Psoriatic Arthritis 5 Most Common Signs and Symptoms

Psoriatic Arthritis  5 Most Common Signs and Symptoms

symptoms of psoriatic arthritis what you must know is a cut about 1 in every 1,000 children develop some kind of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis psoriasis is a common skin condition which affects 2 percent of the Caucasian population in the United States so realloc arthritis is a joint disease associated with a skin condition called psoriasis psoriasis is a chronic skin and nail condition associated with redness scaling rashes and thick pitted fingernails the children develop a characteristic swelling and pain of a finger or toe called dactyl it is the cause is unknown but an autoimmune nature of the disease is suspected let’s now discuss the five common symptoms of psoriatic arthritis mentioned below pain is the most common complaint in psoriatic arthritis the inflammation in this arthritis can cause long-term damage to joints it can make the joint more sensitive to pain as well the most susceptible joint as usually the hinge joint of the fingers or toes the arthritis symptoms can be treated with exercise ice application medication and surgery stiffness is also a characteristic finding in psoriatic joints the fingers of a joint affected by psoriatic arthritis are described as sausage fingers this is because when the joints are swollen it is difficult to move them effortlessly inflammation in the tendons and ligaments of the joint further aggravates the stiffness in these joints inflamation induces swelling in the small joints of the fingers and toes a characteristic symptom of psoriatic arthritis is red hot swollen joints with a decreased range of movement this makes the finger sausage-like and decreases the range of movement 10% cases of psoriatic arthritis start with a systemic onset this will present as repeating bouts of high fever sometimes even up to 103 degrees F or higher when fever is the predominating this symptom it may cause inflammation of the internal organs but joint inflammation may not begin for months or even years after the fevers start the predominant skin symptoms in psoriatic arthritis show up as a raised scaly salmon-colored rash this rash is scaly in nature and presents as a patchy red and white surface for most people these psoriatic symptoms begin five to ten years before the onset of arthritis I hope you all now understand these symptoms very well thanks for watching it please see the link below to know more about psoriatic arthritis and details

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