Permanent solution of uric acid – Nityanandam Shree in hindi with eng subtitles

Permanent solution of uric acid – Nityanandam Shree in hindi with eng subtitles

Namaskaram ! I am Yogi Nitaynandam Today we’ll Talk about uric acid uric acid means excess of uric acid in blood stream mostly, when people like to eat the same kind of food they cut off vegetables from their diet when they start taking more pulses Or they do not drink water Drink cold drinks or soft drinks often and again take more tea excessive consumption of acidic food Who have a habit of eating more of sweets Or they are consuming more roasted things like brinjal keema or besan curry etc when we take more of protein diet but less of fiber if we take less of fruits & water when they don’t do pranayam if there is no good level of oxygen in the body then looking at all these situations when The workout ends totally Previously people used to work hard Now the physical effort is no longer equal sideffects of these things are The level of uric acid in our blood increases more than limit sometimes, Uric acid does not increased too much but Is ready to increase Whose signs are this Like someone has pierced a sharp nail In the heel of the foot, or near the thumb of the hand later on with this uric acid, the bone starts curving. if uric acid does not come out of body for long time then it harms kidney, heart & other organs So i’ll advice you to pay more attention to this don’t ignore it negligence is not good Get up early in the morning & walk barefoot on the grass & early morning engulf overnight saliva of your mouth with water chew food well walk barefoot on the grass twice massage your body with olive oil or any other oil By doing these little things you can avoid this But if you are to stuck by this problem, then what to do Uric acid started increasing in our body & you maintained it with medication but its not permanent solution reason is Uric acid is collected in the body Kidneys are not getting it out properly & your body is producing uric acid more than normal There are only two reasons Reduce protein diets Dry fruit is eaten without soaking some people spent whole day on tea, coldrink or biscuits Tea and fried patties are also wrong What to do is increase the intake of fruits & vegetables & reduce the intake of pulses and sour food products will be defended by this, will stop increasing in future now the thing, how to get rid of increased uric acid If you take allopathic medicines it effects for short time Removes from body, then recollects As soon as you stop taking the medicine or you forget that you have uric acid then the same diet, again it collects talking medicines only is not a permanent solution for permanent solution we give 2-3 herbs to patient excess uric acid will be removed away forever. second thing is will not be collected again what to do for You have to take lite coloured vegetabes more like bottle gourd, long bottle gourd, tinda, cucumber, bitter gourd & green veges and reduce the quantity of colourful vegetables like tomato, bell peppers & carrots avoid lentils totally avoid curd & milk for first few days take only unpeeled apple, papaya & guava etc practice breathing exercises every morning & evening & take more water and start removing uric acid uric acid increases easily but it takes mimimum 40-45 days to remove out of body with every pathy Can not leave before if you remove fast with overdose of medicines by teasing too much your body body tends to eliminate uric acid also start removing essential nutrients like sodium, calcium with urination so do not pressurize your body take a decoction of mulethi (liquorice) twice also can chew it or you may take liquorice boiled water twice so your uric acid level will start reducing but Permanent Solutions I just have to tell you for that Take giloya, Basil & aloevera take aloevera juice 4-5 spoon + 2-3 spoon of tinospora stem juice + 1/2 cup of water empty stomach twicw a day so many companies make these juices sometimes in that juice you may add 1-2 spoon of bitter gourd juice too also add 5-7 crushed leaves of tulsi in it everyday you may add 2 spoon tulsi(basil) juice instead of leaves I’ll repeat all 4-5 spoon aloevera + 1 spoon bitter gourd juice + 1 spoon basil leaves juice + 2-3 spoon of Giloya (tinospora) you may add 1/2 cup of fresh bottle gaurd juice along with these sprinkle a pinch of black pepper before taking take mixture of all these juices after adding water in equal quantity empty stomach every morning & even its beneficial twice these 3-4 things are very beneficial viz. viz. giloya, tulsi, aloevera, karela, lauki & black pepper etc even bottle gaurd vegetable is good these herbs helps to remove excessive uric acid permanently & stop recollecting there are so many other talks regarding this but but difficult to say in short video again i’ll talk about this topic shortly leave your query, question or comment below this video in comment box so i’ll try to help you Namaskaram!


  • pratap mahananda says:

    Sir mera uric acid 8:2 hai Mee kya kya khau taki jald …thik ho jau…bahat pain ho Raha hai guru ji
    Eske sath sath mujhe khana Naa pach na , or skin kana thada thada problem hai
    Please guru ji mujhe kuchh bataiye Mee already give up ho Chuka ho
    20 saal se ei sab problem keise jelu

  • Ravindra Singh says:

    Mere hatho pair me bht dard rahata h har joint me drd rahta h

  • Wahida Sadiq says:

    Sir mare papa ko uric acid diabetes high blood pressure cholesterol ki problm hai in sb k liye vo allopathic medcine le rahe hain pr koi fark nahi pad raha theek se aap plz ek illaj bataye in sb k liye us pe ek video bana de vo bohat medice kha rahe hain sir plz bohat request hai apse.

  • Mamta Garwal says:

    Sir mughe last ten years se arthritis.hai saath hi last two years se meri ankle.per swelling hai aur ankle me bahut dard hota hai jaise mirch lag rahi medicine lene par kuch aaram hota hai lekin ten days baad fir se swelling ho jati hai sir please please please koi permanent solution batay ya ho sake to phone karke meri puri problem sune aur treatment bataye

  • Daya Shankar says:

    हमें यूरिक 7 पॉइंट से अधिक है अस्थायी उपचार बताये

  • Shahnaz Mahbub says:

    Nomoskar,mera betako uric acid 418 hogiya,may key kiya korshaktiho,pls may ko bata dena.than u

  • Neha Sharma says:

    Dhanywad guru ji

  • ayub khan says:

    Guruji namaskar
    Pyromey jalanki solution bataye

  • Mallika Tiwari says:

    Pranam vaidya ji …kripa krke haddi jod ke plant ka osteoporosis me koi use ho skta hai …kaise use kre ise btaye ..kripa hogi ..
    Qki aapke margdarshan se mere aur mere parivar me boht hi improvement hua hai health me

  • Mahender Singh says:

    टीबी की दवाओं के कारण युरिक एसिड बढ रहा है व जोडों में बहुत दर्द है दवाई तो बन्द कर नहीं सकती क्या इनके साथ ये आरयुवेदिक ईलाज प्रयोग किया जा सकता है

  • Sudip Chandra says:

    Mere right knee mein kichav aa raha hai 2-3 mahine se. Jakdan rehti hai. Jab baith kar uthta hun knee bina fode aram nahi milta.
    Diet mostly bahar ka khana chal rha tha 2-3 mahino se.
    Meri umrr 35 hai. Gym bhi karta hun. Physic athletic hai. Please iske nivaran ka upay bataye.

  • manpreet Singh says:

    My name is satnam kaur from amritsar and my age 65 I have two problems one is uric acid and ers uric acid is 6.2 and esr is 80 suggest me how can I cure myself from both i have taken many medicine but the result is zero now the condition is so bad that I cannot walk so please suggest me some remidi and yoga Assan.

  • Deepak Sahu says:

    ॐ शांति नित्यानंदजी, आप जिस प्रकार की सेवा कर रहे है उसके लिए मै आपका बहुत आभारी हूँ. "चिकित्सा समाज सेवा है, वयवसाय नहीं".

  • aman chaddha says:

    Guru g mere pati k roj pair dard hote rehte ha

  • ALMAAS NAUSHAD alm says:

    Mera uric acid 6.5 hai lekin mujhe bahut sare problem ho rahe hai mere pair me dard dil ka dhadkna bechaini ninid nahi ati or bhi bahut mai alevera ka capsul leti ho kya kero ke thik ho fae

  • Shahzad Khan says:

    Very nice


    Please help me, how we control naturally ESR level or home remedies.

  • Atmo Manisha says:

    Yogiji mera uric acid badha hua h, zyada nhi h 4.8 h. Abhi last month 6.5 tha is time anguthe aur kai jagah pr me bahot pinching pain tha. Abi thoda kam hua h. Aapne jo bataya h use mai zarur karungi. Iske alawa,
    Nakhuno me hone Wale spots jaise white spots , kbi black spots ho jate h un pr ek video banaiye plz. Mere right leg ke anguthe me ek black line aa gai h. dawai khane ke baad bhi wo khatam nhi ho rhi h.
    Agar aap is pr ek video banakar iska karan aur nivaran batayenge to aapki bahot kripa hogi.

  • mahendra adhikari says:

    Sir mari mata ji ko 5 sal se jodo ka dard ho rha h urin acid bhi bad raha h koie dawa ho to batye matlab name jo market m milti ho

  • NAVANIT KUMAR. says:

    Uric acid badha Ho to ghee kha sakte h ya nhi..


    Kya ham uric acid me sat isabgol pi sakte hai

  • Rumalbhai Nanabhai Malivad says:

    यूरीक एसीड की दवा ई हैं तो ये हमें भेजें 156 बी
    ओ एन जी सी कोरोनरी पालावासणा महेसाना गुजरात :३८४००३

  • Nitin Bharadwaj says:

    How to increase memory and mind power

  • Smita Gupta says:

    Kya amla v le sakte h???

  • Narinder Kaur says:

    Swami ji maine ye devai ajmai hai mujhe karin abhi ek hafta ho gya hai aur esme kaafi aram hai thank u so much .

  • Ruldu Singh says:

    thank sir

  • Shabbir Akhtar says:

    Tum maheela ho ya purush ?

  • hemlata negi says:

    Lemon juice is ok or not?

  • Yogesh Bisht says:

    Mere papa 76 age hai aur unhe uric acid ki problem hai… unke liye koi tips hai to pls jaldi bataye… main aapka hamesha aabhari rahunga….

  • Xaad says:

    Shin splint sir………..


  • Bk Vijay says:

    Guru jee pranam….

  • Parth Patel says:

    Mera uric acid 10 hai me ahemdabad hu muje ye ayurvedic kaha milega ??

  • vasudevbhargav pokarmal says:

    मेरे छाती में दर्द रहता हैं २ बरस से डॉक्टर ने युरिक ऐसिड की बढ़ने का कारण बताया हैं क्या युरिक ऐसिड के कारण छाती में दर्द हो सकता हैं

  • Rachneet Kaur says:

    Mein kurukshetra se hu,mene amritsar mein dr.ritesh chawla,kashmir avenue,divyaayurveda punchkarma center ,amritsar se uric acid ki medicine li thi,ab mujhe 11month ho chuke hain med. Liye hue,mera one n half month hi medicine lene se uric acid bilkul thik ho gya sach mein

  • Raj Kumar says:

    Mera uric aced 8.3 hai or cretan 3.2 hai dese ilaz batae

  • Pankaj Das says:

    Kuch dawaa ka name bata dijiyaa plz …….kharid ke le lngee …….

  • Manish Gupta says:

    Mai 6 mahine se dwa kar rhi hu or bad hi rha h

  • Mack Narain says:

    Swamiji for how many days I need to take this course


    Mere bete ka uric acid bar bar bad jata h or uske jodo m sujan b aane lagi h

  • नंदी बाबा देवघर बाबा धाम says:

    पैर के तलवे में बहुत जलन है महात्मा जी पहले तो थोड़ा थोड़ा एड़ी दर्द दर्द किया इसके बाद पूरा तलवा में जलन है लगता है आग पर पैर रखा गया है 24 घंटा दर्द रहता है क्या करें प्रणाम

  • DK Maheshwari says:

    Swamiji क्या घर्तकुमारी का स्वरस खराब होता है।

  • aakil khan says:

    यूरीक एसिड से बहुत ही परेसान हू उपाय बताईये

  • harpreet singh says:

    Uric acid problem

  • smile wing says:

    swami ji pranaam ,
    mere ankh me palko ke upar safed rang ke spot ho gya hi jo dekhne me ajeeb sa lagta hi usme kisi tarah ka koi dard nhi hi .lekin ye dekhne me sahi nhi lagta . abhi to ek ankh ke upar hi lekin ye dusri ankh me bhi hone lga hi
    swami ji upaay bataye

  • DuRgA SoNi says:

    Mere hath pair bhut garam रहते h kuch dino se

  • DuRgA SoNi says:

    Samadhan बताए guruji

  • Rs Sandhu says:

    Mujhe uric acid barbar ho jata hai

  • Yadwinder Dhiman says:

    Sr mera uric acid 8.5 he kitne din me thik hoga


    Mere hands ki finger me bhut problem hai finger move ni Karti sir Kuch treatment btao plz

  • asif khan says:

    i take saraswataristh. I have uric acid also.. can i still take it

  • sainudheen puthukudy says:

    I am watching your videos please add something about snoring

  • sainudheen puthukudy says:

    Please wright the ingredients name in the description box every videos better for viewers okay, thanks you….

  • arpit yadav says:

    Guruji mera uric acid level bada hua hai 9.2 hogaya iske badne ka karan meri bone tb ki dawa hai jise chalana baut zroori hai sath hi main diet bhi baut weak ni kr skta kripya mjhe ise door krne k nuskhe btayein ktunki ho ske to main apse milna chahunga agar aap ijazat den

  • Gori Pareek says:

    Sir trick acid 6,7 ho gaya h to kya kare

  • rashpal191 says:

    I used your formula for 60 days and done checks. My uric acid is still 7. I checked it before starting it as well and it was 7 at that time. I want to ask you is that possible if my body has same uric acid from the beginning and is ok for my body as I never checked before.

  • Hemant Rawat Channel says:

    Vitamin C to jaroori hi Uric Acid ko nikalne k kiye

  • Umesh Yadav says:

    sir. mai umesh kumar yadav. sir mere edi aur pair ke talwe me bahut dard hota hai .itna hota hai ki kabhi kabhi dil karta hai ki koi injection ho to dr. ki Salah se injection lagawal lun. plz koi suggestion dene ki kripa kare sir.

  • Vishu Saw says:

    Thanku ..Mere papa ka uric acid bada h abhi unke pair me aur joints me bahot pain h 20 days se mai apki remedy unhe bataungi thanku yogi g

  • Soni Singh says:

    Guruji main 2 se 3mahino se apne pairon k tlvo me bhut chubhane wala dard mhsus krti hu plz uric acid k liye diet chart dijiye

  • Priyanshu Najafgadiya says:

    Thanks Guruji

  • Rani Bham says:

    Very nice

  • Rayan Saud says:

    Mera vee uric acid 6.5 hea mai vee bhouth parisan hu
    Aap ka number milega ji

  • दलित प्रेरणा स्रोत says:

    Kya bata diya ye sab kaha milega

  • Rajan singh JAI MATADI Umari says:

    Ham kisan hain bahut jyada parishram bhi karte hai bahut jyada pasina bhi bhate hai kya tab bhi urec acid badh jata hai kyonki hamare jodo me dard bhut hota hai

  • Seema Kapoor says:

    Swami ji protein nhi lege toh baal jarege.or bhee dikkat hogi .uska kya

  • Tek Bahadur K.c says:

    Giveme your phone no.

  • sk Mahala says:

    महाराज मेरा युरीक ऐसीड 5.4 कया यह बढा हुआ है या नोरमल है

  • Yadu Jaiswal says:

    Sir mai gathiya ki bimari se paresan hu kuch upay bataye sir pls bahut treetment karaya hu par thik nhi ho raha h pls reply me sir

  • saroj sharma says:

    Hello babaji pranam me bahut pares an hu mujhe third h or sugar abhi h vitamin d kids kami h or about kuch dino se urik acid bhi bada h me jo bhi khati hu sab nuksan krta h please baba jai merit ma dad karoo bahut weak ness h mujhe diet chart bana do please


    Namaskar sir
    Meri body me urik acid jada ho gya 7.2 he or calcium 8.6 he mere hatho or kamar me dard rah ta he kay karu

  • Poonam fhalgu Rawat says:

    Dhanywad guru ji 🙏 🙏

  • Poonam fhalgu Rawat says:

    Chawal kha sakte h or paneer kha sakte h ya nhi

  • Sonal Gosaliya says:

    Pair ki aadi ke dard ka upayu

  • Kshirod Mukherjee says:

    Mera 7.3 uric keya medicne ?

  • Shalvi Srivastava says:

    Swami ji badhe hue heart ko kaise theek kiya ja sakta hai….plz reply


    Murethi Kiya hota hai

  • Immu Patel says:

    mom.ko.he karu me.yuj

  • Rakesh Meena says:

    मेरी योनि में इन्फेक्शन हो रहा है और सूजन आ रही कोई उपाय बताएं

  • Kallappa Tarihalkar says:

    Me beteko MDT TB huva hai uski Allopathic davaiya ke side effects se uric acid badh hua hai. Krupaya mardarshan kare

  • Titu Khatana says:

    Uric Acid ke sath Athrietis bhi h to plz iska solution bhi bta dijiye

  • Neekita Colge says:

    Namaskar Yogiji….Uric Acid se pair ki unglia ka muda huwa shape pahileki taraha ho jata hai kya?

  • Disha Chouhan says:

    Thank u sir Mera v uric badh gya h left leg me bhut dard rhta h please koi auf upay btaye

  • anand panjwani says:

    Thanks. Jai Hind.

  • nadeemkasar ahmed says:

    Isme dawai konsi leni chahiye sar

  • Shazia Moin says:

    Very nice 😍 Geo janab

  • mk Roy videos says:

    mera bhi uric acid badh gya hai, bhut dard hota hai kya kru..

  • Monika malik says:

    Namaskar guru j
    Aap bahut acche se samjhate h thank you
    Kya alopatheic medicine k sath diabetes person ayourvedic medicine kha sakte h

  • Nabin Kakati says:

    Nityananda ji Namaskar, giloi aur alivera direct pi sakta he , kese…

  • priya arry says:

    Sir giloi means amar lata ki danti na


    मुझे युरिक एसिड बढ़ा है।7.5 उंगलियों के जोड़ों में दर्द
    होता है कृपया उपाय बताएं ।

  • Sabbir Shaikh says:

    Very good


    Thanks, pranam guruji

  • shweta dubey says:

    Hm ajvaaen bhun kr bhut khate hai to essse bhi ,nuksaan krta hai na

  • shweta dubey says:

    Tmaater dark colour ka hota hai ,vo kha skte hai kya,

  • dharmendra kumar says:

    Sir uric acid ke liye koi medicine hai too boli sir plz

  • Akash Singh says:

    Apki jaise soorili awaz kaise paye..

  • kamlesh machhi says:

    Thank you guruji


    Pesab krne ke bad v hlka hlka pani aate rhta h iska solution btayiye baba

  • Kalpita Paul says:

    Guruji keya…uric Acid me chana ,jau ta sattu drink lee Sakti hi??

  • Kalpita Paul says:

    Guruji giloy juice nehi milta..giloy ke saath Amla vi hee.keya combination lee sakte hee..giloy n Amla…

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