Psoriatic Arthritis – Can’t Sleep Because Of The Pain

Psoriatic Arthritis – Can’t Sleep Because Of The Pain

hello and welcome to the foot of our stairs it’s another arthritis Diaries Friday today and I wanted to talk about issues with sleep and it’s something that quite a few of you have recommended that I speak about on the comments of the other videos um sleep you need you sleep if you’ve got a illness you need to sleep more than usual sleep helps you to recover sleep helps you to repair unfortunately when you have an illness that causes you pain you can’t always sleep now I haven’t had a huge amount of problems with sleep I know some people who have it every night they can’t get to sleep they can’t stay asleep they can’t wake up refreshed it’s a difficult one but recently I have had a flare which affected this hand a lot and it was quite swollen and I couldn’t make a fist properly and all that kind of thing and it was so painful that it did wake me up and that’s the first time that my condition has actually woke me up from being asleep and it’s really bad because you go to bed you want to sleep you want to feel in the morning refreshed and ready for the day ahead but you don’t you just feel like you can’t get a break from it you feel like you can not get a moment’s rest from it because even in your sleep it still hurts and that is not only physically draining it’s mentally draining and emotionally draining as well affects your mental health as well as your physical well-being and it can be a number of things it can be that people have trouble getting into a position where they can just lay down comfortably to go to sleep because some people it affects the knees the back the arms and joints that won’t flatten out you know I mean ordinarily a person can just go and lay down lay down however you want if you’ve got a condition that causes your joints to not work properly you can’t straighten your legs you can’t lay flat you know so people end up with pillows under em and you know extra pillows under the legs I had to do that for a while when my feet wouldn’t wouldn’t rotate at the ankle they were just so stiff like that even if a layer don’t laid on my side I couldn’t have one flop you know no you know I mean it was just stiff feet like this I had seven want a pillow so that there was a knit bit extra sponginess underneath them to give them some relief and so you can be that it can be a case of your medication might not let you sleep properly some medications now I’ve said this before and this is in terms of the psoriasis rather more than the arthritis but I lathered a load of steroid cream on one night and I woke up that night with palpitations it was like a panic attack but I mean I don’t get panic attacks and funnily enough since I stopped using it it hasn’t happened again so I think it was the medication that woke me up in the middle of the night and kept me going and some people’s medication makes him first day they can’t get comfortable because they’re always wanting to have a drink you know medications have side effects and some of those can keep you awake stop you’re sleeping and of course the obvious one is that when you finally do get to sleep that the pain can literally just wake you up several times and I and that’s what happened with my hand because you move about in his sleep you know you roll over and things like that all you gotta do is catch that and when you’ve got arthritis a tiny knock will hurt the joint a tiny flexion of the joint will cause pain so you know you don’t have to be writhing about kicking and you know throwing your blankets off just a slight movement and bang you can be awake all of a sudden and it’s painful it affects your sleep which affects you the day after which then affects that day’s sleep which affects you the day after that which then affects the day after that sleep and on and on and on and on you can not have a proper sleep for years and years and years and when you’re ill you need your sleep to recover you need to be able to sleep in order to just get your energy back and for me as long as I’m not walking up when I’m asleep sleeps a bit of an escape from being in pain all day you know that’s the the long and short of it going to sleep is great because you know if you can go to sleep and you don’t get woken up by the pin then you’re not in pain for a bit while still unconscious it’s brilliant you know I took to sleeping in my car on my lunch breaks at work for several months because I wasn’t sleeping properly and on a night and I just felt that I needed to have a break from being in pain as I said nip out and go to sleep in the car but it worked wonders because it did even an hour even 20 minutes worked so that’s a suggestion from me is that if you do have this trouble getting to sleep stayin asleep you know but try to think of it more as a thing you can do opportunistically so you don’t have to wait till the end of your day for it to be sleep time you can have a Kip hit middle at day if you want if you’ve got a spare twenty minutes any point in your day and you can find a quiet place just go and have it just going off 20 minutes because he will accumulate it will make a difference to you you will feel more refreshed plus it’ll stop you worrying about oh well I know I’m not going to sleep tonight so that makes me worry however I’ve got work tomorrow I’m gonna be tired at work you know it stops all that mental bullshit that we get because yes you know the human mind what a marvel but what a bastard as well because he didn’t have give you some shit don’t it makes you worry gives you scenarios makes you think makes you overthink you don’t need that when you’re already limping about and struggling to UM tins of beans you don’t need your brain telling you that you’ve got to be worried about everything the brain needs to sleep your brain needs to rest sort of your muscles some of the rest of your body so try to find if you can points where you can catch 20 minutes it’s not easy for everybody I’m quite lucky in the fact that it is easy for me to just go and sit in the car for 20 minutes and ever sleep but yeah that’s my experience of sleep issues with psoriatic arthritis let me know how you come back the issues you have with sleep let me know if you have any particular stories and any medications that cause havoc with your sleep and any tips and hints for any other people who are watching who might just be encountering disease for the first time and they want to know what they can do about it apart from that thank you very much for watching I’ll see ya next Friday bye


  • herrdrseiks says:

    When it happens and it is very usual, I wake up and exercise myself for 15 to 20 minutes before I would intake an opioid.

  • Rik Webb says:

    I get 4 hrs 50 min average according to my Fitbit (including naps). I find my problem is getting to sleep more than waking during sleep. I agree, grabbing mid day 40 winks helps dramatically.
    I seem to be able to go to sleep easier sat in a chair than laid in bed as I get less pain sat that laid down.
    I use CBD to ease pain rather than pain killers, as there are no side effects and has the benefit of also relaxing you as well as reducing pain.

  • Krista Bergstol says:

    Since nothing seems to take all the pain away sometimes, and I don't like narcotics, 2 muscle relaxants help me to fall asleep quickly when needed. It's not that it takes the pain away, but it relaxes me and knocks me out. Don't do it often though.

  • Jamie Mcleod says:

    Yeah I get kept awake every so often. Just when I'm really sore. I'm a joiner so most days I will go to my van at lunch time and get a half hour sleep. More so to deal with the constant fatigue. I'm lucky in that my boss has psoriatic arthritis so knows when he arrives on a job at lunchtime why I'm crashed out in my van.

  • Lisa Davies says:

    could you do one on tips and tricks you have learnt to help you with your daily life x

  • cocopufer says:

    thanks for the video, someone get that guy a my pillow!

  • Katie Gould says:

    Sleep what's that?

  • Katie Gould says:

    Does anyone get nerve pain? Im in agony and wondering if its psa related or not

  • firebearfl says:

    11:45pm and my feet are killing me. Not to mention the hands and every joint. Damn I hate a flare-up! Very little sleep tonight.

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