People of Color at Risk of Skin Cancer: Tips to Stay Safe

People of Color at Risk of Skin Cancer: Tips to Stay Safe

Summertime means fun in the sun, but don’t
forget about protecting yourself and loved ones from the sun’s harmful rays Everyone, including people of color, needs
sun protection to help reduce the risk of skin cancer. I always tell my patients three things to
protect their skin: First, if you’re going to be outside for any
length of time, be sure to use sunscreen. Make sure it has a sun protection factor – that
SPF rating – of at least 30. Next, don’t be embarrassed: wear a hat and
sunglasses. Covering up can prevent those damaging rays from reaching your skin and
eyes. Finally, remember to reapply sunscreen every
few hours, especially if you’ve been swimming, sweating or just got sprayed by the sprinklers. Even if the tube says water resistant, you
still need to reapply sunscreen. Despite popular belief, people of color can get
skin cancer. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be very dangerous and damaging to anyone’s skin. We all need to protect themselves to ensure a safe and healthy summer, and a long and healthy life. So remember to cover up! For your good health and well-being, I’m Dr.
Oma Agbai.


  • Jonjon Damack says:

    u sound stupid…we are children of the sun… we need "more" sun.. u a weirdo… do yo research.. we have lowest vitamin d… i hate puppets… who pulling yo strings🤔

  • Jaygo says:

    this is UTTER BS!! MELANIN is a Skin Protector from UV rays.. how dumb are you people

  • edgehill66 says:

    A black woman is saying it so it must be true.

  • IGBO AMAKA says:

    Bull shit ?

  • jennifer williams says:

    Maybe from the makeup they put on their face as the sun loves melanated people and almost 40 years being in the sun somethings wrong if black folks start getting cancer just saying…….

  • Demarcus Guryon says:

    Somebody paying her dumbass know good and damn well black people don't need sunblock

  • SC says:

    No we dont very rarely. Very very rarely. And the ones that do have been it colder climates for sometime so they are evolving like so. Oo% of brown people have nothing to worry about.


    Man get the hell out of here with that white man medical science lol. Man so-called black people with darker hue do not get skin cancer unless we are mixed with the Caucasian. Black people had been living under the sun for over 10,000 years or more there's no recorded history of black people dying from skin cancer. Go to Africa and ask the natives how they feel about their skin them brothers be in the sun all day long with no problems.

    White people always want us to feel as they do dealing with health problems, its because we are hybrids of the so-called race intermingling with us during slavery times. And the majority of people from African descent have European DNA in our gene-pool so it is possible that we can get skin cancer. In reality, I never heard of dark hueman being getting skin cancer.

  • SC says:

    Nah, melanin is protection

  • Crystal Glory says:

    I also think that all the chemical soaps, lotions, sun blocks, laundry detergents that people use every day in life & also even the EMF radiation & air pollution, chemtrails, the chemicals in food & water is what truly causes skin cancers rapidly amoung less melanated individuals even in people of all natural skin colors even Caucasians & other ethnicities of people that can tan. African Shea Butter is a natural sun block from the harmful sun rays. Also Coconut Oil but Shea Butter truly prevents burning for my light Olive skin & I just tan an Indian brown or dark Caramel.

  • Vil Ferguson says:

    Not true. This only apply to black people who’s blood was contaminated by the Rh factor blood line.

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