Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: What Would The Health Ranger Do?

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: What Would The Health Ranger Do?

Ty: So, let me ask you this Mike. What would you do if you were diagnosed today
with prostate cancer? What would be your protocol that you would– I’m not asking you to recommend this to
anybody. We don’t do that. What would you do personally if your doctor
said that you’ve got prostate cancer? Mike Adams: Well, first thing that I would do is to try
to understand from where did this prostate cancer come from? A guy like me who eats very healthy foods
and super foods and leads an anticancer lifestyle, this news would be a shock. The most likely culprit would be an environmental
cause, probably a hormone disruption chemical. So I would immediately start to think that
maybe I’m being exposed to BPA, which is probably true. I’ m sure that I have some level of BPA in
my blood. It’s almost impossible to get rid of. Ty: Real quickly what is BPA? Mike Adams: Bisphenol-A hormone mimicker. Ty: It’s a hormone mimicker that’s in what? Mike Adams: It’s a plasticizer. It’s in receipts. See this is the thing. When I take a receipt from a place
of purchase, I’m touching that receipt, and I’m getting BPA from that receipt. Ty: Because it stops the ink from dissolving over time. Mike Adams: So, I try not to maintain high
contact with the receipts, but I don’t want to be the guy who runs around wearing latex
lab gloves everywhere. That would be weird. Ty: I typically ask the clerk to throw it
away for me. Mike Adams: That’s a good idea. Ty: I just. I don’t even want the receipt; just throw it away please. Mike Adams: Good idea. So, we’d figure BPA, so then in that case,
you’d want to get hormone sensitive super foods or super foods that
interact with that metabolic pathway, which would be for example,
I3C, indole 3-carbinole. Which is one of the medicinal phytonutrients constituents of broccoli. The cruciferous
vegetables, so I would immediately start doing that. If it were prostate cancer, I would also really
up my dosage of resveratrol and zinc. Both of those things are very useful for prostate-cancer
prevention. You can
get zinc in pumpkin seeds. So I would probably increase my intake of
pumpkin seeds. There are also pumpkin
seed proteins out there that maintain many of the phytonutrients of the pumpkin seed. So, I would start to
become a pumpkin-seed-protein smoothie guy with a lot of resveratrol. I would also eat red grapes with their
seeds. I would specifically chew on the seeds to
release the many beneficial nutrients.


  • Owen fox - One Love, One Family! says:

    love it, thank you very much. shared 3 times and mUCH appreciated πŸ™‚ <3

  • soupper soulger says:

    ……….instead of Resverotrol , try Xanthohumol…..much more powerful/beneficial.

  • StarAnyse says:

    I didn't know about BPA on receipts; DAMN !!
    Does hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer get rid of it or is the damage done just by handling?
    THANK YOU for all of the information you provide…

  • Canadian Lad says:

    Keep it up you kick as lad you!!! lol πŸ™‚ You're the Best!

  • Troy Puckett says:

    This world is one big mine field.

  • Travis polson says:

    The health ranger is a great source of information .

  • Elaine Webb says:

    Watch "how not to die google talk" by dr greger

  • AquarielCharms says:

    I'm glad I don't work as a cashier, they handle receipts all day long. Thanks Ty and Mike!

  • kristyw26 says:

    Hmm I wish I could ask an important question. A lot of scientists and doctors say that prostate cancer can be caused by higher levels of testosterone in the body. Zinc helps naturally raise testosterone levels. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc. Couldn't this be problematic for some? They say that flax seed helps prevent breast cancer for women, but a lot of breast cancers are caused by excess estrogen and flax can raise estrogen levels. Women who have had estrogen + breast cancer are advised to avoid estrogenetic foods. I personally notice a huge rise in estrogen levels eating flax, therefore I avoid it. I've never had breast cancer, but don't want to consume anything that skyrockets my estrogen levels. Seems like the same would apply for men eating testosterone raising foods and/or supplements. The important note to be made here is that some people thrive on flax and I clearly don't. Not everyone's body responds in the same way. Some people's cancer is related to hormones and some not.

  • alexrev13 says:

    Should we stop drinking bottled water because of BPA??? THANKS

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