Pedicure Tutorial: Optical Illusion Wide Problem Toenails That Grow Upwards or Ski Slope Nails

Pedicure Tutorial: Optical Illusion Wide Problem Toenails That Grow Upwards or Ski Slope Nails

today’s tutorial I’m going to show you
how to create a feminine optical illusion to transform wide toenails that
grow upward in addition a pressure point trick to combat ticklishness and hard to
polish toenail tricks plus we’re playing a new game
for prizes so stay tuned yeah okay, I’ll take your foot on this side, yep just put it nice and flat, oh and my feet are very ticklish are you ticklish, okay I have a way of
holding the foot so it hits a pressure point and it helps with that so hopefully
I won’t tickle you too much while I’m applying this callus remover to the
bottom of the foot let me tell you about the new game we’re playing in addition
to the Comment Hall of Fame where I choose a winner to post on my Instagram
and the Random Comment Winner who wins an item I use in the video I have a new
challenge in the winner of the once a month drawing wins a big prize all you
have to do to be entered is post a photo watching a video of mine tag @themeticulousmanicurist on Facebook or Instagram let people know my channel
name you can even copy the channel link from your browser into the post and a
cool opinion of yours about my channel I’d rather reward my fans than pay to
promote a post of my own this game was inspired by a fan who did this very
thing unsolicited and I was so pleased I mailed her a gift! what would you call the shape of my toenails, is there a term to describe that? it might be ski slope yeah the way that
there there’s such an exaggerated like convex shape so to get the optical
illusion that it’s not growing up you kind of have to reverse that curvature
so I’m gonna have you straighten your leg out a little bit to create the illusion to
reverse that curvature of the free edge we have to cut the corners of the nails
at a 45 degree angle so we’re gonna cut the corners off of them that one is kind of embedded is this one hurting? No looks like it’s pulled away a little bit
right there in the center, Client: I saw that I didn’t know what happened I may have stubbed it yeah you probably got something stuck
underneath there, Client: I usually cut it pretty short I’m gonna tell you all about my new file
when I get to the other foot right now we’re going to concentrate on shaping
the free edge in the shape of a smiley face instead of a frowny face how the
toenails were originally and then we’re going to use the file to thin the tip
of the nail plate just a little bit to get rid of the illusion of it flipping
up at the edge someone’s coming from Tucson
in like two weeks Client: To get a pedicure? That is awesome! I realized she’s a little bit hard to
hear so I’ve turned the volume up really loud in this video and turn on the
captions I’ve added the captions I wish they found a place close to home
that wasn’t just really Client: Do they have something special going on with their feet? I didn’t talk to her I don’t know, Bruce talked to her Ya know my toes have always been, kind of like Pedicures I have gotten, whenever I have gotten a professional pedicure they were just ho hum, ya know, no big deal But I know you know what your doing to make it really be worth it Yes, I know that feeling you get when you’re
like you know that really wasn’t worth my money I think I told you about the time she spent more time cleaning off the polish than she did putting on the polish yeah, client: Which I appreciated so much, but it took her so long. Clinet: Did you ever get your supplies to make the mold of your hand? yes I’m finishing it tonight that’s why
I still don’t have fun nails. I took all my jewelry off the temperature in my basement, I was going to do it yesterday, but with all of the rain and the yucky weather I
couldn’t do it because it says specifically on the instructions it
needs a certain temperature and my basement was like under the temperature
and I was like I am NOT hauling all of those supplies up to my kitchen and it was Mother’s Day and I’m like I will just
do it tomorrow when I get home from work Client: How long does your hand have to be completely encased, yeah not for very long it’s a fast setting product.
setting How was your Mother’s Day? It was really good I just went to my moms, that’s nice Client: I bought her a hanging plant, she really likes this tropical one I got her a few years ago. I don’t know what they do but they live here. Me: Are they flowering? Client: Yeah, I know that some of them are Hibiscus but I can’t remember the one I got I think it was Orange Flower But they didn’t have those this year. So I ended up going to Menard’s they have a really good selection of hanging plants. I got a really cool one that was purple and hot pink. Oh pretty you know we’ve just discovered that
store a couple of years ago and I really like it a lot yeah Client: Did your family take you out for Mother’s Day? we went out on Saturday because my
oldest had to work yesterday so we went to a movie
we saw the New Avengers movie Client: Do you go to the theater that is just up the road here? yeah oh it’s really nice the are selling re fillable buckets of popcorn oh yeah
you bring it like we took the buck at home and the next time you take it and it’s a free you free
fifteen dollars Alright, I am going to sit your foot right on my knee. Client: I apologize if my foot jumps. This is the ticklish part. Maybe we’ll start down here and let your foot get used to it. when you have a really ticklish client
the key is to keep pressure on a pressure point that’s right below the
pad of the foot just slightly to the left
take your on the right foot of the ball of the foot and succeed to the
protruding areas like the heel of the foot the ball and the pad of the foot
try not to run the file right up along into their arch and then you can go on
the outside of the foot too but if you hit that inside area they’re likely to
just you know jump right out there seat I don’t know how you do it, if my nails were bare like that they would not survive. well I actually have a teeny-tiny layer
of acrylic on top of them yeah it doesn’t look like it but there is. Client: It looks really natural. like so, they are so hard, yep How was that? Not too torturous? Client: No I think we need a tan don’t we? haha Client: I am basically albino, Me: So I am I haha Client: When I am sitting next to my husband it is even more stark he is part Hawaiian. Client: He has a lot of pigment where as I have none. Me: A lot of good pigment We are going to be going there is a few weeks and I know I am going to burn. Ok, you can bend that knee and put that foot back in the water. if you’re interested in the brush I
should have my inventory in about two weeks so just check back and I should
have added it to my online store I thought it’s really easy to clean
through this part pops off and it is stainless steel who’s planning on entering the photo
tagging contest I hope lots of you but if you aren’t
just remember to leave me a comment so you have a chance to win either the
Commet Hall of Fame or the Random Comment Picker game Client: Is that a new kind of file
Me: Yes, it is. I just got it. This is the prototype
file and I’m sure many of you saw my post on Instagram or Facebook that the
official The Meticulous Manicurist files have been added to my online store. The file is an eight inch stainless steel diamond grit file you can use it
on your toenails or your fingernails it is easy to disinfect and won’t give you
the heebie-jeebies when you use it it’s very smooth and very efficient you can
use it to file the dead skin on the ends of your toes as well and it should last
you a lifetime at home as the grit will last for over a thousand uses you can
use them on fingernails too yeah remember that in addition to cutting the
edges of the toenail at a 45 degree angle to create this optical illusion
you do need to file the top of the nail plate a little bit to remove that slope
where it starts to round upwards so we’re going to use the nail file just to
file a little bit of the nail plate off don’t file too much because you can thin
the nail plate out and then your nail will bend easily and your polish will
buckle and it’ll chip off I’m sure you’ve noticed also that I’m using my
thumb or my index finger to feel the top of the nail your fingers are always your
third eye if you’re having trouble visualizing something if you run your
fingertip across a nail plate you’ll be able to feel any imperfections that
there are and you’ll know exactly where you need to run your file across again
to make it just right it doesn’t take much to create that
optical illusion of it being a little bit flatter on the tip Client: Do you think you will be able to get pretty close to the cuticle? Me: to polish? Client:yeah Me: oh yeah and you can cut or file your toenails
with the polish on because the polish will stay on for a long time like you’ll
need another pedicure before your polish we’ll start to chip how long can you go before the length of
your toenail starts to bother you? Client: Well, this was 5 weeks, I only remember that becuase that is how long you told me to wait after I cut my nails last. But it is mostly just the edges that bother me,
Me: which I got rid of so hopefully you can go like six weeks we will make your next
pedicure for six weeks with it being springtime your nails
might grow faster than they did during the winter Me: Alright, straighten out your leg. rest it right on my knee
everybody thinks that their leg is heavy but it is not. Client: Are you sure?
Me: I’m sure it’s just really your foot. Remember to always
rub the foot with the towel before you start to use your angel foot file to get
all of that callus remover off the bottom of the foot it dissolves all of
that dead skin and when you start to use the foot file if you don’t rub it off
with a towel it’s just really slippery and it clogs up your file and you have
to keep filing and filing and filing and filing until it dries up the skin and so
it can rub it off so rub the skin first and then let the file do all of the work
I’m not pressing hard into her skin the grit of this file is so amazing there’s
a coarse side and a fine side and it all comes off and it just falls right off Client: I know I probably shouldn’t have but I used one of those callus shavers before. Me: oh yeah, no yeah those are bad Client: I need to get one of those for my husband. Me: Will he use it or will he make you use it
on him? I put a link in the upper right-hand corner of the video where you come by
this file and other tools that I’ve used and it is trade show season in our
industry so in celebration of that the file is going to be on sale so make your
way on over to the store so you can pick one up today and I do hope if you’ve
learned about the file from my videos that you will purchase from me and not
elsewhere I’m sure you can understand how disheartening it can be to invest
myself in producing these videos and answering hundreds of questions a day
just to have people turn around and buy elsewhere so I do hope you allow me to
reap the benefits through my online store and purchase from me in exchange
for my hard work okay rant over hugs and kisses thank you okay you can put that foot back in the water
now to learn a few tricks about this type of toenail for polishing techniques if you look very closely it’s really
hard to get underneath that cuticle because it goes quite deep these
cuticles kind of roll up onto the nail plate so if you can’t get your cotton
ball way down in there I’m going to show you a trick to use with a nail art brush
to make sure that there aren’t any oil still stuck down inside of that kind of
cubby hole that’s underneath the cuticle and then I’m going to show you a trick
on how to pull that skin up so you have room to get your polish brush down
underneath the cuticle so you can get the color all the way back to the back
of the nail plate so one thing that I will share is that
if people can’t get the cotton underneath
that a lip of the cuticle when there a little bit congested like that take a nail art brush with some
acetone on it and then slide that right up underneath the cuticle and that will
dehydrate the nail so the polish stays on really well because that is quite
deep under there one good thing is that you don’t need
toe separators so you’ll feel me put my finger on the
side of your toe and I’ll just bend down a little bit on a few of them just to
get a good angle the polish brush on this base coat is
pretty thin so I’m not having too hard of a trouble sliding the brush
underneath that area if we were talking about when I use the nail art brush to
clean from underneath that that skin that rolls up onto the nail plate but
when I get to the Polish it’s a very different shaped brush and I do have a
hard time and I don’t know if you heard her talking in the beginning of the
video about the last place that she went to have such a difficult time polishing
her toenails that it took them longer just to clean up the skin around than it
did to polish her nails so you’ll see me taking my thumb and pull up on this skin
at her cuticle line and that just creates enough space for me to slide my
polish brush right up and into that area so I can flatten out my brush and polish
that nail plate pretty isn’t it arose by noon
broke by Dawn Rose by dawn broke by noon
Rose by dawn broke by noon I’m gonna use my index finger on my left
hand – to touch press and pull down on the
skin to pull that skin away from the nail plate so I can get some nail polish
applicator on the nail plate and get a nice smooth line down in that nail wall of course without my nails on I feel
like I can’t do anything because I used to use them as tools you know they’re
like my little assistant sometimes Client: Lori now I have heard you say they are jewels not tools. Me: guilty as charged what do you think so far? Client: I love them. I am so blessed to have the support of
so many people around the world my goal for the meticulous manicurist nail
tutorials YouTube channel was to help other nail technicians around the world
and to help those at home who could not find a nail technician and I’ve learned
through your comments that many of you have boosted your self-confidence and
accomplished tasks like helping elderly family and friends leave me a comment
and tell me how your skill level has changed by watching my videos and I
can’t wait to see where this journey takes us thank you so much for taking time out of
your day to watch my channel you can visit my social media sites to follow
and interact and I would really appreciate it so much if you would click
that share button and share your favorite videos to help me grow my
channel here are some other great video suggestions for you thanks for watching
and I will see you soon


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    Iโ€™m so lucky that I can go to Lori for my manicures and pedicures! Sheโ€™s just the best ๐Ÿ’œ. I wish more nail techs would learn from her because Iโ€™ve definitely had the worst of the worst in the past.

  • Chunty_built 5.0 says:

    My uncle will pay me 5$ since I was 10 to cut his nails n I will tell him one day Iโ€™m make ur feet pretty so u can tell ur wife to cut them for you ! Iโ€™m now 24 n still cutting his little creatures as I call them but thanks to you now Im able to understand his feet

  • Patrica Dyson says:

    How come you do not use gloves…..????

  • Lynn Bairefoot says:

    Ok Lori I just placed my first order from your store but I couldnโ€™t find the stainless steel callus file or the stainless steel toe file. Please help lol. And omg I was so excited when I seen Itโ€™s a 10 products in your store!! I so want the nippers but being on disability my funds wonโ€™t allow me to buy it and it breaks my heart. But I did get to order some things yay! Canโ€™t wait to get them!
    You are making filing her toes look so dang easy.

  • Lynn Bairefoot says:

    Please move to Columbia, SC so I can get your pedicures. My feet are a hot mess I tell ya ! They need to be โ€œLori-fiedโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚! I need that file youโ€™re using on her feet. But I cannot find it in your store ๐Ÿ˜ช

  • Anyana Banks says:


  • Cree Nyree says:

    I have toenails like this, and i always get really annoying ingrown toenails on my toes

  • Deanna Zirkle says:

    I'm wondering if her finger nails are the same way. I would love a tutorial on ski slope nails.

  • Texas Mom says:

    I think the funniest story I have about pedicures is…
    I was tired of being pregnant. I got into the salon at 8pm and she did reflexology with my pedicure. Because obviously you canโ€™t give birth without nice feet. By 9 I was in labor. I recommend this for everyone!

  • Christine Skarbek says:

    what is the liquid you apply to the nail using the dropper?

  • marianne dalton says:

    OMG my daughter's toenails are like this and it's SO hard to paint them! Thanks for showing me what to do! I LOVE your channel!!!

  • Ana B. says:

    Is there any way to correct this nail shape?? Greatly appreciate any advice!!

  • Golden Washington says:

    You always do such a wonderful job but polishing your clients toenails do you ever do nail art designs on them?

  • Elisa Ventura says:

    My both second to big toe toes are just like this! I have gone to several pedicure places and have ended up with ingrown nails! I have them now and it's painful! The pedicurist cut them so short as well that I have to wait for them to grow so when I receive your pedicure kit, I can relieve the pain! I work as a bartender so I'm on my feet for over 8 hours, I thank you for posting this video I searched ski slope nails and found it! I'm in the process of moving to dry Arizona next month, but I'll continue to watch your amazing videos! Thank you once again!


    Lori, can this toenail shape support some sort of overlay? If so, can do you have a video? Thank you. Do you ship to Canada?

  • AF-P Queen says:

    These are literally my toe nails!

  • AF-P Queen says:

    I wonder what these toe nails look like when theyre a little more grown

  • Alicia_Dawn Kygirl says:

    Mine are getting like this and 2 are pinched growing in a point and very thick

  • AF-P Queen says:

    Can put acyrlic on toenails like this?

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