Psoriasis how does relieve itchy (Does Psoriasis Itch?)

Psoriasis  how does relieve itchy (Does Psoriasis Itch?)

Itching than to remove When you Wake up in the middle of the night from a strong itch every half hour that it is impossible to work, I want to try everything. If say it’s water, you’ll drink it. If they will say that vodka is a medicine, then you will drink But in any case I decided. Arrived, ordered, began to drink. From the audience:
what a deal. I’m such an opinion will do. It is 50 to 50. Wants and doesn’t want. I tell him, how much will you spend, how much will be treated, I say, if not satisfied I will reimburse your expenses for your treatment. Here we are. Well, I started psoriasis treatment and I swear, after 3 months, I started drinking these capsules, severe exacerbation. Inner hand sides inner thighs, abdomen, places where less psoriasis was You won’t believe they were redder than a tomato. From the audience:
Plaque? No, it’s completely red. Redness of the skin and plaques appeared. Belly terrible plaque was. From the audience: It’s frightening to watch, to be honest. Yes, pictures in Madina is She took pictures of me. Every time I come for the capsules, she takes my picture. From the audience:
Take your clothes off as we speak! From the audience:
Immediately show! The aggravation has passed somewhere during the month. But in places where the psoriasis was thick, the psoriasis started to go away after 3 months. Now I take more than 5 months. But in fact, at times there are still some exacerbations. Some small spots still pour out. Then through 3-4 days again pass. From the audience:
How many months do you take? More than 5 months. Key:
Every 3 months you will have exacerbations, but they are… Each aggravation will be much less than that which was earlier Well, less, of course, less. From the audience:
How did you take it, the capsule or did you share it? I shared capsules. the first 3 capsules and all. Divided in half, and then in the morning drink the capsule. Chew until the bitterness has not passed. From the audience:
No need to take notes! From the audience:
That’s it then! Suffer 30-40 seconds of that bitterness Then drink a Cup of water, but not cold. Operator: Warm, Yes, necessarily! But not cold. Since then I have cold water, do not drink. Like it used to. Operator:
And you get used to the taste of the capsule. I have a baby calmly sucking sitting. From the audience:
Keep it down! Listen to man. Seriously…. I’ve never been in the hospital with psoriasis. Can only on fractures or cuts. I have fractures… Key:
I can see the scars. Decorate a man. From the audience: Aslan, in addition to psoriasis you have results on the joints. Joints, of course, a little bit sick It got better, I can say it got better. From the audience:
Your fingers hurt! Endurance! I’m a construction worker. Every day we have to carry back and forth heavy materials: granite, marble, tiles Now I return home in the evening not tired. I can say that the fatigue has passed. Vivacity. Every morning I Wake up, work, come home in the evening and do not want to lie on the couch, watch TV. Looking for something the time to kill. From the audience:
Everyone in the family believes now? Sure they did. Where they go. From the audience:
How old are you, excuse me? I’m fifty-three years old. Here I guarantee you that in a year you will not have a single gray hair on your head. When taking elev8 start hair Operator:
From the back. blacken from the bottom of the head, nape. From here. They get so brown at first. Then, brown. and then acquire its natural color hair. They go wave at the bottom. We have blackened the hair of many people. Operator:
Everybody remember, right? Host: your Son, who did not believe? Oh, he believed Where he was going. Operator: He does not accept? On the leg here I had a plaque with water, so to speak Psoriatic. Key:
show us your leg if you don’t want to undress! Here, here, here. Here is here very huge blot was. Everything fell down, everything cleared up. And hair began to grow from there. As if not hair, and wire. [laughter] Black, black Many who suffer from psoriasis in two weeks begin to pour hair on the body and on the head. Because there is a rejection of the dead epithelium. These are dead cells. Not frighten. When the hair begins to fall from the head, you need to cut them shorter. And wait out that time. That’s OK From the audience:
Another favorite question of men. From the audience:
A lot of men come to me. I was afraid of the question. From the audience:
It! We need people to help! Operator: as Andrei spoke. [laughter] Key:
As Aelita Mustafayeva says. Key:
There is a man in Pavlodar. She says I was approached by a man after the presentation, it is the male part he had violations. Says, Aelita, before I had a gun, and now it’s a machine gun. [laughter] Key:
Men are shy to talk. From the audience:
Aslan, how happy? Sure I am. Key:
And the money that does not return Madina? {laughter} Key:
Do you want her to return it? Madina.:
I knew what I was doing! Yeah, then she admitted that after the treatment, she she was scared. Because psoriasis was very strong. From the audience:
Yes I didn’t have a single living place. From the audience:
At least show me your back, please.
Show me! {laughter}

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