Ozone Therapy: How to get the most out of it (4 TIPS)

Ozone Therapy: How to get the most out of it (4 TIPS)

Hi guys, here is Paola, with another episode of my
smartassery about all things ozone. And why should you be listening to me being
a smart ass? Well, you probably shouldn’t. But if you will anyway, I will tell you how
to make the most out of your ozone treatments. Ozone therapy can be pretty darn expensive.
It’s not unusual for people to spend 10s of thousands of dollars on ozone retreats
in the Mediterranean or on 10 passes. But even if you do it at home, ozonating oneself
can be time consuming, plus the equipment can also add up to a few thousand dollars.
So however you’re using it, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of ozone. Which is exactly what this momma is all about:
making you save some money. And once you have saved that money, you then
can go straight to thepowerofozone.com/bookme where you can spend the money you just saved
to book a Skype call with me where we can talk about where I got this cool hat or about
your last vacation or about why your socks keep disappearing in the washing machine.
Or whatever. I don’t really care, we’ll find something to talk about. Just book that
darn session. So let’s begin. And, to be clear: don’t take anything I’m
saying as medical advice. Having said that, the number 1 way to get
the most out of ozone treatments is without a doubt: Diet In my opinion, diet plays not only the most
important part, but it may be the decisive factor that determines whether an ozone treatment
will be a success for you or not. Ozone mainly works by removing inflammation.
Either chronic or local. And the longer you can make that inflammation stay gone the more
will you benefit from your ozone treatments. Especially when dealing with conditions like
arthritis, psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis or a host of other inflammatory conditions, the
gains that you will see from ozone may be minor or short-lived if you keep eating pro-inflammatory
foods at the same time. So which diet is the best to keep inflammation
down? Number one: In my opinion that’s the carnivore
diet. So a diet which consists of eating only meat. I know, it sounds crazy, but crazy is what
I specialize in, plus if you go to meatheals.com or check out Facebook groups like “World
Carnivore Tribe” or “Zeroing in on Health” or “100% carnivore and beyond” you can
read stories over stories over stories of people who have eliminated conditions like
chronic joint pain, Irritable Bowel syndrome, colitis, or Multiple Sclerosis. All things
which cause inflammation. Check out my two interviews with Raenn and
Emily who reduced their MS symptoms to nearly zero by going carnivore. The next best diet after that is the ketogenic
and the paleo, or just a sugar and gluten free diet. Another option is the low oxalate diet. Oxalates are tiny crystals contained in all
plant foods. Some foods have a lot of them, like for example spinach, chard, or nuts,
others, like for example white rice, contain very little oxalates. Animal foods and fish
contain no oxalates at all. The crystals can lodge themselves in essentially every body
tissue, like joints, thyroid, blood vessels, and the brain, and cause lots of problems. In my opinion ozone therapy is able to remove
those crystals. I think that this may explain many Herxheimer reactions we observe after
ozone, like the extremely itchy rash people get after ozone saunas but not after regular
saunas. Lowering one’s oxalate burden by going on
a low oxalate diet could possibly lead to having less uncomfortable Herxheimer reactions
and being able to shorten the time and reduce the number of ozone applications. Go to lowoxalate.info
to find out which foods are high and which are low in oxalates. Be it the carnivore, keto, paleo, low oxalate,
or a sugar/gluten-free diet – changing what you eat can be the single most powerful intervention
you can do in the fight for good health. When treating inflammatory conditions with
ozone the diet that you’re following is of utmost importance. It can make or break
your success with ozone. The number 2 best way to get the most out
of ozone treatments: Don’t do them together with Vitamin C or glutathione IVs. This suggestion may surprise you, since many
ozone doctors say exactly the opposite, claiming that adding vitamin C or glutathione IVs to
ozone, enhances the treatment. Me, on the other hand, I say that’s bogus.
Giving a potent antioxidant after ozone will result in a lessening effect of the ozone
treatment. So who should you trust? The crazy one on
the internet or your doctor with 300 years of experience? I mean: duh!! Ok, I admit, this was a trick question. The
thing here is to not trust anyone. Let’s just use some logic instead. So your doctor may say any of the following
in order to justify his use of antioxidant IVs with ozone: “Vitamin C IV is a pro-oxidant. So the Vitamin
C does not eliminate ozone, it enhances the oxidative effect.” or “I’m getting very good results when I
combine them. I don’t see a cancelling effect.” or “I’ve been doing this for 300 [or insert
whatever impressive number of] years and I can quote some fancy biochemistry to prove
that vitamin C does not cancel out ozone.” So let’s go through those claims one by
one and see if they stand up to reality. Fact check number 1:
Vitamin C is often given when someone has an adverse reaction to ozone. It’s also
given when people feel like they overdosed on ozone which can show itself in an uncomfortable
lung sensation. In such cases vitamin C reliably and reproducibly solves the problem. Fack check number II: doctors claim they give
vitamin C for it to “scoop up” the die-off after ozone. And then observe that it attenuates
the ozone reaction. This would not happen if vitamin C was only acting as a pro-oxidant.
In that case one would expect the C to further increase ozone’s effect, not attenuate or
“scoop it up”. Fact check number III: doctors claim that
vitamin C will lessen the ozone induced Herxheimer reaction. Which again does not fit the theory
of vitamin C acting as a pro-oxidant in conjunction with ozone. Otherwise it would worsen the
Herxheimer reaction, not lessen it. Fack check number 4: Vitamin C IVs are sometimes
given together with ozone IVs to make veins last longer. Ozone can damage veins because
of oxidation. The resulting effect is observed in the form of phlebitis. Vitamin C will counteract
the oxidation and the veins last longer. Fact check number 5: Both Vitamin C and glutathione
IVs alone can have enormous health benefits. Vitamin C is known to successfully turn around
the most serious cases of sepsis. Glutathione IVs are also very popular with some chronically
ill people, many swear by them. So even if Vitamin C completely cancelled
out all the ozone effect during a treatment, you may still get a huge benefit from just
the Vitamin C alone. So the fact that a doctor sees great outcomes when giving patients a
combination of an antioxidant and ozone does not exclude the possibility that one of them
cancelled out the other. With glutathione IVs you get another problem,
and that’s the possibility of really horrendous side effects. Some people report crushing
fatigue, bad nerve pain, debilitating migraines, or the feeling of dying. It’s assumed that
this is because glutathione is able to move mercury around. And you don’t want to move
mercury around. You want to safely excrete it, not displace it. Getting glutathione IVs is a bit like playing
Russian roulette. The high when you survive it can be great. The crush if you get the
bullet can be devastating. But don’t hold your breath for your doctor to admit that
bad reactions occur after glutathione. Him getting paid depends on not acknowledging
certain things. But hey, I’m just a crazy ozone lady, so
why would you be listening to me? Well, whatever sick reasons you may have,
I say: if you want to get the most bang for your buck, do not combine ozone and potent
antioxidants during the same application. Either alternate them on different days, or
allow at least several hours to pass between them. The number three way to get the most out of
ozone therapy: Do treatments closely together. Don’t allow
for a lot of time to pass between single ozone appointments. In most cases, it’s better
to do more ozone in a given amount of time than to put in longer breaks. So in general it’s better to do 2 or 3 or
more applications per week than to do them once a week or even once a month. Doing ozone once a month probably doesn’t
really qualify as a therapy but more as a past-time activity. If you allow for a lot of time to pass between
single ozone visits because you feel that that’s how long it takes for you to get
over what you assume is a Herxheimer reaction, then what you may be really going through
is an adverse reaction to ozone, not a Herx. For those who do well on ozone, programs like
the ones offered by various ozone clinics on Cyprus where you pay a lump sum of several
thousand dollars and get daily ozone treatments for a month or two can be a very good idea. But sometimes people come back from their
Mediterranean ozone vacation and see their health gains evaporate within a few weeks. In that case, either find a local ozone doctor
and get some regular maintenance IVs, or do it at home. Which brings us to the number four way how
to get the most out of ozone therapy: Home ozone treatments Getting your own ozone set up is one of the
best ways to get the most out of ozone. If you benefited from ozone treatments at your
doctor’s office, then chances are excellent that you will also benefit from the ozone
protocols you can do at home. And you can save a lot of money. The price
for a complete ozone equipment may be what you pay at a doctor for a single ozone treatment.
Already around $1,200 are enough to set you up with a simple ozone machine plus oxygen. Once you have your own ozone gear allows you
to take part in such fun activities like shooting ozone up your bum, or up your vajayjay, blasting
it through your brain via earscopes, or doing the ozone sauna. The ozone sauna is probably one of the most
underrated ozone applications but possibly even more powerful than certain ozone IVs,
and it does not require needles, drips, or the presence of a doctor. And that saves money.
Major money. If you’d like to know which ozone machines
are available, just check out my website: thepowerofozone.com. There you can find links
to the best and most affordable ozone generators there are. Or at least the ones I think are
the best. But that’s really one and the same thing. Because I’m always right. Except when I thought that I had Lyme disease
for years, or when I believed that the Cutler chelation would solve all my health issues,
or when I was convinced that the vegan diet was healthy, or when I thought bitcoin would
never hit 10,000. But other than that, I’m always right. So those were the top four ways how to make
the most out of your ozone treatments: diet, don’t do vitamin C and glutathione IVs together
with ozone, do ozone treatments closely together, and home ozone treatments. In my opinion there is also a fifth way how
to get the most out of ozone treatments, and I reveal what that is in the written version
to this video. To find out what that fifth option is, just click on the link in the description
below. I hope you enjoyed this video. If not, tough
shit. I’m gonna go and eat a piece of a cow now. I hope you’ll do the same. See you in the next video, subscribe to my
channel, and take care!


  • Remembering Wholeness says:

    May I begin by saying Thank You for making me laugh…..I am new to ozone, just got my self set up. Your videos have been extremely supportive. Grateful. My personal journey to health has been greatly benefited with long fasting and dry fasting, eating simply with no desire for animal products.(I am not vegan, i put no restrictions on my eating, only the intention for my highest love and health) The journey to optimal health is so individual. For me listening to my body has been the key, muscle testing and observation. Healing my emotional body, freeing myself from stress, learning to love myself…..and lots of laughter. I really appreciate your perspective and sharing your experiences and thoughts. I choose not to eat meat, it does not resonate with me. I honor and respect anyone who is eating meat to support and heal themselves. I hope that anyone choosing the Carnivore diet chooses organic meat that has been humanely raised. Blessings. My we all live our potential, Lenna

  • Beautifully Surprised says:

    Paola, thank you for being you! I agree 100% – Go carnivore, Go ozone, but from 1st hand experience, am no longer sold on rectal ozone as I sense it may (to my knowledge) disrupt our very complex intestinal microbiome.

  • Dasha Trebichavska says:

    love high level of knowledge laced by humor and honesty; I strongly recommend a consultation–Paola knows her stuff and has helped me answered many questions which put me to ease and I strongly support at home ozone set up–very good investment; I myself am a practitioner/sufferer of Lyme and confections/fungus and trust 0 allopathic physicians (who know squat) and even naturopathic mds and clinics (very expensive and would opt for them only if I had major neurological or cardiac issues)

  • jeffery abulasan says:

    So your saying I shouldn’t do coffee enema the same time? And how long in between should I wait? And thx for mentioning Bitcoin. I’m a heavy investor!

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