Remove Dark Spots In Just 3 Days│Get Rid Of Uneven Skintone│DIY Potato Facial Mask for Clear Skin

hey guys welcome back to my channel in
today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to use potato juice to get clear
skin and get rid of acne marks and dark spots so if you’re interested then it
keep on watching so the first thing you want to do is take a potato and peel it
and then next you want to take a grater and then grate the potato into tiny
little pieces this way actually makes it a lot easier to get the potato juice out
be careful with your fingers because this is kind of dangerous because you
can slice your finger when you’re going really really fast
once you’re done shredding your potatoes it should look like this and then next
you want to take a strainer and a small little bowl and then you just want to
squish those little pieces of potato until the juice comes out now one potato
doesn’t give you a whole lot of juice but it’s enough for your face so it’s
enough for my whole entire face and more so one potato should should be enough
and this is what the juice should look like now I’m gonna be using all of it if
you don’t use all of it you could store it in the fridge for about a week now
taking a cotton ball I’m going to dip that in there and just start applying it
all over my face and especially concentrating it around my eyes to get
rid of all that darkness underneath my eyes now potatoes are amazing for your
skin they brighten your face they remove dark spots because it is a natural
bleaching agent it has a bunch of bleaching properties in it it helps
treat acne and acne scars it’s also great for puffy eyes it slows down signs
of aging it evens out your complexion it’s naturally hydrating for your skin
without making it oily it’s really good for eczema and it’s really really good
for sensitive skin as you guys know if you guys have been following me on my
channel I do have eczema and this is one of the best things for it in three days
if you keep doing this every single day you should see a huge dramatic
difference in your scars the texture of your skin the smoothness evening out
dark you know dark spots you want to leave that on for 20 minutes and then
wash it off and pat your skin dry with the towel and that’s it that is your
potato facial it’s really simple it’s really easy and
you see the results actually right away your skin looks a lot brighter and I
hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you guys so much for watching check out
my other videos I have a bunch of DIY face masks and hair masks for you guys
and I’ll talk to you guys in my next one bye

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