Psoriatic arthritis | brodolumab

Psoriatic arthritis | brodolumab

New drug for psoriatic arthritis looks very
promising… next Brodalumab May Benefit Patients With Psoriatic
Arthritis. Steven Reinberg writing for Healthday reported
that “patients with psoriatic arthritis who responded to brodalumab had a significant
improvement in their skin and reduction in the swelling of the fingers and toes, a condition
called dactylitis that is common in psoriatic arthritis, according to the study’s lead researcher,
Dr. Philip Mease.” The piece noted that unlike current medications for the treatment of psoriatic
arthritis, brodalumab “acts against interleukin-17 receptor
A.” Comment: Brodalumab is a new agent specifically
acting on psoriatic arthritis. This drug has a different mechanism of action than the TNF
inhibitors we currently often use for the disease.

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