Psoriasis patients benefit from long-established treatments

Psoriasis patients benefit from long-established treatments

(xylophone music) – The Goeckerman therapy,
which was sort of invented back in 1920, was the combination of tar, which was noted to have good
skin effects for skin diseases, particularly psoriasis,
and ultraviolet light. – The big advantages to
Goeckerman treatment are that relief can be derived very quickly, patients feel better in
a short period of time, often within days to a few weeks. – Obviously Goeckerman therapy’s
been around a long time, we have a lot of experience
with it, it’s very safe. – So the advantages of topical
treatments for psoriasis are that they don’t confer the
risk of serious infections, and cancer that can be
associated with biologic drugs. They also have a big advantage in that they work very quickly, so their onset of action is within days. And so patients can get a
lot of relief quite quickly. – Typically, the remissions that we get from the Goeckerman therapy average about, oh, one to two, sometimes up
to three years on average. I’ve seen it come back as
short a time as six months, I’ve seen it go as long as 10 years. There have been a number of modifications since the original tar and the
original ultraviolet light. We now have number of
different ultraviolet lights, and we have a number of
different topical therapies. We really individualize the
treatment for each patient. – I view my treatments here as a relief. My skin, when I’m admitted to the Dermatology Treatment Center, is very red, very scaly, very irritated. The treatment that I do receive at the Dermatology
Treatment Center results in almost 100% clearing. – The patient’s history
really can determine whether or not they would be more appropriate for the day treatment center, or whether biologics are
a more appropriate option. (gentle violin music)


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