Psoriasis Disappeared, PTSD Gone, Diabetes Healed! – Jake & Penny #testimonytuesday

Psoriasis Disappeared, PTSD Gone, Diabetes Healed! – Jake & Penny #testimonytuesday

PENNY: Through Be in Health we found out PENNY: what do we have to do to be able to PENNY: live successfully on earth that’s PENNY: made all the difference in the world. PENNY: We’re not victims. PENNY: We’re not being PENNY: put down anymore. PENNY: We’ll being able to rise up and be PENNY: the man and woman of God that PENNY: He created us to be. PENNY: We found it on YouTube and we started PENNY: watching. JAKE: Well JAKE: go ahead PENNY: Well, when we found Be in Health on PENNY: YouTube. PENNY: We started watching and PENNY: at the time mostly what we were PENNY: watching were the mini teachings PENNY: that are on the YouTube channel for PENNY: Be in Health. PENNY: One day I looked over at my husband PENNY: it was during the summertime which is PENNY: pretty hot in Texas. PENNY: So we were in short sleeves and PENNY: I looked over at my husband sitting PENNY: in. PENNY: His easy chair and his PENNY: arms which were covered with about PENNY: a quarter of an inch thick PENNY: of psoriasis from his elbow PENNY: all the way up. PENNY: I just saw it was starting to PENNY: disappear and I looked over him and PENNY: I said Honey look that psoriasis PENNY: on your arm is starting to disappear PENNY: and and now you can see it’s JAKE: It’s a little speck left PENNY: It’s basically gone and it was on JAKE: All the way up and down here PENNY: Both elbows JAKE: I’d scratch it at night my sheets JAKE: on my. JAKE: Calf muscle down here and a scratch JAKE: in my sleep and the sheets would be JAKE: all bloody in the morning. JAKE: It’s all gone PENNY: And no medication JAKE: Now what was the next thing. PENNY: No lotions nothing just PENNY: from receiving the truth. PENNY: And my husband realizing that it was PENNY: an autoimmune disease that was based PENNY: on him not loving himself. PENNY: And he started loving himself PENNY: and it started disappearing. PENNY: Praise God. JAKE: Amen. PENNY: And then we we saw where PENNY: Dr. Wright was being interviewed by PENNY: somebody about PTSD. PENNY: And that is something that my husband PENNY: had been diagnosed with about 30 PENNY: years prior to that. PENNY: And so we decided we would watch PENNY: that teaching and see what that was PENNY: all about. And and on. PENNY: On that session. JAKE: This is Good. PENNY: Dr. Wright was saying something about PENNY: how this woman who had been in the PENNY: military and had PTSD PENNY: just just laid her hand PENNY: on her brain area where the PENNY: amygdala is and how she just PENNY: started speaking. PENNY: And he said in fact you know you PENNY: could just pray like like she prayed PENNY: and he started saying the words. JAKE: He said there’s probably a lot of JAKE: people out there with PTSD and you can JAKE: just join in. JAKE: So I did and put my hand on JAKE: my amygdala and JAKE: I commanded it go back to normal size. JAKE: I repented for JAKE: making fear my faith instead of JAKE: God’s faith. My faith. PENNY: You went to bed that night. PENNY: He also had sleep apnea and had a PENNY: breathing machine and a walk through PENNY: the bedroom. So I’m lying in bed with PENNY: that his mask on and I tapped him PENNY: on the foot and I said Honey you PENNY: didn’t put your mask on. PENNY: And he obediently woke up and put PENNY: his mask on and I found out the next PENNY: morning the two or three o’clock in PENNY: the morning he woke up and had to PENNY: just jerk it off because all PENNY: the benefits that he had received PENNY: when he started using it years PENNY: earlier were now completely reversed PENNY: instead of it solving nightmares he PENNY: was having nightmares instead of it PENNY: helped him breathe. PENNY: He was he couldn’t get his breath. PENNY: Go ahead. JAKE: So it just to us JAKE: verified that I had had indeed JAKE: been healed of the PTSD. JAKE: What was next. PENNY: Wow. It’s been so many things so PENNY: then. PENNY: He has been on medication PENNY: for diabetes since PENNY: 2013 or early 2014 PENNY: and JAKE: the numbers kept getting worse. JAKE: They tried to. JAKE: They wanted to put me on a statin for JAKE: the last couple of years and I kept JAKE: resisting that saying well I’ll JAKE: exercise more I’ll eat better I’ll JAKE: exercise more I’ll eat better. JAKE: The numbers kept creeping up every JAKE: time I’d go PENNY: and all of this it was before we PENNY: found out about Be in Health which PENNY: was only about six or seven months PENNY: ago, and PENNY: about… PENNY: Oh we forget about your anxiety PENNY: disorder. PENNY: There’s so many things. JAKE: The Lord helped me get off Clonazepam JAKE: which I’d been on for 20 years and my, JAKE: so back to the diabetes. PENNY: Yeah. Then he went to the doctor and PENNY: they ran all his blood and they PENNY: told him he didn’t need the diabetic PENNY: medication anymore JAKE: The attending physician came in and JAKE: said I don’t know what they’ve been JAKE: telling you but you don’t need to be JAKE: on any medication you’re fine. JAKE: So and I’d made no dietary changes JAKE: I didn’t do anything extraordinary. JAKE: I just started loving on myself and JAKE: applying some of the some of the JAKE: principles that we learned. JAKE: Sell everything and come. JAKE: Get here yesterday JAKE: and you had a good point JAKE: about that. PENNY: Well all PENNY: all these things that we’ve shared PENNY: that we have definitely already PENNY: received healing from PENNY: which has been happening over the PENNY: last six and a half seven months PENNY: since we found Be in Health on PENNY: YouTube. PENNY: We got all this from just having PENNY: bits and pieces of the for my PENNY: life program and so we reasoned PENNY: that if we got all this just from PENNY: having bits and pieces and we still PENNY: have other things that we needed PENNY: to go and get the full full treatment PENNY: full program so that we could PENNY: continue on our journey. PENNY: Well you know stronger better PENNY: healthier and even longer PENNY: you know because of the understanding PENNY: that we we’re not going to have PENNY: premature death in our lives JAKE: Just the thing that, has JAKE: impressed me so much JAKE: and it was hard for me to get here. JAKE: I had a lot of resistance. JAKE: A lot. JAKE: I mean I just felt JAKE: like you know just keep watching the JAKE: bits and pieces on YouTube. JAKE: And you know I used that term in JAKE: God’s perfect time which was an JAKE: excuse. JAKE: And Penny’s like no we go now JAKE: now is the perfect time. JAKE: So when I submitted to that and JAKE: made the decision you know God has JAKE: made away. JAKE: But just the systematic JAKE: way that that I’ve been JAKE: relieved of all this stuff JAKE: that I’ve been carrying for 61 JAKE: years that I wasn’t even aware of that JAKE: just piled up you know JAKE: decade by decade experience JAKE: by experience I feel JAKE: like I’m 30 pounds lighter. JAKE: Literally. PENNY: And as you say that reminds PENNY: me when we prayed PENNY: when he prayed. PENNY: When we learned about the PTSD what PENNY: we realized was PENNY: that this had been a burden on him PENNY: from the moment he was born because. PENNY: He was born with. PENNY: I think that the situation PENNY: is called PENNY: ParaStenosis (Pyloric Stenosis) or
some PENNY: I forget I usually know what the name PENNY: of the word is but I can’t think of PENNY: it right now but where the valve PENNY: that opens to let his food into PENNY: his stomach was completely PENNY: sealed down so he wasn’t PENNY: getting any nutrition and nobody PENNY: picked up on this until he was PENNY: about six weeks old and nearly PENNY: dead. PENNY: And it was that’s where PENNY: the trauma started that was that PENNY: that planned event that Satan had. PENNY: Because of generational inequities PENNY: that we’ve learned about through Be PENNY: in Health that can continue, PENNY: began and then continued. PENNY: One trauma after another after PENNY: another for PENNY: 30 40 years in his life before PENNY: you know we finally saw that enemy PENNY: and were able to overcome it PENNY: through the Word of God and the power PENNY: of the Holy Spirit. PENNY: His father is a pastor PENNY: and a missionary in the Bible College PENNY: professor and he said PENNY: when I got saved I feel like I got PENNY: part of the story and PENNY: I said Yeah. When we got saved we got PENNY: this we got this part of the story. PENNY: What do we have to do to get PENNY: to heaven. PENNY: Through Be in Health we found out PENNY: what do we have to do to be able to PENNY: live successfully on earth. PENNY: That’s made all difference in the PENNY: world. We’re not victims. PENNY: We’re not being PENNY: put down anymore. PENNY: We’re being able to rise up and be PENNY: the man and woman of God that PENNY: He created us to be. PENNY: And we’re very grateful for that. PENNY: Thank you Be in Health. JAKE: Yeah, Amen.


  • Free Sen says:

    Praise God!!

  • F1rst L1ght says:

    I was covered in psoriasis from my shoulders down to the very soles of my feet. It gradually spread throughout my body over the years. It severely affected me in every way so I began isolating myself from people and the world. I wanted answers! I refused medication and topical steroids and continued to suffer mentally. I turned to Christ and began my relationship with Him.
    I was brushing my teeth one morning and looked in the mirror. Something kept repeating in my head ‘love yourself love yourself love yourself’. I didn’t take any notice but now I know it was my Heavenly Father speaking to me. Two years on I discovered “A More Excellent Way” book and it finally clicked!!
    My psoriasis slowly faded without any medication. God showed me the root cause of my psoriasis and today I am healed! Praise God! All glory to God.

  • Serg Luz says:

    Love it!

  • Sherry baby says:

    How were you able to get off clonzapam?

  • soteria T says:


  • M says:

    Jake and Penny! We Love you ALL! Thanks for letting us get to know you. Laura is friends with you on Facebook and she tells me things all the time about you. From your friends in Leon Iowa. Monte and Laura Beemer
    The 5 cent book man(A More Excellent Way) found it at a thrift store, Had to sit in the isle and read it for awhile before I said well yeah I can take this big heavy book home and decide if I really want it at home. Now my friends have it for free at there house, or as one young man said, it is still in his pickup truck, but hey that is where he will need it someday!!

  • fisher4yashua says:

    This is a GREAT ministry of Truth and Power, that heals and sets free from ROOT causes of things

  • K Bridges says:

    These two are precious!!

  • Peter & Elma Thomas says:

    We LOVE Be In Health and especially the testimonies, but please can't you leave out the music? It is really distracting.

    And please let people tell more about their past to strengthen the testimony of the incredible power of their healing? Thank you.

  • Maria Goodrich says:

    God is always with us and I'm so happy for u both. Continue to grow and heal within yourselves thru Gods grace and powerful will.

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