Psoriasis and Heart Disease – Is there a link?

Psoriasis and Heart Disease – Is there a link?

Psoriasis has a huge impact on the quality of life of individuals
and it’s not just inflammation of the skin. We do know that individuals who have
moderate to severe psoriasis are also at increased risk of cardiovascular disease
-may increase risk of heart attacks or strokes. The skin is a huge organ and if you have inflammation
that’s going on over many years, this appears to have a negative impact
on blood vessels so we need to be sure that individuals who have psoriasis need to have other factors for their cardiovascular health–
blood pressure and lipids checked. They need to be aware of these risks that are associated
with this chronic inflammation. and that’s something that’s relatively new. In the last few
years we’ve learned about this and realized this. Now I think that we need to be proactive in informing
our patients that they need to look after this part of their health.

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