People Try Acne Healing Stickers

People Try Acne Healing Stickers

– Peace Out Acne Dots. Here it… Dropped ’em. – They’re stickers that
you put on your pimples. – I found this on Yasamine’s desk. And I know she’s making a video about it, and I want to use one. – After cleansing, apply
a dot, tacky side down, on your blemish. For best results, wear for six hours or simply leave it on overnight. – After 10 years of pubescent pain, it’s time to start something new. (happy music) Kind of feels plasticky. We got one over here, and I’m just gonna put just
a whole trail over here, just in case. – As you can see, I have one little pimple right here. (happy music) – I have a pimple right here. It’s raised and it hurts. I’m in your video now, Yas. – Okay, added a couple. Gonna add the last one, I guess, there. Sure. I mean, whatever, there’s a billion. Six hours or however long I sleep for, and then, take them off and see if it worked. – I’m hoping that by tomorrow morning, it at least doesn’t hurt, and when I get the kind
of pimples that hurt, they hurt for days, and if I could just stick
one of these on my face and know that in the morning, it wouldn’t be painful, that’d be worth the money. (happy music) – I’m very shocked and impressed that the dot has stayed on my face. However, it hurts so much more than it did yesterday. – We are going to see how the
Peace Out Acne Stickers did. All right. The moment of truth. – Ow. Oww. – So, it’s very smooth, and on this, is like a little scab of what my pimple used to be. – I feel like the swelling went down. This one, remember, it was
like kind of ready to pop. This one definitely went down. – It looks literally no different. I’m so disappointed. – Overall, they work pretty good. This was a big pimple, and now it’s got… It hurt went you take
’em off a little bit, obviously they’re sticky, and I would recommend this, and also use them again. They’re not bad. (happy music)


  • yuhitzyaz says:

    Omg I'm so late but someone actually has the same name as me, pronounced the same and all. Wow this is so weird I love it

  • Magickitten2929 says:

    There are two types of Asians: the ones who have flawless skin and the ones with never ending acne.

  • god says:

    Get people who actually have acne next time

  • Shannon Maloney says:

    Yo this editing is killing me. It seems so rushed and inconclusive

  • Daniela Matiz Torres says:

    This video was really simple and I really liked it 👍

  • sparks9185 says:

    I actually use a Korean variety that I buy online and they actually work really well. Of course they're not going to magically remove the spot overnight but it is often significantly reduced by morning and they heal a lot faster than normal. They're not that expensive either.

  • Jessica Francis says:

    They all have lovely clear skin! I wish my spots looked like that.

  • Regan Bingham says:

    I have this 😂

  • Oppressed Individual says:

    What if you have a dark skin tone is there different colors

  • Krispy 503 says:

    My friend would out small Band-Aids on big pimpled or deep painful pimples for a day and it would go away.. eh…

  • Joanne Liu says:

    I use the tony moly ones

  • Sufferina The Paper says:

    Could just wash your face off before going to sleep n changing out your pillow case every few days. Pillow cases tend to hold on to shed skin.

  • Rose Vampire says:

    They all have perfectly clear skin.

  • Kathryn Sofía says:

    I would have a full face of these

  • Mack riggs says:

    I need this

  • Dance Nation Vids says:

    buzz feed is running out of good intresting ideas

  • Isa Patarroyo says:

    1:00 me

  • Charlene Jo says:

    One of my friends uses these.

  • PrincessJayJay17 says:

    those things are a lifesaver. I get the spot medic ones in AUS and they do such a great job!!

  • Samantha Weps says:

    Biore made these forever ago and they worked for my poor teenage self SHORT TERM. It does not resolve it long term, and it only reduces inflammation GO TO A DERMATOLOGIST. So something like clindamycin and tretinoin would work MUCH better for light acne. More than that? Hormone treatment like spironolactone works for nodular acne (the worst) and accutane works for the WORST nodular acne. But DO YOU RESEARCH.

  • nabila says:

    As a person with acne all i can say about this video is stoop touching yoUR FAAAAAAAAAACCCEEEEE

  • Anoshka Ben says:

    I wonder how many of these dot I'm gonna need

  • Lady S says:

    I love how that one girl just jumped into the video

  • Chloe Price says:


  • Nayana says:

    Those stickers are my life saver

  • Brittani Voyle says:

    Pimple patches are supposed to be use when the pimple/acne is about to pop out (where there is a white substance/puss in the center of the acne). Leave it for 8 hours and you'll see that the patch caught the puss and sebum of the pimple. Never use it if the acne is just starting to form. I recommend you guys use the brand cosrx, it has done wonders!

  • Hannahalice Peach says:

    Can i have a big one for my whole face? Or is that not a thing?

  • Chelle Nguyen says:

    I actually use the korean version (cosrx) every time I have a pimple and it helps with my tendency to pick at them, and it also makes them less enflamed. It won't go away over night because a pimple is kind of like an infection or wound, so it needs time to heal.

  • Allen Tax says:

    They should be trying actual better stuff. Proactive. For a month. GRANTED it doesn't work for everyone, but some.

  • -Andel- -Prempeh- says:


  • Ava says:

    I wish I had those : (

  • Leaf HKG says:

    This thing has been in Asia for over ten years…

  • nhtran66 says:

    bruh that gurl who just grabbed one off the desk. i hope she realise that one seemed opened that's why it didnt work

  • Milica says:

    That voice crack at the beginning tho

  • marja huttunen says:

    I have those but different kind and they work in one night!

  • 3StarLogo says:

    Did she remove her makeup before adding the acne patch? I feel like you have to wash your face before putting it on…

  • HELL YEAH says:

    It hurts me I side when they touch their spots

  • Maya Holt says:

    I feel like it was time that made them better rather than the stickers

  • where's my pretzel says:

    I literally have that at home and I have no idea how to use them so thanks Buzzfeed

  • Taylor HeyHeyTayboo says:

    There’s a teacher at my school and his last name is… Whitehead!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lottie Person says:

    why keep touching the pimple if you want it to go away? that made me unnecessarily mad lol, it makes no sense. you're just transferring the dirt and bacteria from your hands onto your face!

  • Natalia Choung says:

    I use it (diffrent brand). To be honest I thought that they not something new,that people know about it (first time use it like 6 years ago). They definetly helpful but with bigger one it takes couple days to kind of minimalize it. And it's true it hurts when you take it off. In my country they sell by diffrent brands in varied prices. I buy the cheapest one for 0,84 usd but there is also brands that sell it for 4,2 for the same amount of product.

  • Kaylee Campbell says:

    These burned a circle on my skin for 2 weeks

  • Hobi-hobs says:

    Saw 10×25 packs of these sold in korea and I thought 'no. I'm just gonna buy 2 packs'. IT FREAKIN WORKS and now i'm desperate to buy those 10×25 packs!

  • carraway84 says:

    I have been using pimple patches for the last year. The brand I use is by CosRx and it doesn’t hurt when removing. They also cost $5 for 20 patches. They really do work.

  • Karina Santos says:

    I developed cystic hormonal acne after never having acne (due to my new pill for my endometriosis), and my doctor told me unfortunately only time on the pill can help since its hormonal OTC products won't do much but help not clear it up. I saw these and honestly, though they're stupid they cannot work however they do!!! I knew it worked because I actually saw the gunk from one of pimples on the sticker I was so grossed out but relieved it cleared up my skin. I know how hard cystic acne is and how impossinle it is to clear up so if you're wanting to try them do it!! Also if you hate it Sephora will allow you to return it.

  • Just Slightly says:

    I love how straight forward this was! I wish all videos were more like this

  • SC says:

    It work better when the pimple is pop or has an opening before attaching the pimple sticker

  • That_girl__ says:

    I love these, I don't get too much acne but when I do its just on my chin, it quickly gets rid of them.

  • Missa E. says:

    too bad it’s beige like i mean i’m lightskin but why do everything should be for whites only?

  • TheGrudgeLady2017 says:

    I use the Clearasil ones, but I don't just put it on. Usually I pop it and get the junk out. I put the patch on to get rid of what's left. It heals it and get rid of what's left over.

  • NatalieSAYS says:

    Acne spot treatments in a liquid form seems much better. You can spread a thin layer from a quantity of product onto your skin. You get ways less treatment when your just buying a pack of stickers. And this would probably clog pores, since there is a layer of plastic, unlike spot treatment, which is the same thing without plastic.

  • yikes says:

    Okay. That girl put it on before washing off her makeup. How did she expect it to work?

  • Maria Kotter says:

    I need a full face one… :/

  • MAPLE SYRUP says:

    That voice crack at 0:00–0:01

  • ya girl says:

    them touching their pimples bothers me so much because they’re gonna male the pimple worse. i just want to slap their hands AWAY FROM THEIR FACE

  • hassan khokhar says:

    They don’t work on cystic acne but only work on pimples

  • Migrl 2019 says:

    Horrible review..

  • dizzak101 says:

    Girl with curly hair still had makeup on when she put it on. She didnt clean her face before applying like everyone else 😒

  • Alexa Calvert says:

    Why did she keep touching her face! That’s why it hurts you’re introducing bacteria into your pores

  • Andromeda Studios says:

    Anyone else thought it said acne idiots?

  • Mother Mandii says:

    Wish they made ones that are for cystic acne and actually work k

  • Abigail F says:

    Wash your face, vapour rub on the spot then wash your face in the morning 👌👍

  • fun_sorta_but_not_really says:

    I cringe whenever they keep touching their faces…LIIIIKEEEEEE GURRRRRRL

  • StellinaLim says:

    I think it be best if you use it when the pimple has a white head on it cause the stickers are kinda like an alternative for popping pimples just not popping the pimple itself. I have some pimple stickers at home and it works well only when it's ready to pop, but on irritated pimples or new ones it'll just b the same

  • jojo imd says:


  • Mercedes says:

    Put the minty tooth paste on them overnight. It'll work way better

  • Ben Toohey says:

    you are supposed to use them on like active, "you can see the head" type pimples not developing ones

  • Claire Beaumont says:

    The Cosrx patches work way better. Overnight results.

  • sleep deprived says:


  • morgan gregory says:

    people dont tend to k now that salicyilic acid is meant to purge the skin to clean out pores, it just speeds up the process and kills some bacteria.

  • - hemmatron says:

    it makes me scream inside when i see them touching their pimples as if it’s going to help

  • kati al says:

    Can we please have kate in more videos?

  • Liyana Syazwani says:

    One of the girls look like malaysian artis,fathiya latiff.. hahaha

  • yenna ahn says:


  • That Bitch says:

    I use something like this also and it actually works for me extremely good. But I wash the area first with a face cleanser and I don't touch it the whole time lol

  • c a s s says:

    Cosrx has these pimple patches too works as well too

  • Summer P says:

    I've been using them for over a year now! They are my miracle!

  • Sharonda Tutson says:

    There are no Black people in this video. Make dots for dark-skinned people.

  • Meredith Hagan says:

    They’re basically the same spot treatments as for warts, only the salicylic acid percentage is lower.

  • Theodora Winter says:

    I would recommend for people who are bad about popping their pimples! It serves as a protevtive barrier to keep other germs out as well.

  • Emily C says:

    they only work for whiteheads

  • Cittix` says:

    I guess I gotta buy 45 packs of these

  • BK Kim says:

    HELLO I want to recommend this product called meditouch. It is korean product made by dermatologists. What do you think?

  • Blue dolphin swimmer says:

    This worked so well for me. So what I did was

    1. Wash my face before I go to school with acne treatment.

    2. Use a benzoyl peroxide solution

    3. Use lotion ONLY IF NEEDED

    After school:

    4. Take makeup off

    5. Wash face with acne treatment

    6. Use a benzoyl peroxide solution

    7. Use lotion ONLY IF NEEDED

    Do this straight after u get home

    Before u go to bed:

    8: take Neosporin and rub a thin layer into skin like a lotion

    9. Take a lot more Neosporin and glob a huge amount all over face

    10. Sleep preferably on back when you can’t rub all of it off

    11. In the morning rub remaining Neosporin into skin (if u used enough u should have some left on)


    This works because acne is basically an infection on ur skin and Neosporin helps heal infections ie: cuts scrapes burns minor infections. It won’t work completely on the first day but after a week I had baby soft skin and no acne. This also helps with dry skin, patchy skin scarring and scabs. If ur reading this please try it and share it with others as I will do the same.

  • Authy Bonita says:

    you only use it on pus. that's why it didn't work on the one who had a papule was it called? it only works on pustules, those pus filled inflamed type of acne.

  • Marla Beetz says:

    I feel offended with people judging if something is acne or not. You as a probably non-doctor can’t decide if someone has or has not acne and if you also suffer from it I feel bad for you, but it is not okay to just say: “okay my problem is worse so shut up, you can’t have the same problem with the same name” when you hear someone with less pimples saying it is acne.

    The point is that acne is a * collective term* for diseases of the sebaceous gland apparatus and the hair follices. It starts with non-inflammatory comedones, but later can also lead to a series of inflammatory efflorescences such as papules, pustules and nodules.

    It’s all about the treatment after the diagnosis, and to not get scars because of your active breakouts.

    So if this diagnosis helps some people, even if they only have acne vulgaris, then * stop being so rude and ignorant to say that the people just pretend to have acne*when they probably already have seen some dermatologists and got this checked before claiming it.

  • Marlene Nava says:

    U gotta pop ur pimple then put it on

  • Hero Cosmetics says:

    Try our Mighty Patch acne patches! They're award winning and a top seller on Amazon and multiple retailers!

  • Jungkook's Wife says:

    1:16 my mom has the same necklace and I'm Turkish

  • Amanda Amerman says:

    So how many of you wanted to jumP through the screen and extract that guys huge white pimples. That one was too big……at that point, pop it then treat it !

  • RynnWing • says:

    Oh hey I have something like this! It works removing them

  • Nicole VItale says:

    Can you review the new micro-needling dots they released?

  • Ariella Stoltman says:

    I use might patch works like a miracle

  • Friends don’t lie says:

    I use these all the time (a different brand tho) and they work so well. My acne is not that bad but it's very helpful for those bad days

  • DinosaurDude says:

    Lmao I literally have like 6 of these on my face right now

  • Rylan Scott says:

    The lady is like, “My pimple looks no different I am so disappointed.” These take time, it’s not going to work overnight like some witch potion you got off the side of the road from the white van!

  • skskskskurgurl says:

    actually, you only use the patches when the puss is out or the pimp is ready to pop hahshahshah

  • Aurora Lights says:

    Curly haired lady didn’t seems to wash the makeup off?

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