Philips BlueControl – How to use

Philips BlueControl – How to use

The first blue LED light psoriasis treatment. It has the size of a smart phone, fits in every bag and works with 40 blue LEDs. And that’s it, the new, effective and gentle psoriasis treatment. Now let’s have a look at what you get inside the box. There are three differently sized straps with a Velcro fastener. A longer one for the fixation of the Philips BlueControl device on bigger parts of your body, e.g. legs and two shorter straps for arms or ankles. A blue holder to wear the Philips BlueControl on your body. Two adapters, one for the UK and one for Europe. An USB cable, instructions for use and a warranty card. Now you are fully equipped. Let’s get started. To treat a plaque on your arm, thread one end of the smaller strap through one of the loops of the holder. Make sure that the Velcro fastener faces upwards when inserting it through the loop so that you can easily close it. Place Philips BlueControl device in the holder with the LEDs facing the hole. Thread the loose end of the strap through the loop. Place device over to be treated area and secure Velcro fastening. Push the button. It flashes blue which means that your psoriasis treatment has started. You can continue with your daily routine now. We recommend one treatment per plaque per day. This has been clinically proven to be effective. After a period of at least 6 weeks significant improvements should be visible. This is indicated when the device is flashing red. Our users usually charge it during the night as they do every evening with their mobile phone. Choose the appropriate adapter and connect the USB-cable with it. The other end of the cable you connect with the device. Plug in the charger. About 3h later the Philips BlueControl device is fully charged. After several treatments, you might feel like cleaning the device and straps. The holder and straps can go in the washing machine at a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. For the device, use alcohol and a cloth. That’s it: your new, wearable and effective psoriasis treatment. Just visit our website for more information. Don’t change yourself, change your idea about psoriasis therapy.


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