Prenez ce jus & adieu les douleurs,rides,arthrites ,courbatures des muscles

Prenez ce jus  & adieu les douleurs,rides,arthrites ,courbatures des muscles

Take this collagen-rich broth and
you will see that the pain in the joints will quickly disappear! welcome to your
preferred health community, My loves, know that man naturally produces
collagen But there comes a time when the organism
loses its ability to generate this proteins naturally and that’s from
from that moment that the problems begin People are starting to lose
joint mobility, softness of the skin … This collagen problem generally appears
after the age of 30 so people should lend
more attention to this to continue to enjoy in good condition
health and muscle mobility, consuming this very delicious remedy two
times a week It is the cheapest and safest way
to find collagen you can do it one or two
time week and there will be no need to buy
of the supplements covering your needs
collagen Tell me in the comments if
have you ever heard of broth to the bones, or even tried bone broth
, also think about telling me where you are looking this video, you know how happy I am
to know where you are accompanying me and support bone broth is an extraction
aqueous based on good animal bones health, who have great
concentration of minerals like phosphorus calcium and magnesium, excellent for
maintain good oral health also strengthen the immune system
and help to have a good digestion these bones are rich in collagen, a
gelatinous part which is part of the tissue composition and help
rejuvenate and give more elasticity to the
skin as well as strengthening the structure Muscular, if you stay until the end
of the video i will tell you how you can
prepare this wonderful broth Here are some advantages of broth
bone In number 1 prevents wrinkles or even fine lines
, loose skin that appears on the whole body during aging
but when you replace the collagen that your
body can no longer produce you activate the
skin rejuvenation function making it even sweeter
elastic and spits In number 2 it is an ally in the regimes
for lose weight when preparing for
this broth you will have a great meal
Appetite suppressant until next meal you can just take the broth
it will fill you up until dinner before
continue it would be nice to share these information with all your friends, family
for them to find out this In number 3 this protects your
joints Body joints
Human are also rich in cartilage which are made of collagen and one
of the benefits of bone broth is to help deal with problems like
arthritis which is when cartilage joints become too thin
and the bones rub, which is very painful In number 4 It is an anti-inflammatory because it reconstitutes
the collagen and relieves arthritis symptoms
This will reduce inflammation which occurs in
The joints preventing the body from pain, swelling and
difficulty moving your arms or legs It will be reduced and even disappear for this it is enough to consume the broth
with a a balanced diet practice
daily stretching In number 5 improves the
digestion to have good digestion
the intestines need action the consumption of this broth
contributes to good digestion allow the intestine to fill better
its function to send the nutrients to the blood circulation while expelling
waste In number 6
helps cleanse the body the detoxifying power of bone broth
comes from its compounds like the glutamate which acts as an antioxidant
which protects cells and eliminates excess toxins number 7 strengthens the
immune system The bone broth
has been used for hundreds of years to comfort and strengthen people
sick, it helps strengthen the immune system because it is rich in
nutrients that help the body to fight disease, too
provides energy to do what people feel stronger For a good recipe try adding only
healthy ingredients like vegetables which can offer all its flavor and
medicinal properties for your health to prepare this broth, you will need
of the following ingredients
1.5 kilograms Chicken bone, or even beef,
parts rich in marrow, give a sweeter taste broth and sternum
Chicken has a lot more collagen than other animals Bay leaf, sprinkle with an onion
Finely chopped, 6 cloves of garlic chopped 2 tablespoons of vinegar
cider 1 teaspoon of sea salt,
Optional chopped carrots A piece of parsley, ginger and a few
tomatoes method of preparation
if the bones have not been cooked before he will be
better to put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees before putting it on
To boil if the bones are cooked, let’s skip this step place the bones in a pot
With about 4 or 5 centimeters of water above the pot and we will add two
tablespoons of vinegar close and boil for 20 or 30 minutes,
the acid in the vinegar will help release nutrients more easily
bones, then add the onions, garlic cut the leaves
bay and salt, put everything in the pot as soon as it starts to boil,
make cook for at least two hours
, it is important to monitor the broth the foam that forms in the
in the last 30 minutes of cooking are a sign that it’s almost there
add parsley to give it more flavor, remove from heat
and Consume hot or cold broth at your
convenience, it keeps well in the freezer , refrigerator, you will only have to reheat
and serve So here is Consider sharing this so that it touches
a maximum of people like and comment XOXO


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