Our 50 Style Tips | Choose The Right Colors For Your skin Tone | Warm or Cool?

Our 50 Style Tips | Choose The Right Colors For Your skin Tone | Warm or Cool?

today I’m going to demonstrate the
difference between a warm and cool skin tone plus I’m going to teach you a
naughty little trick that you’ll be able to keep up your sleeve for one day when
you might need it so if you’d like to know more please keep watching hi I’m
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working out if you’ve got warm or cool skin tone is very important because if
you’ve got a warm undertone to your skin and you wear warm colored clothes
your face looks luminous if you’ve got a cool undertone to your skin and wear
cool color clothing again your face will look luminous ok I have done a video on
how to work out your colors I’ll leave a link for you to check that video out but
just quickly step one is to work out if your veins are green or blue and green
veins will indicate you have a warm skin undertone and blue veins blue to purple
will mean you’ve got a cool undertone and if your greeny blue that means
you’re neutral and I’m today talking about warm and cool but if you fall into
the neutral category that means that you can wear a variety of all of the colors
and they’ll make you look good just keep in mind for you if your neutral to keep
the contrast right and you’ll be perfect the second thing that you can do is test
on your skin a gold and a silver color use some fabric gold or silver awesome
jewelry that you may have at home and compare it under your chin so you hold
the fabric up underneath your face and you can pair a gold color
to a silver color and you see which makes your face look better for me I
have yellow undertone so the yellow undertone in the fabric is making my
face look luminous and if you’ve got pinky blue undertones the silver will
look amazing I’m I can be a little bit neutral so I could wear both but this
looks much better on me so do this test and see what you come up with another
way to do this is to use something white a bright a true white so I use this when
I’m with clients but you get a white bit of fabric or paper and you put it up
towards your neck and you look at the difference between the skin color and
the white so if you’ve got warm skin undertones
it’ll your skin will look slightly yellow which is what mine does and if
you’ve got very cool skin your skin will look pink or the blue will come out and
you’ll be able to easily tell when you try this so there you go some quick tips
to work out how to do your skin undertone I’ll just show you a couple of
examples on me to help you get a good feeling for this my skin my hair my eyes
and my eyebrows all kind of blend in a little bit that I’m very medium contrast
someone who has very dark hair and light skin is high contrast and somebody who
is say blonde with blonde eyebrows very light eyes and feschi and they be low
contrast so for me I’m medium contrast and that’s why I want to teach you this
really naughty trick because if you can work out how to do the right thing
you’ll also know how to do the wrong thing and if you’re feeling like you
don’t want to go to work one day and you’re not sick and you just want to go
and have some fun I’m sorry to all the bosses out there
I’m a boss too but if you’re the boss you’ll be able to tell if someone’s
doing this but what you do the day before you want to have the day off you
wear some clothes to work that are the wrong color for you so if you have a
woman to turn like me I would wear a cool color and I would wear the wrong
contrast so I’m a medium contrast and I’d wear a high contrast color for
something like one of these colors they’re cool and they’re very high
contrast and if you can see these colors on me they don’t make me look good
so this is just a demonstration how what the difference is between a contrast
this is very high contrast is lots of pigment in these colors and against my
warm undertone skin they don’t make me look good these colors I look healthy
and I my skin looks radiant the reason is because these colors match the
undertone in my skin I’ll give you an example this makes me look sick if you
wear a little less makeup as well ten times better and on these if I had an
ash color to my hair you can if if I was having this check it out the difference
between the warm color that’s in my hair to an ash color against my skin these
are little tricks they use in the movies to make us look old and if you had like
very cool skin and put like a yellow into the blonde in your hair it would
make you look the same as this makes me look so ash looks terrible on me and
worn gold highlights don’t look great on cool skin so this is the trick if you
want it if you want someone to think that you’re not feeling well you wear
the wrong color just say that you’ve got a pink undertone so you’ve got cool
colored skin and you have dark hair okay so
you’ve got a high contrast these colors would look great on you so you’ve got
cool skin dark hair high contrast if you wanted to go to work and appear to be
sick you would wear these colors so they’ll past early colors warm and
earthy or you’d wear this kind of color or a or a dusty caramel color it will
draw the color right out of your face so colors with a lot of yellow in it will
do the trick for you and you’ll be able to go to work and the boss will actually
tell you to go home because you look sick if you have very pale skin and bare
eyebrows light eyes and blond hair and you’re very cool so you wear a deep
heavy earthy color like a terra cotta or something like that something very high
contrast and very warm you will also be sent home from work and maybe get a week
off I hope this little demonstration really helped you to work out the
difference between warm and cool and I hope that you’ve got something up your
sleeve to use next time you feel like just having a beautiful day to yourself
and not needing to make an excuse to anybody give it a try let me know how
you can go and just quickly if you’ll notice in the movies this is what they
do they will outfit one of the characters in the wrong color for their
undertone of skin and and that’s how they make their characters look older or
very plain or it make them look sick so next time you’re watching a movie see
if you can pick it okay please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and
share it if you have a friend who would love to know this special little trick
that they can use on their boss next time they feel like
taking a day off and thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it and
have a beautiful day


  • Jane McGrath says:

    I have been a Colour Analyst for over 20 years.I don't agree with the existence of "Neutral".It is not part of the science of colour analysis.

  • Lori M says:

    Ha!!! A naughty side to you….very sneaky! Like you, as a business owner, I cannot convince my boss, who is my hubby, to let me go home. It just doesn't work like that for me. lol! But I do appreciate how you brought out our "contrast". I know I'm a cool, but now I know WHICH cools to look for.

  • Claire Phaneuf says:

    I love your video's, you are so so beautiful! I am still having trouble figuring out if I'm warm, cool or neutral. Red drains my colour, I have dark brown eyes, brown hair with blonde highlights – without blonde around my face I look pale and sick, I think white look's much better than off-white on me, I see mostly blue with a hint of purple in my veins, my skin is almost a tan( been in the sun for a week) tone My husband is Native and I look more like the Indian! lol, he is very white, but he tans not burn, if caught out in the sun for hrs. Thank-You Please help! lol love Claire in Canada

  • crazy hamster woman says:

    Gosh if i take my makeup off i look like I am on deaths door!! Lovely to see you explain the whole thing much simpler. Thankyou x

  • Velina Welch says:

    Love your videos! Back in the 90"s I was a certified image consultant for a cosmetics company and we used the color drapes, which were great for color analysis. Wearing colors that make you look not so well to convince a boss…sneaky but smart 😃

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  • Rhonda Rich says:

    THANK YOU!! Finally!! I used to work in department stores doing color draping for cosmetic companies. I'm an advanced Cosmetologist too and, as I told you, I have your coloring but pink skin. I have been "guessed" everything under the rainbow! My hair is what confused everyone, with the red/ginger tones. I have finally colored my hair a white platinum blonde, to get the red out and now am just "one tone" . It's not the hair tone, it's the skin tone. Being very pale, bright blue eyes, pale eyebrows and ginger confused everyone! Thanks again!!

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    Cracked me up when you mentioned the trick of wearing the wrong shade to look poorly 😆😊😉
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    Got the "Colour me beautiful" book out from the library, it's a beautiful book newly updated as I think it was originally all the trend in the 80s.
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