Recommendations for Chronic Hives | Dr. Group

Recommendations for Chronic Hives | Dr. Group

[Intro Music] – What would I recommend if I had hives and been taking antihistamines for years? So, any skin condition is
usually what I’ve found associated with poor gut health. Acne, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, you know different types
of skin lesions, hives, all of that is nothing more
than your body giving you something to look at,
and giving you a sign that something’s wrong and
something needs to be addressed. You know, we are not
taught from an early age to recognize symptoms, you know, but your body will always
give you something. It’s just that we don’t
pay attention to it. So, let’s say you have a headache. That’s your body saying,
hello, you have a, I’m giving you a headache
so you can track back what you put in your body
or what you were exposed to over the last 24 hours. Did you drink too much? Did you eat something
with some chemicals in it? Did you have something with
some artificial sweeteners? Did you eat some MSG? Did you have some titanium dioxide? Titanium dioxide is known,
well known, not well known, but know through the naturopathic doctors to cause migraines and chronic headaches. Are you using sun block? Sun block has chemicals
that are extremely damaging to the brain tissue and
to the venous system that cause headaches. Are you spraying on insect repellent? You know, what, there’s a
million things that it could be. But, when you are talking about hives, and having to take antihistamines, what you really have to be looking at is not the, what do I need
to take to reduce the hives, the antihistamines, is what am I doing that’s causing the hives? Now, usually that means
that you have a gut and a liver in a harmful
organism situation. The gut is out of balance,
you’re eating the wrong foods. Whenever your immune system gets low and your self-healing mechanism
drops to a certain level, and you have leaky gut
syndrome in the bowel, and you start having, you
cannot process all these foods and break down all the
foods, that’s the number one reason why people get skin conditions. Once you start cleaning the body, reactivating the body’s
self-healing mechanism, getting on some good probiotics, getting on something that’s
going to clean, with oxygen, your intestinal lining,
such as oxy powder. Then, you can, then you start
healing from the inside, maybe going into intermittent fasting, eating all organic, eliminating dairy. Dairy is a mucus producing,
allergen producing compound. Some people don’t have a situation. Like me, I try to avoid dairy, but I will have raw goat
cheese and raw sheep cheese. I do feel a reaction when
I have any cow cheese or any regular dairy. I know a lot of people that
can eat raw goat cheese and raw sheep cheese
and not have a reaction like they do with any type of cow dairy. Also, there’s a, it
has to do with the fact that it’s pasteurized and heated, and there’s all kind of hormones, and all kinds of other toxins in, and puss, and, you know, blood particles, and everything else in most of
the milk products out there. So really, if I was dealing with hives, the first thing I would
do is look at my diet. First thing I would do, would be, when is the last time I’ve
completely cleansed my intestines and loaded up on probiotics? When is the last time I’ve
done multiple liver cleanses? When is the last time I’ve done
a harmful organism cleanse? When’s the last time I’ve done a chemical and heavy metal cleanse? In other words, you know,
we have to be proactive at keeping our bodies clean. I mean, what happens if you leave a plate with some food out in your kitchen? What happens two days later? You have mold and, I mean it’s nasty. People are not cleansing their bodies as much as they should. They’re not eating raw foods that naturally cleanse your body. Fruit, anything that’s
raw, is going to naturally have a cleansing effect on your system. So, the first thing you need
to do is always ask yourself, what is the root cause of my hives? Why am I getting these skin breakouts? And the reason why you’re
getting the skin breakouts is you’re not eating the right foods. You’re putting, you know,
allergens in your system. You’re not cleansing your
body on a regular basis. You’re immune system might be down. You might be under
chronic state of stress. You might be not sleeping enough. You might have situations in your life where you’re living in
a toxic environment. You might be, have a wifi, you might have a smart meter near you. You know, there’s multiple things that people need to look at to determine how clean, and how effective, and how sanitary, and how
pure that they’re living and the things that their
putting in their body. I’ve never seen a case of hives, in my history of working with people, that have gone into a health and wellness, change their diet, organic foods, got on intermittent fasting, done all those cleansing programs, looked at all those different
factors along the way, to determine, you know, where am I, it’s all about reducing
the amount of chemicals and the toxins that you’re
putting into your body or your exposed to on a regular basis. That goes for every single condition, not only hives, but that goes for everything that you’re dealing with. I mean the thing that I’m
trying to get out to people, is you have the power to heal yourself. All you need to do is
figure out the root cause of what’s causing your situation, and it’s all chemicals and toxins, and stress, and all those things. So, if you just start working on those and eliminating all those things, then everything else comes into place and your body starts healing itself. What I’m trying to share with
people is letting them know that they have the power
to heal themselves. Like you have the power to heal
any condition known to man, or any condition that
you might ever can get. Your body is the strongest
healing mechanism out there. And all I’m doing is just sharing with you the simplest ways to
do it, is just cleanse, keep cleansing and detoxifying. I mean, it’s really,
it’s not rocket science. It’s so easy, but the hardest part is actually changing your diet, changing your livin’, but you can do that in slow steps, just baby steps. Then nothing has to be
done, you know, super fast. [Outro Music]


  • Super Muser says:

    I’ve had constant skin rashes, I just realized I have Breast Implant Illness! I’m having the removed asap!

  • Nanza says:

    Thank you! God bless you Dr. Edward! I have Urticaria chronic, Could you please tell me if there is some video how to start to detox? Thank you!

  • John Soliz says:

    This most likely explains why my family member gets hives. Thank you.

  • Lisa777 There is a better way says:

    I am putting together how to lose weight and heal/detox at the same time, on my channel. I also use some of your awesome products. And just getting back to simplicity when preparing our food. Thanks for this message. Hugs

  • Diana Utterberg says:

    Killer info. Much respect and love

  • Deal Man says:

    Just start dry fasting for 1-2 days

  • Johnanna Burke says:

    Why will people not do that they know something is not right but will not retrack their doing just be sick when i was sick my Grandmother would say get up and do something usually meant to get up and clean.

  • Johnanna Burke says:

    May God of Jacob bless you Dr. Group i am thankful for your channel

  • Ruben van den Boom says:

    Hello Dr Group the dokters told my 20 years ago that i have lipedema and that i have to learn to live whit the pain,so i did but 1 year ago i was fad up whit it and wanted to fint awnsers went vegan that helpt,did intermitted fasting still do and works to,but wat i want to know what can i do mor to get healty,and whats your upinon on this,thank you so much you helpt my already so much i love your iodine.

  • Enlightened One says:

    Dr Group (you're amazing and so are your products!) Question: Have you heard of the recent Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookie recall? Recalled for 'unexpected solidified substance' which poses threatening risks. They will not say 'what' the substance actually is….so it seems obvious that we could assume that said information would be 'harmful to the brand'. My initial thought was 'plastic'…… The recall posed no threat to me ,personally. I don't eat prepackaged food….which is actually because of you and Mike Adams. you taught me 'how to' detox…and after that initial 'I think I'm going to die' experience the first time i did one…. (seriously..i felt like I was going to die)…. I have been so aware of what i consume from that point on…now i don't experience hat severe of an effect when i do a detox. Although when one begins to achieve 'in depth' knowledge of what is 'in' our food supply…you go through a period of time where you're literally scared to eat almost anything… well at least I did. Hardest thing for me 'now' is going out to eat dinner with friends/family. I hope that one day you can provide some information as to 'the safer things to eat when you can't get out of going out to dinner'….. It'd be nice to not have to go thru a detox just because i could not reject going out to dinner with family/friends. What is 'safest' to eat if one goes out to the'typical middle of the road price ranged'sit down dining type restaurant? I would find that type of info very useful! Thanks so much for what you do! I pray you will be able to continue to provide us all with such valuable information! God Bless and Protect you and your family!💖🤗

  • Think 4 Yourself says:

    Vitamin D3 daily.

  • ChevySSLady100 says:

    This was most of my childhood and through out adulthood! ! !
    Hives & Swelling anywhere on the body.
    Many years of misery, suffering and Dermatologist with no relief!
    They didn't know what to do with me.😕
    It wasn't until I got to go to my 1st Allergy Dr which taught me about the poisons in our food!!!
    I could honestly write a book on this and how it controlled my life!
    Thank u Dr Group for sharing
    your amazing Wisdom on this awful illness!!💖

  • Ashley Osolinski says:

    I have a history of hives and acne. Breastfed daughter has eczema non vaxxed. What could be hurting her gut?

    Seems like the eczema is due to dry skin from where her spots are located, tummy, elbows. Not on back at all. Its nummlar eczema. Help!!! I see so many questions for this. Can you take oxypowder while breastfeeding?

  • Shelley Gee says:

    Thank you, Dr. Group, I appreciate you and respect you so much!❤

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