Psoriasis Natural Skin Treatment #psoriasis | The Psoriasis Bodybuilder #skincareroutine

Psoriasis Natural Skin Treatment #psoriasis | The Psoriasis Bodybuilder #skincareroutine

Hey everyone, how’s it going? My name is Mohammad Khan. I am 21 years old I had severe plaque psoriasis two years ago for about a year and in this video I want to share it with you guys my skin care routine for psoriasis So just a quick disclaimer before I get into this video these Products that I’m going to show you guys in this video. First of all, I’m not sponsored by them These are just products. You know that I found that work for me. You guys can obviously use similar products to these it to help with your Psoriasis and I’ll obviously consult with your doctor before using any of these products. A lot of these products aren’t natural So you can’t really go wrong with natural products, but obviously, you know, what works for me may not work for you but I’m just here trying to share my Experience what works for me what didn’t work for me in this channel? So if you guys have psoriasis or you guys know somebody that has psoriasis, please tell them to subscribe to the channel I’ll be making more videos like these in the future, you know showing you guys my Skin, like skincare routine today as diet tips overall mental health and everything related to psoriasis I’ll just throw some pictures right over here on the screen as you guys could see I had like some really really bad psoriasis more than 80% of my body was covered in psoriasis So yeah in this channel I share with you my psoriasis experience as well as a lot of fitness and health tips and tricks and Working out guides and etc If that’s something that you guys are looking for again hit the subscribe button and let’s get right into These seven products that I have over here today that I’ve used for my skincare routine With psoriasis. So the first product I have with me today is actually this product right over here pure almond oil This helped with dandruff build-up that you know, you guys probably face when you if you if you have skill scalp psoriasis which I also had to you’ll notice that you’ll get a Gandalf very fast in your hair your hair will feel very Frisky and dry very fast so definitely putting on almond oil like every other day In the night so that it just soaks in into your scalp and then just washing it off in the morning It’s definitely something that I recommend And you could also use this to put on dry areas around your psoriasis personally I had really bad dry psoriasis on my joints areas such as my wrists my Elbows my knees my heels so definitely just putting a few drops around that area Before you know you go to a shower or before you go to bed and then just rinsing it off a couple of hours. Later Definitely helped me a lot This also really helped with the itchiness that psoriasis bring in if you guys have psoriasis or know someone that has psoriasis You guys will know that Psoriasis can be very very very itchy. So definitely try that product out you can use that for your hair as well as your body – the second product that I have here today is this all-natural banana shampoo for your hair a lot of the products that I actually do buy for my Skincare routine are from a store called the body shop that’s here in Canada Don’t know if they have any location elsewhere but you guys can use any shampoo just to make sure you guys are buying a paraben free shampoo paraben is basically Preservative that is common in the cosmetic and personal care industry a lot of companies use it and all these products like dove Head and shoulders layer Oreo they all use paraben and that’s definitely something that you guys want to avoid You know what sore eyes psoriasis can be I guess you could say a little bit expensive you are going to have to spend a little bit more money and purchase products that are you know, not and just Overall have like, you know better ingredients in them, but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion I’ve used, you know, all these off the counter products from like, you know pharmacies and things like that and you know Like they didn’t do anything if anything that made it worse that made my 18s worst I mean it did make my skin more dry. So definitely invest into your health first, right? You can always cut cost here and there look for an ingredient called unsolicited acid Basically what that does the ingredients that helps shut off our dead skin and with psoriasis you’re gonna have a lot of dead skin cells On top of your skin, right? So definitely used finer shamp with a holistic acid and This will also help, you know, get rid of all the scales that are in your scalp right under your hair So definitely invest in a good shampoo. Alright moving on to the face So the product that I have here today with me is again from the body shop Basically, this is just again all-natural face wash You guys can use any face wash the reason why I’ve specifically bought this one It’s because I have oily skin tubes the two things that you guys want to look for while you guys purchase a face wash It’s going to be Face wash that are sensitive to skin and also to dry skin Those two things you want to look for across all your products face wash body wash shampoo Anything you guys use lotion? you want to use sensitive skin and dry skin because psoriasis and makes your skin very dry as well as It’s very sensitive. So you don’t want to use anything new That’s that would be harsh on your skin moving on body as well as the face is going to be Some good lotion. I have this lotion right over here hemp cream hemp cream has found to be one of the best ingredients like hemp oil For psoriasis or overall any type of dry skin, right? So this one right here is for face, but you can also buy one. That’s for your body it definitely helped me a lot with my dryness and itchiness for my psoriasis one thing I noticed while had psoriasis is that more dry your skin gets the More itchy Your skin feels you more fear that you feel like scratching it and then you know Like all the scales and stuff would like just shut off right and make a mess I know how it feels because I had it too. So Yeah, definitely I’m gonna recommend that you guys invest into a good moisturizer like a hand cream and you want you guys really want a Thick thick moisturizer. So I live in Canada and during the winter times My psoriasis was the worst because of the cold it will my skin will just dry very fast So if you guys are living in a cold area, I definitely recommend that you guys invest in a heavy-duty skin protector Basically a thick moisturizer that’s going to you know, stay on your body for a while especially when you’re going out and stuff now when you’re buying the hemp cream for your face right this thing will last you for a while and it’s only like it’s like ten dollars and it will last you for a while because You don’t need to put too much on your face, right but for your body if you’re buying it You’re gonna that little thing is gonna run out very very fast, right? so what I recommend is that you buy one of those for your body, too, but only maybe you know put it on your body like once or twice a week and then if you’re like on a Budget like how I am because I’m a student You can go to any of your local pharmacy your drugstore, right and just purchase any cream. That is extra-strength fragrance free and it’s for dry skin and sensitive skin So I went to Walmart bought this lotion right over here. Definitely And you can you know purchase something like this which is only like five dollars and they were last yields two weeks or three weeks for the average individual that might seem Too little to that budget Almost like what 700 milliliters? lotion lasts only like two three weeks, but when you have severe psoriasis, Especially like me when I had it all over my body. You know you have to do what you gotta do You gotta moisturize that because if you don’t moisturize it It’s gonna keep on getting worse and it’ll hurt and then the cold every time you know you bend you Move your arms your wrists, you know, you’ll feel that’s right is being stretching such a nasty and hard feeling so I definitely recommend that again you guys can invest in two good products that will help you with your psoriasis All right the second last thing that I’m gonna recommend for you guys, and this is the product that helped me a lot for Their psoriasis on my skin. It’s going to be some Black African soap with that has this one has shea butter, honey coconut oil and some other things as well as LDO vera and basically even up to now I use This soap as like my body wash you can also use this on your face, too That that’s one thing I like about it and it’s like 20 bucks and it lasts the entire year so this is something that you know Like it’s it’s a very good long-term investment the shea butter that’s found in that black African soap really helped replenish my dead skin cells and you know promote like the growth of a healthy skin where my psoriasis You know dried out and there was just like rough patches in that area That’s definitely something that I like and I use every single day even up to this day I probably will use it for the rest of my life. Definitely try this product out I’ll put a link in the description box down below. So you guys can try it out Lastly I got some Epsom salt for bathing this product is hands-down my favorite Product that I found for helping with the itchiness of psoriasis. So what I would do is that Every other day put two cups of this into a warm bath tub and I’ll just sit in the tub for like 15 to 20 minutes and that really really made my psoriasis a lot more less each year and then I would just go shower and then just lotion my entire body up and You know go to bed. So that’s something that I really really found that helped with the itchiness as well as taking away a lot of the Skills that every time you would rub yours right rub your psoriasis You know would fall off this would very limit all those skills. The main making ingredient in the epsom salts is magnesium which is found to help with stress levels and one thing that you guys Should know or probably already know is that psoriasis is highly highly related with stress even to this date I don’t have Seem surprised that I had before but every time that I stress out a lot I noticed that you know, I’ll get one or two spots here and there of psoriasis on my body definitely maintain your stress levels I’ll be making a lot more videos like these in the future This one was just you know, a skincare routine. We have a lot of other topics to cover about with with regarding psoriasis so if you guys like this video, please hit the like button for me and subscribe for new content and I hope you guys learned, you know a lot of stuff about caring for psoriasis I’m just gonna finish off by saying that I know how hard it is having Psoriasis as you guys saw earlier in the pictures that I showed over here when I had psoriasis, you know, like I Honestly felt like just tying. I didn’t feel like living anymore because it was just so bad, right? But I just want you guys to know that there’s somebody out here that cares for you if you guys Who have any questions? Let me know in the comment sections down below I hope you guys the best luck with your psoriasis and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace

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  • Caitan Fernandes says:

    Even i have psoriasis I take fish oil.100 mg and it keep's my skin moist. . I did not have psoriasis but i got it while gym My diet was of legumes and diary most. So probably what has caused it. i get flair up if i resume gyming . Any suggestions

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