Pityriasis rosea (Medical Condition)

Pityriasis rosea (Medical Condition)


  • Bombah Deputta says:

    this is so nice and very helpful … but i lowered down the volume because listening to the background music makes me feel like iam on the death row, but really nice presentation

  • Soldierboymedia says:

    Stay away from gimecs…. If your body does not carry the H6 and H7 virus you can cleans your liver by exercise, running sweating the toxins out of your body and laying out in the sun for 30 minutes per day. This will cleans toxins from your skin and body. This works… I started running 3 times a day for 20 minutes and laying in the sun and it clear up in 3 week. This is a liver problem that is connected with the skin you must sweat out your body toxins. Also change what your eating…eat vegatbles. Sun tanning generats vitamin D which helps the skin and stop PR from spreading.

  • Frank Jones, Jr. says:

    I am a young guy, and I came down with a rash that had me going crazy. It started with a small itchy patch and grew into a monster that attacked my skin with ugly raised circles that looked like ringworm. I go to the gym almost every day, and people would look at me as though I had the plague. Women who were blowing up my Facebook suddenly wouldn't give me the time of day. The dermatologist did a biopsy and said it was this Pityriasis stuff, and that there was nothing I could do but wait. I did extensive research and scoured the internet for a cure some help something anything!! I went online and found this cream called PrrEze, they are everywhere, and the reviews were great. Some people said it was expensive, but it was less than 50 bucks, a lot less than I spend on a daily basis on gas food etc. It cleared me in a week. I still have some spots that are slowly fading, like their info says, but the rash is gone and the girls and my confidence are back. I can't thank them enough for helping me with my skin! If you have PR cure it with PrrEze!!

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