Psoriasis – What is it?

Psoriasis – What is it?

About 2% of the world population has psoriasis. Essentially, the
skin is an immunological organ and it’s a target for this inflammation. So in psoriasis, the skin is growing too quickly.
It gives you inflammation, thickening of the skin and scaling. A typical patch of psoriasis is a red, well-defined silvery
scale, and that’s the common regular psoriasis that we see. There are also other things to remember about psoriasis. We
see arthritis, maybe associated with psoriasis. Also in the more severe psoriasis, it can impact
on our cardiovascular health.


  • Gimna Cuter says:

    It's believed Psoriasis is an overactive reaction of body's immune system to an irritant.

  • Charlotte Cannon says:

    Thanks for put this video. ..Really useful one

  • skinexpertstalk says:

    Some exciting developments in the world of psoriasis treatments:

  • skinexpertstalk says:

    More exciting developments in psoriasis research. Psoriasis can be a devastating condition, but with the recent breakthroughs, there is good reason to be optimistic about the future of treatment and management of psoriasis:

  • Cora Sid says:

    This does not explain what psoriasis is at all.

  • Sherry Gonzalez says:

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