Psoriatic arthritis | psoriasis family members

Psoriatic arthritis | psoriasis family members

Psoriasis. A heartbreak for the patient…
and maybe others as well… next Psoriasis Causes More Depression and Anxiety
to Family Members Shereen Lehman writing for Reuters reported
a new study found that psoriasis patients and the people around them, mainly family
members, suffer from more depression and anxiety than families not affected by the disease.
Dr. Eliseo Martinez-Garcia, lead author of the study from Virgen de las Nieves University
Hospital in Granada, Spain, highlighted that while most research proved that psoriasis
patients were more susceptible to anxiety and depression than those who didn’t have
the condition, this new study was the first to reveal how the condition affected the quality
of life of the people surrounding the patient. “The impact of the dermatological conditions
on patients’ cohabitants has been largely ignored,” Martinez-Garcia told Reuters Health.
The researchers recruited 130 adults to participate in the study; 34 were diagnosed with psoriasis,
49 reported living with the psoriasis patient, and 47 were healthy individuals who didn’t
have a friend or a family member with psoriasis. The participants answered a 10-item survey
to evaluate their depression and anxiety levels. After careful analysis of the responses, results
showed that 88 percent of the housemates of people with psoriasis reported low scores
on the quality of their lives. Twenty-five percent of them also admitted that they felt
heavily affected by the disease while only a few said that the disease did not affect
them. Comment: Although we’ve come a long way
with this disease, we still have much to do.

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