(loud noises coming) (music) What’s up my toes? It’s Jonathan a.k.a the Toe Bro and I’m back with another old-school Toe Bro kind of style video. So today’s gonna be a fairly routine treatment. I have a patient who has multiple thick toenails. So what I normally do is I try to trim down the nails as much as I can with a nail nipper. As you can see, they’re very thick, so it’s really hard to trim anything. So then I will use my file my electric file, with the water spray, to file them down as much as I can. That way it’s as thin and as smooth as possible. The next thing that we’ll be doing for this patient is treating his corn that he has on his third toe. It’s an apical corn meaning it’s on the tip of his toe and it’s very, very painful for him. As you can see, just from looking at his feet, he’s got extremely curved toes. So you can call these hammer toes or claw toes but yes they’re in very much in a clawed position and what happens is that when the toes are in a clawed position, they apply more pressure on the tip of the toe and with increased pressure on the tip of the toe, the body is going to build hard skin to protect itself. So with all this increased pressure, now we have more callus where hard skin can build up on the tip of the toe and with all this hard skin and all this pressure that tissue underneath can actually break down and form a wound. So it’s very important that we remove as much of the dead skin as possible and then try to cushion or protect this area to give them as much relief from the pressure as possible. I’ve been seeing this patient for many years and sometimes we get the corn very flat. Sometimes he does a great job with footwear. I’ve given him other pads before and it works well but again, if the patient isn’t taking the necessary steps on a daily basis to cushion and pad that area, the hard skin will keep coming back over and over and over. So it’s very important that number one: he comes in for routine care so this hard skin doesn’t get worse on the tip of the toe and the second thing is he has to work hard on making sure all his shoes have a lot of cushioning. He has enough padding to really cushion the tip of the toe so it’s not applying so much pressure. So what we’re gonna be doing for this corn is removing as much of the dead skin as possible. As you can see, there is a black dot in the middle of that hard skin and that’s actually dry blood. So that’s a sign that there has been bleeding or there’s been so much pressure that the tissue is actually breaking down underneath. So this is always something a little scary because we’re always worried if there’s actually gonna be an opening or not. If there’s gonna be a wound or an ulcer underneath that hard skin. I’m just taking a look at my YouTube channel right now and it’s unbelievable that we just passed fifty-four thousand toes! So again, thank you guys for tuning in, watching my videos, liking, commenting. You guys are always giving me so much support and positive feedback. So I really appreciate that. This is actually the 10th month since I posted my first video and to reach, you know, just about 55,000 subscribers in just around ten months is unbelievable and you know what?
Now I have my eyes really set on a hundred thousand! So, guys, help me whatever way you can; share, like, subscribe. Do whatever you can to help me get there to the hundred thousand, hundred thousand toes! That would be unbelievable! I really appreciate you know you guys taking the time to write all the things you do to me. I read all the comments. It’s hard to get, it’s really hard nowadays to answer all of the comments because now you know there’s a couple hundred everyday that are coming in. It’s unbelievable but I’m really thankful and I do read them and every now and then I do answer them so I really appreciate that. To all of those who put an order in, thank you so much for the support! It means the world to me. The instruments are coming probably closer to the end of the month. So I checked out the instruments; I did a quality control check. Everything’s looking good. The last thing I’m waiting to have done is getting them stamped with the Toe Bro on there and then they’ll be shipped right out. So I got a big, big list to send out. I’m so excited to pack all of them up once I get them. So again, thank you guys for the support. Check out my website Take a look. I’ll always be posting new items on there. Things that I have been offering in my clinic and now I finally have the ability to share them with other people. (music) So after scraping this down, there is no wound but it is very, very close to being a wound; the skin is very fragile. There’s still some of that red mark left behind. I didn’t want to go any further because then I’d definitely be going into the live, fleshy skin. So I went down as far as I can. I’m gonna go over this area again with the electric file to really smooth it out and at the very end of this video, I’m going to dress the toe with a little silicone toe sleeve and this can be really helpful for people who have these wounds on the tip of the toe just to give it a little bit more padding. (music) TB: What we have, Bruce, is just a silicone sleeve. Patient: Yeah. TB: I trimmed it a little bit just so it would fit your toe a little bit better. P: Yeah. TB: What you’re gonna do is just slip this on just like that. P: This will do two things, it will separate the toes too. TB: A little bit but this one won’t separate too much. It will keep these two a little bit apart but it’s gonna cushion the tip of the toe. So, there’s no opening. It’s very close to having an opening, okay? So you gotta be very careful. Instead of coming our normal two and a half months, three months, we’re gonna come in two to six weeks. Sorry, two months to 6 weeks, okay? Just to make sure this doesn’t open up. So by having that on there, it’s gonna be a little bit better, okay? P: Now do you replace that one or reuse it? You can reuse it, you can you know wash it with some warm water, a little bit of soap and that’s about it, okay? Don’t sleep with it. You just put it on when you’re out and about, okay? I’m gonna give you two, okay? P: That would be fine. TB: Hope you guys liked the video today. Something simple; routine treatment. This is the bread and butter for most foot specialists: routine foot care, corns, calluses, nails. This kind of case could relate to many of you so I hope you enjoyed that. Thank you guys for all the support and love. Keep watching, subscribe if you haven’t, comment, like. Toe Bro, out.


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