Ostomy for Autoimmune Diseases | Best 5 Ostomy videos | Series 2 | Episode 4

Ostomy for Autoimmune Diseases | Best 5 Ostomy videos | Series 2 | Episode 4

I you’ve seen a previous episode then
feel free to skip forward. If not, then continue to watch this introduction for
the best 5 chosen videos. Stomanner So I was thinking how can I put videos
into a community but people that suffer with an immune illness like Crohn’s
disease, colitis, IBD, IBS as well as a stoma or colostomy. Then I decided, let’s
take a turn on my Youtube channel. Instead of making all my own YouTube
videos, find and share the best ones that other people have created. That way we
can make those ones more popular and especially help with the videos or
channels that don’t always rank high in the search. Click on the information cards
to take you to each video or you can find the links to those videos in the
description below. If you’ve found some of the best videos or even want to add
your own join Stomanner and simply paste the link in the comment section of
any Stomanner video. So here are the best 5 chosen videos. Subscribe to this channel and click on
the notification bell to receive the latest videos. Stomanner

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  • Stomanner says:

    Will you be making any new exciting YouTube videos?

    With no need to subscribe, unless you'd like, share your link to this Stomanner channel – I'm happy to receive yours or another relevant video link and I'll watch it!

    I'm interested to watch or comment on videos that show positive people with colostomy, crohn's disease, IBS etc. and enjoy sharing relevant videos into the community. Make yours a good one!

    Thank you.

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