Overcome Fear – Simple NLP Technique

Overcome Fear – Simple NLP Technique

is fear holding you back? Stay tuned. this is Damon for NLP Gym overcome fear with this simple NLP process if you haven’t already please click subscribe to this YouTube channel to get these videos on a regular basis fear is fascinating it’s an extraordinary teacher it serves a very valuable purpose in your life without fear we would do things that would get us into a lot of trouble and likely killed fear is not a negative or positive thing it really depends on if fear is serving us part we’re serving fear if we’re serving fear it’s not very positive will be very negative but it’s serving you as in keeping you out of trouble keeping you from risky situations that could harm you are getting killed there is a very good thing so we don’t want to get rid of fear here’s a simple NLP process to deal with fear first of all think of the fear and be specific what context do you experience the fear do you experience the fear with someone or because of someone what really triggers our fear it’s usually you’re in a particular context let’s use a specific example at work say you fear your boss in meetings maybe your boss kind of makes you feel like your dog or something it makes your concern for your job so right now as you’re watching us think of that fear how do you represent that fear in other words how do you know you’re experiencing fear most people to say like feeling of course you do but what’s triggering that field so if you can experience the fear of that particular situation even when you’re in that situation just by thinking about it you have some sort of representation of that fear so for instance if I think of a fearful situation and let’s use the office example. then maybe I see an image of the board meeting and I see my boss and made into a movie and I see that image may be right out in front of me that’s what I’m talkin about so how do you know what triggers the fear in other words for some people might the auditory you might hear a voice might come from different direction I’m going to be a sound what triggers the fear what are you seeing your way hearing and maybe a combination of both seeing and hearing but usually want to strongly together maybe the visual stronger than sound stronger let’s say I have an image of a movie and I’m associate i’m inside the movie and I can see from my own eyes my boss in this situation and that trigger some fear inside of me so I took notice what we called a similar abilities and this is the second part so want to take notice of submodalities where is the image in my personal space you might see how you might see it lower to the side let’s say I see it right in front of me and what are the colors are isn’t even in color is a black-and-white or color is it bright on the colors Dems are the colors really rich these are all important things to know this is what we call submodalities once i got a clear understanding of what is triggering the fear this particular image which consequently when i’m actually in the situation I see a similar image in front of me for real that’s what’s going to your fear for me that’s what i want to get clear about now I want to go to the feeling of the fear so I have that fear where my body do i feel that fear for some of you it’s going to be on your stomach’s moment you might be in your solar plexus some of you might actually feel it in your chest let’s say I feel my fear in the upper part of my stomach the lower part of my torso right below my solar plexus so that’s the mentality where is it actually happening does it have weight to it is it heavy or is it light it is any weight at all some people will experience with some people don’t for me let’s say it’s a heavy feeling so I know it’s here and it’s heavy isn’t a temperature is a cold or is it hot or is it warm or cool let’s say for me it’s cool to have a cold heavy feeling right here and what about texture doesn’t have is not a soft texture smooth texture or a rough and kind of I one time I had a texture of fear that being like a rusting rusting metal so what is the texture of it and for some of you there might have the detection what is the movement like all feelings have movements fear might feel like it doesn’t have movement and a lot of times really negative feelings feel that way because they’re really tense feelings and so there is move it’s just hard to find the movement lot of times it’s are vibrating feeling that vibrates just slightly a lot of times are flowing very good feelings they move up and out our circular so let’s say for me the fear is kind of like a harsh sort of grinding vibrating feeling and this is what I want to play with so if this is the feeling of fear for me what happens when I started playing with that and turning it to its opposite so if the feeling is your rough grinding feeling that’s kind of movement to what happens when I slow that feeling down and make it less grinding and make it smooth and make it fluid and say is this feeling is cool what if i turn it into something that was more warm and if its heavy but if I turn it to more light and maybe I’m i might even change the position i’m going to push the feeling in my chest and now instead of fear I feel a warm sensation in my chest it has a very fluid movement to it and maybe it’s nice and soft and smooth that’s very different fear in fact I think there’s a lot more warm it feels like I more open to the situation and I’m not afraid and it gives me space so now once once you’ve played with those some modalities and the kinesthetic modality and you’ve got a sense of space from the fear and you’re not feeling the fear as much bring that image backup or bring that sound back and sometimes is automatically changes when you see the movie now you might see it differently now I was associated into my movie so I want to disassociate which will make this even easier to deal with if you’re thinking about fearful situation a lot of times were very associated into that disassociate out of it and see it as if you’re watching a movie of yourself in this situation and now that I don’t feel that fear like I did before I get a lot more space and disassociated now going to run this movie exactly how I want things to go not how they have gone in the past but hard like them to go in the future and I’m going to re-edit this movie until it looks exactly what i wanted to look like and combining it with this nice new feeling that is not fear is like the opposite of fear so once i have the movie that I like the feelings that I like going with it i’m going to check out with myself again and ask myself is any part of me that resist going forward with this new movie this new way of doing things and this new feeling with the way that I’m going to act and respond in this new situation without fear now there’s a part of you that does resisted you want to get in touch with that part of you find out what it’s positive intent is for you and reintegrated into the situation so you might say well i still feel a sense of fear that’s fine in fact that’s probably a good thing you don’t want to necessarily get rid of fear like i mentioned before the question to ask yourself is does the fear stop me now disappear crippling does the fear keep me from doing my job to the best that I could do it if not then the process worked now you want a future phases you want to take that move into the future when is the next time this was going to happen if you have a meeting coming up in a few days so see that movie and a few days happening and you having the feeling that you want to have and seeing the movie of how you would like to be in that situation then do it maybe a month out from now and then maybe a year from now we have this process to try i’d love to hear your results feel free to send an email our message me on Facebook are on YouTube right into this video in the comments you want to learn how to master processes like this if you want to learn a master NLP and master your life join us for NLP Gym’s Ultimate Practitioner Training coming up in January 2017 get your year kicked off right and have the best year ever sign up for this training at NLP-Gym.com also on facebook for real-time updates on upcoming workshops and also free practice sessions that i hold here in santa cruz you like this video please click like right down here and leave me a comment or even a question I will get back to stay tuned to begin to this video so you can see how you can get your hands on a free NLP online training take care


  • Life Mastery Gym says:

    For Free NLP Training check out my website: https://nlpgym.mykajabi.com/ and my private NLP Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/445150475957230/

  • moldvox says:

    I feel as though you shouldn't be giving this kind of thing away. it's like step by step ninjitsu videos.

  • Louise French says:

    Very helpful

  • Brigham Yen says:

    I don't usually experience fear or anxiety thru visual images in my mind. what would NLP do for those kinds of fear?

  • Xbot4Life says:

    in that case i dont know what my triggers are in terms of pictures and sounds.

    My only anxiety comes when i have to (or think i have to) speak in front of a group of people, even to say my name. As soon as i see an email at work or someone tell me something is coming up i get whacked with the adrenaline and total fear of everyone seeing my anxiety as i get a shaky voice and hands, if my anxiety wasnt so external i wouldnt have it because i wouldnt care about it.

    But as far as images and colours, i have no idea? Help NLP Gym

  • Tony Patricelli says:

    transitioning the fear into a physical muscularity…body buulding image

  • BS Murthy says:

    May also hear "Bhagvad – Gita: Treatise of Self-help" in rhythmic verses sans inane interpolations and theological spins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfnnt6okIhM&t=740s

  • Vivek Shankaran says:

    How can I remove the fear death occurring to my dear ones

  • Saied hassan says:

    I hope you agood and more happyness

  • Nina Joyce says:

    This makes no sense, how can this help somebody? I find it impossible to believe, I watched the video 3 times in a effort to find help for my fears, my anxiety, my depression the fear that I have when my boss asks me something, but this BS made ZERO sense. I can't believe that this exists.

  • Nina Joyce says:

    If a fear is heavy let's turn it light. What? If it is cool, let's turn it warm? How can you do that? This is absolutely funny, I laughed very hard, but didn't believe one single word. It is like I have a lot of fear when I am in front of my boss, and then I say myself: "ok my fear is warm, let's turn it cool", ok everything is fixed now, no more fear. Lol, absolutely ridiculous

  • Nadine El Nour says:

    You’re great, very helpful and in depth explanations

  • Roberto Pizano says:

    How can I use this technique with my problem. I fear of driving on freeways, few years back I had a panic attack when I was driving on the Freeway it was on a construction area where shoulder was closed so I felt trap for like a mile a couldn't pull over since then I'm really scare. I do drive on freeways now but always in fear please help me thank you

  • Ali Abbas says:

    Love youuuuuu

  • Dzoni Kejdz says:

    So this is just a basic visualisation ?

  • b_ c00l says:

    actually i had fear of everything since my 9th grade and i have passed my 12th grade.but this comes out for no reason till now.for no reason exactly.i will try this process

  • Kevin Morley says:

    Excellent demonstration!

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