Pityriasis Rosea

Pityriasis Rosea

Welcome to Atlantic Dermatology located in
Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m Dr. Crane, I’m a board certified dermatologist, and I’m
here to talk about Pityriasis Rosea. Pityriasis Rosea is a condition that pops up usually
just once in your life, so at least you don’t have to deal with it on multiple occasions
and it’s a rash. You might have a sore throat or a little bit of an infection, then three/four
weeks later next thing you know you pop up with a spot that looks like a fungus or a
ringworm. And it will be first be noticed by a single circular area. It might be a circular
red area on your chest, for example, or on your back, and that we call the Herald Patch.
And the next thing you know, you got a lot of smaller spots that sometimes will follow
your skin lines around the belly, around your back/shoulders, and it looks almost like lots
of little spots of fungus popping up on you. Sometimes it itches, sometimes it doesn’t.
Now lets say you have this rash that pops up on you; if you do nothing whatsoever about
it, many a times it goes away in six to eight weeks, but in dark skinned patients it may
leave spots: dark spots, dark circular areas and you want to get rid of it because it may
itch or it may bother you or you just don’t like the looks of it, then topical steroid
creams are often helpful. So you go, you see your dermatologist, often they’ll prescribe
you something like Triamcinolone cream or sometimes even Prednisone by mouth. And if
you start in on a topical steroid or the Prednisone by mouth, you’ll often watch the rash disappear
in a matter of three or four days or so, and it clears up, and that’s the end of it. So
if you have Pityriasis Rosea, if you have what looks like fungus but doesn’t seem to
be responding to anti-fungal cream, then see your dermatologist.


  • Nabil Romero says:

    Super helpful thanks a bunch

  • Goo2Plex says:

    usually happens once in your life… i guess i am one of the few who had this twice

  • Flashyfinancier says:

    i think i have this bullshit 🙁 …..  i can recognize a decent size red spot on my lower back and it was there in the beginning so im pretty sure that what started the whole thing. (herald patch)      . i was afraid it was something more serious . gonna see a dermatologist now 🙁

  • Big Crayola says:

    I have this freaking crap right now! Have had it for almost 2 months now! As far as I could tell I had only one or two above my waist, now I have like 20 (including my back) Symptoms right now are I have a sore throat, loss of appetite, and these bumps everywhere. VERY slowly getting better with a steroid but my prescription was only for 6 days -_- I have only scars now on my waist line and my back doesn't look like it scarred yet. Any idea on what else I can do or do I just get more prescription?

  • nomarzenun says:

    I had it for 4 years, it has been a torture, but with time i had tried many treatments that want to share  with you.  My symptoms were very severe, a human will shed 8 pound of skin per year, I'll will do the same every 3 months.  This rate caused my skin not to heal fast enough causing irritation, bleeding and terrible itching.  I have white scales falling off of 75% of my body.  Under my arm pits and between my legs was another story, it was wet, causing a smell of decomposing skin.  Looking for comfort, because I knew there was no cure or treatment for this, I tried anything that I read on the web.  I realize that every case of PR is different from person to person and some of the treatment I tried did not work on me. Just to mention a few that did not work: Oath Meal bath, Milk of magnesia, and many brands of moisturize lotions, these work for others but not for me.  Finally the last 6 months I been treating myself with Olay Ultra Moisture with shea butter for showers, Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion for dry and scaling parts of my body, No deodorant because it was causing bleeds and irritation, but used Vicks Vaporub as an alternative and finally baby power for wet parts between my legs.  I hope this information bring some comfort to anyone in needs of help for PR. Have patient and understand that you are not alone with PR, don't fall into the hands of despair because every problem has a solution.

  • Betty Ann Gould says:

    where is the visual dude??

  • Micayla Marks says:

    It only happens once in your life, MY BUTT!!! Ive had it off and on for the past year. Its hell to live with 🙁 I've used many creams and nothing works.

  • itsmyopinion sobackoff says:

    Good ole Crisco shortening skin will look brand new

  • Sami Smile says:

    This was helpful.

  • Lezlie M says:

    It's really weird but if you go to a tanning booth when you break out with Pityriasis Rosea it will stop it from growing/spreading and will start to heal the outbreak.

  • dean2663 says:

    So steroids cures it or doesn't cure it? Not clear at all!!!

  • Beth Philip says:

    In order to wipe out rosacea, you should realize the reasons why you you get it and the holistic way you can help your body to heal itself.

  • Don Sinclair says:

    I got Pityriasis Rosea back in April 2014, it started around my balls area and spread out from that area, then it climbed up my body, bloody awful as it was very itchy during the night time, one night I showered about five times, the more concerned you become about it the worse it got. My doctor treated it with a ornament called Locoid Lipocream 0.1% plus another ornament called Clotrimazole Cream1% (CLOm MUL) I was told to cover by Penis and balls area with the Locoid Lipocream twice a day, they gave me about four tubes of that cream, and it fixed it, it slowly went away that goodness. At first I thought I had "Jock Itch but I was wrong. A friend on mine also got it at the same time as I did, and we had both received a flue injection at our local heath centre's, We believe that we got that bloody Pityriasis Rosea from that flue injection. He got his injection in Wanaka NZ, and I got my one in Balclutha NZ. We both said, that we will never have a NZ Government wintertime paid flue injection again in our life time, that Pityriasis Rosea was just awful, we both had it for about a month. Also we both had to take Hay-fever relief pills called 'Loraclear"which did help with the itch, also our doctors gave us a special non-itch liquid soap called Pinetarsol, which also helped big time with the itch, its a excellent product.

  • Ems & Roberto says:

    Currently have this and fucking hell its irritating. The itchy is hell.

  • Freddy Medina says:

    what can be used to treat this and how long does it take?

  • fred says:

    I had it once a year since i was 34, Its the 5 time this year.

  • A. J. says:

    I know some ppl who've had it more than once or twice and each time it was diagnosed as pityriasis rosea. Why does it keep reoccurring?

  • Jamonty Clifton says:

    i have this

  • Arianna Rajkumar says:

    HELP!!!!I have this weird rash on my lower back and I have dark skin and it looks kinda dark (idk if its just because of my dark skin) it feels kinda scaley and sometimes it itches but not all the time and I only have it in this one patch for months now and its not In a circle its in almost in a straight line it started off kinda round and small but then it started to get longer and I see another small patch on my butt if anyone knows what it is please let me know

  • mutinyontheark says:

    Thank you for posting this. Dr. Crane has a very soothing manner and this calmed down my worrying. If I lived in your area I would be a patient of yours for sure!

  • Mary Antonette Trafaga says:

    I had this too and it wasn't itchy. It was scaling and ugly. I used steroids topicl cream like floucinonide and it was gone after 2 to 3 days.

  • Pan Vegan says:

    I have this ten years so itchy I want to die I'm in agony!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to hospital today got injections in my ass got tablets and creams still fucking itchy,!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baybizzle84 says:

    To clear this outbreak up I suggest L-lysine 1000 mg dietary supplement pills. Its for the skin and it works to even build sperm count lol

  • RoltChen says:

    I got this couple weeks ago. It is really itching. Which medications helped you to accelerate the healing? Please, comment.

  • Kelsey Sypher says:

    I have had it for a YEAR please help

  • Michele Mele says:

    I went to a walkin clinic back on 9/20/ the doctor there gave me pred and a cream. Said he had it in his twenties as well and it was a nightmare. It went away and now it’s back. I can’t get into my dermatologist for almost 2 weeks. I’ve read there’s only treatment for this but no cure and I’m freaking out.

  • Kesha B. says:

    I have this same rash. So far it’s been 2 1/2 weeks. It started as what I thought was a ringworm on my arm then I noticed a few red bumps days later. Now it’s spread to my stomach, breast, back, both arms, hands, groin, neck and a few spots on my thighs. It’s somewhat contagious skin to skin because my boyfriend has a few spots now. I have been using hydrocortisone creme, oatmeal soap, mild lotion and this prescription from my dermatologist. I’ll definitely be glad when it’s gone. I don’t want people to see this weird rash on my body. Feel so self conscious now. Thank you for sharing your video.

  • Jahnice Griffith says:

    what if your child has it can you still use the same medicine to cure it

  • Lisa Yawman says:

    I have had it for 2 months. Tanning has helped a lot!

  • Daniel Rhodes says:

    Very helpful video!

  • Soldierboymedia says:


  • Soldierboymedia says:

    One final piece of information. About 1 month ago I thought the Herald Patch was a wart so I try to sand it down with a nail board. I suspect it trigger or activated the virus or possibly scratching it or pickit can activate the virus…. If we can figure out how to destroy the Herald Patch which the cause of the spread of skin rash we can eliminate this disease. I also had a flue shot during the time before the herald patch appeared and according to An atypical case of pityriasis rosea gigantea after influenza vaccination. It also determined people with herpes Virus HHH6-7 tend to get PR .

  • Sylvie the whalien says:

    HELP!! Almost a year ago I had a break out of pityriasis rosea all over my body (including my face). My doctor gave me some cream and it all went away in a few days/weeks – except for my face. It kept coming back to my face, so I would use the cream for a couple of days and then it would go away. I would then stop using the cream, but a few days or a week later it would just slowly reaper, so I would have to use the cream again till it went away. I have done this over and over now for almost a year and it is so frustrating!! I don't know what to do :/

  • Soldierboymedia says:

    PR is due to our liver not processing our bodies toxins properly. Your liver is having difficulty cleansing toxins from your body. What worked for me… Sunlight 30 minutes per day lay out in the sun, daily cold showers, exercise 20 minutes a day to sweat the toxins in your skin it cleans the skin pores of toxin. Apply topical cream called Triamcinolone Acetonide after shower. As soon as you get PR start Acyclovir 800 mg three times a day with Ibuprofen 1600 mg a day for 7 days. My PR felt so much better and cleared up in 2 month.

  • ARSHAN Soleymanian Far says:

    mine is itchy verrry itchy its killing me

  • Grace Tabora says:

    Thank You Dr.
    Right now, I have this Pityriasis Rosea and I did go to the doctor and he gave me a medicine ( Levocetirizine dehydrochloride – Glencet) to take and he said it would stop the pityriasis to spread out to my body but its not true, Its everywhere in my body especially in my back and my chest, my breast😣😣 and my legs, my neck, my arms and my hands.
    What should I do?

  • Frank Jones says:

    I bought a product called PRREZE, it cleared up in a few days. Works!

  • Renu Bakshi says:

    Steroid creams only stop the itch. They don't resolve the issue.

  • Racheal Guevara says:

    I have this 2years now really need help..Try so much what now..

  • christine brandt says:

    I like the explanation.

  • DandelionQueen says:

    i've had a rash on my boob since i was 13 but as i got older it started to spread to my stomach i'm now 17 about to be 18 in august my rash has been getting severely worse i went to the doctor for it and they prescribed me a steroid cream but it didn't really help i self diagnosed it as Pityriasis Rosea because the symptoms are spot on i have been taking a antihistamine for it but it just stops the itching and i hate how the rash looks i would love advice on how to get rid of this nasty rash once and for all

  • marissa whiteley says:

    guys, i was at the doctor’s office for this the other day. here are some things he told me about it:
    -he said he sees teens especially having it, and it’s extremely common. he said he sees patients with it once or twice a week.
    -it normally lasts 4 to 6 weeks. the most you can do is put cream on it, but that only helps with itching. theres not really anything you can do to get rid of it except wait it out.
    -many people mistake it for ringworm.
    -it starts with a “mother patch”, which is a larger than average patch that shows up a little while before the small patches start to pop up. that’s exactly how it was for me, i have a mother patch right under my belly button.
    -it’s a viral infection.
    -it’s not contagious

    i hope this information can be useful to someone, if you suspect you have it i suggest you see a doctor!!

  • Amanda Baldounis says:

    I've had this alot of my 20 years of life on and off….

  • Amanda Baldounis says:

    I don't know why

  • Amanda Baldounis says:

    Itgot better with stariods…but stayed

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