound is not healed then use neem leaves instead of curry leaves and it will heal the wound as well as scar. Use it continuously to see visible results. Make this face pack fresh every time you use to get good results. To reduce skin infection use wild turmeric regularly. Men can also use this as we have added wild turmeric.

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