Prevent Enlarged Pores Forever With These Simple Steps – Men’s Oily Skin Care ✖ James Welsh

Prevent Enlarged Pores Forever With These Simple Steps – Men’s Oily Skin Care  ✖ James Welsh

Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel
where we talk about skin care, grooming, sometimes hair, so if that sounds like your thing, be
sure to subscribe. But today we’re gonna be talking about enlarged pores, and why they
just seem to be getting bigger. Sometimes in skin care, it’s not always what you do
that makes the biggest difference, but also what you’re not doing that makes a big difference.
Whilst we have pores all over our body, we seem to be bigger on the face and without
the right care, it’s possible that they can look even bigger. So with that in mind, here
are some of the things that you might not be doing that are contributing towards larger
pores. So it’s pretty obvious that clogged pores
are one of the main reasons why your pores look big. So an excessive amount of oil and
dirt and dead skin, all that kind of stuff, gathering up in your pores can make them look
bigger than usual, and it’s kind of like dark in there, with all of that gunk in there.
So to prevent clogged pores, we obviously need to clear them out, and the most obvious
and easiest way to do that is to use a cleanser. Regularly cleaning your face, um, is obviously
gonna help prevent these larger pores, and it’s the fastest way to remove dirt, excess
oil, bacteria, pollutants, dirt, I think I said that, and dead skin cells that can actually
lead to clogged pores as well. So when your pores are looking big and clogged, wash your
face twice a day. This is obvious, you gotta wash away all the excess everything, making
your skin look a lot cleaner and a lot brighter. The best cleansers to clear out your pores
will be really gentle ones, so look for gel cleansers, they’re usually really, really
good. Nothing too heavy that’s gonna over-dry you.
Talking about clogged pores, the other thing that makes pores look huge is blackheads.
They’re just so obvious. We all know what they are. They’re the black things on your
face. They’re the result of pores being clogged by excess oil and sebum, and obviously these
are like usually on the nose, people get them, um, on the cheeks sometimes, and then on the
forehead usually too. If you don’t get rid of them, if you leave them in there as well
just to kind of like oxidize more, and get blacker and deeper, they can actually expand
the size of the pore as well, which once it’s expanded, it’s kind of difficult to- for it
to shrink back up. I talk about this all the time. It’s one of
my favorite things to do, but chemical exfoliation is the best way to prevent these. Prevent
black heads. You need to prevent clo- uh, pores getting clogged, and to do that, you
need to get rid of dead skin. So using a BHA will usually work really, really well. If
you get blackheads, you’re usually quite oily prone as well, and BHAs are
perfect for that skin type. BHAs work a lot deeper in the skin over AHAs, and they could
remove excessive dead skin cells on the surface, but they also dig deep into our pores as well,
to regather those like deeper set oils. Another big one is sun damage. I hate, like,
uh, I have a real problem with sun bathing or sun beds. It- it makes me feel very claustrophobic.
Like, I hate sitting out in the sun. And of course, sun exposure can make your pores look
a lot bigger. This is because sun damage and tanning actually thickens your skin, which
makes your, um, skin almost like sponge-like. You know, when you see those old people in
holiday (laughs) ’cause they’re already horrible, but they’re like dark brown, and their skin
looks like thick, shiny leather. That, basically. Prolonged sun exposure also can remove elasticity.
Elastine, collagen, water. It’s dehydrating you, which actually make your pores sag. So
like, they kind of like- they don’t- they don’t get bigger, but they just kinda go,
which makes your pores look a lot bigger. So guys, don’t use sun beds excessively. Like,
maybe have one before you go on holiday. Hide from the sun, wear a massive hat, stay inside.
No. Don’t do that. Just use a good sun protection. Sun screen. We all know how important it is,
but especially when you’re on holiday, or purposely out in the sun. It’s an odd one
for me, ’cause I feel like people sunbathe to look younger and better, but it’s gonna
age you by like 20 years. It’s- it’s a very odd concept to me.
Another main reason for pores is not moisturizing. If you’ve been subscribed to me for longer
than like six months, and you don’t moisturize, you are in very, very big trouble, ’cause
it’s one of the most important things to do in your routine, not just for pores, but in
general. Obviously, moisturizing every day reduces the chance of getting a very, very
dry skin, or overly oily skin even. Both of which can cause acne. So from one spectrum
to the other, both can cause breakouts. Of course, when you have acne, or um, if you
have overly oily skin, that can cause irritation, which lead to dryness and it makes
large pores. If you have oily skin, you’re not moisturizing, you could got even more
oily, which leads to clogged pores, and blackheads, which leads to large pores. So a very vicious
cycle, if you don’t moisturize. Also, the gentle massaging of your face when
you’re applying moisturize can help stimulate the blood flow, and new cell generation as
well, which is nice, ’cause that keeps us looking young. It keeps our skin looking fresh,
and our holes looking nice and tight. My favorite thing when it comes to moisturizing is overnight
moisturizing. So moisturizers with things like, um, antioxidants in are very, very good.
Uh. Vitamin C. Retinol. These will help maintain and increase the skin’s collagen and elasticity,
which will keep your skin looking nice and toned, and firm, and like a little bit dewy.
I’m really shiny, you see. Wow. So when it comes to moisturizing, really listen
to your skin. But twice a day is usually good, using one specifically for the morning, and
then using moisturizer in the evening as well. Like a heavier one. If you have oily skin,
don’t be afraid of a very heavy moisturizers in the evening. Um. It will do you some good.
I find that it helped balance out my oils massively, massively, massively.
A few other things you could do, um, avoid heavy alcohol in toners and products. Diet
is also a very important one, but I don’t know how, but I feel like I should say that,
because I feel like it’s the cause of everything. (laughs) Basically, a good skincare routine,
and a common sense is gonna keep your pores, and your skin in general, looking nice and
small. So yes, I hope this video helped in some way. I hope you learned something, and
I hope you learned that prevention is key. So instead of worrying about it when it happens,
prevent those large pores, and we’ll never have to worry about that, but that is it for
me now, guys. I will see you next time.


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