Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Review || Southeast by Midwest

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Review || Southeast by Midwest

Hello everybody and welcome back to
Southeast by Midwest I’m Cassie and today we are going to be talking about
the Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. Now if you want
to know if these are worth their almost hundred dollar price tag,
not for this size, but if you want to know if the largest size is worth the hundred dollar price tags just keep watching. As always here on Southeast by Midwest
before we get into talking about the products we always disclose and the
disclosure for this post is that I received these in a Birchbox I believe,
I will link the blog post or the video down below if I did, and I’ve been using
these and I wanted to kind of review them to let you know if I thought they
were worth purchasing the bigger sizes. So let’s jump into more information
about these. The first thing that I want to touch on is the sizing for these. I
did mention it in the intro that the hundred dollar price tag is not for these
larger sizes so I do want to kind of touch base on the sizing. So these are
both a 0.5 ounces. Now the thing is is that for the actual full
sizes the pricing for each is not the same and the sizing is not the same but
the samples were both the same size so 0.5 ounces is what is in my
hand right now. The actual first size you can purchase anywhere is the 1.7 ounce and
that will be $17 for the shampoo and $18 for the conditioner. I do not know why
the conditioner is a dollar more. The next size up is 8.5 ounces for the
shampoo and that is a $49 and for the conditioner it is 6.8 ounces and it is
$52. So for the next size up you get a lot less for the conditioner but it
costs several dollars more so I don’t understand what’s going on with the
pricing at all. And then the largest size for both of them is a one liter bottle
that actually has a pump and for the shampoo that one is $154 and for the conditioner it’s $182. Now I do want to mention that if you purchase these on Beautylish the one
liters can be broken into three payments, no credit checks. And it would
be three payments for the shampoo it would be $51.33
and for the conditioner it is $60.67 for each payment. So
now let’s talk about what they actually do, starting with the shampoo. It has what
is called bromelain in it, which is a natural enzyme, and what it does is it
actually… it’s kind of unfocusing on me [about video]. It actually exfoliates the scalp and
balances the scalps pH better than what a regular shampoo would do. They
both contain the Oribe Signature Complex, which is a blend of flowers, and
that’s supposed to protect your hair from the environment drying it out,
damaging it, and fading your color. They both also have Mediterranean Cyprus
Extract, which is supposed to go into the cuticle fortify it, nourish it, and
strengthen it which you really do want in your cuticle. And then
both of them also have argan and maracuja oils which are supposed to
hydrate, add some glossiness, and on the conditioner they’ll protect from the UV
rays of the Sun. They are also vegan and cruelty, phthalate, sulfate free. Now as for
the cruelty free I do want to mention that while Oribe is currently right now
cruelty free it is recently purchased by a company who is not cruelty free so if
you’re one of those people who does not want to purchase from a brand whose
owner is not cruelty free as well then you’re gonna want to skip this however
if you just want that specific brand to be cruelty free or you you know don’t
have a problem at all cruelty free or non cruelty free then you could give
these a try. Alright now let’s get into my review. I actually loved these. So I
had talked recently about one of my favorite haircare being the Kenra Professional Hair Care. I had gotten some for PR that I never talked about because
I received it right around the time I went to the emergency room, Travis went
into the hospital, and we lost Norbert so all that together it kind of got pushed
to the back and I just kind of haven’t submitted the post even
though I really should have done that. That being said I have mentioned before
that I did go and purchase the full-size pump bottles from Ulta because I loved
it so much. The only thing stopping me from purchasing the full-size of both of
these it is that $150 and $180 price tag,
that is a lot for a shampoo and conditioner even if it is one liter but I also just
recently purchased those so I have almost half to three quarters of these
big pump bottles of the Kenra Professionals that I need to use which I
used earlier before filming this so. Not these I used the Kenra cause these are empty, these have been empty. The way that I judge whether a shampoo and conditioner works is I
judge it based on the dandruff that I have in my scalp. So I’ve mentioned this
before and it gets a little icky but due to the eczema and my severe dry skin… do not do… good that’s a good girl, sorry ghost was contemplating knocking
over the tripod! But anyway I judge it based on how well it does with my eczema and my dry scalp. So I get flakes because I have an eczema or I don’t know if you
would consider it psoriasis at this point but it kind of flakes and I do get
dandruff. So the way that I judge a shampoo is if I shampoo and condition my hair in the morning and if it’s there, you know the flakes are back, by midday or
that same you know later that day then that is not a great shampoo. Depending on how long it takes and how my hair feels will be where I judge it based off of a
poor shampoo to an ok shampoo. Now if it lasts until bedtime then I’ve moved it
up into the good because with the level of dandruff and flaking I have
for it to have lasted that long is actually pretty good. And if it lasts for the next day or
beyond I consider it a great shampoo and conditioner and these actually had it, I
shampoo because how dry my scalp is I shampoo like three times a week and this
actually lasted till the second shampoo. Like there was no flaking no dandruff in
my strands or anything like that all the way to the second
shampoo so that was super amazing, I had less shedding of my hair and it just
overall was a great shampoo I really do like it better than the Kenra at the
moment. That being said they do now have a dandruff line that was recently
released on Beautylish that is a little bit cheaper than this Gold Lust that I’m
contemplating purchasing and kind of partnering with my Kenra. So like shampoo on Monday with the Kenra, shampoo on like Wednesday with the dandruff, and
then shampoo on like Friday with the Kenra again. Kind of doing something like that
and then reporting back and seeing how those do. But I absolutely love these
I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair and in my scalp. I highly recommend
these. So obviously you can tell that my final thoughts on these are that if you
have the money to lay down and you’re looking for a great hair care kind of
product then these are for sure ones you want to give a try or if not at least
something in the Oribe line because I think these are so expensive because of
that Gold Lust in there, so you might be able to find something in the Oribe line
that’s a little cheaper that you may like as well and I do know that their
dry shampoo and their texturizing spray goes into subscription boxes like ain’t
nobody’s business so keep your eye out for them there as well. Hopefully you
enjoyed this video and you found it informative if you did make sure to give
it a thumbs up and share it with all of your friends it really does help. Make sure to leave me a comment down below telling me what your favorite hair care like brand
is like what brand do you, you may go and play with other brands but the brand
that you always go back to you which one is it for you? Make sure to follow me on
the social media linked down below because I do have some giveaways coming up. And until next time say bye, say bye Ghosty with the Mosty. Yes her is. She doesn’t
like being held up like this no her doesn’t. You gonna tell everybody bye? Yes. So cute. (kiss) Bye.


  • Omneyas WISH says:

    OMG I was apply lip balm when you mentioned the price and nearly poked myself in the eye

  • Omneyas WISH says:

    I would find a way to dupe it. Now knowing why you judge a shampoo, I can understand why you would buy it.. I love your reviews , they are so thorough. For me it is Finesse shampoo and conditioner. I always used it as a teen and loved it. I have been liking some of the other kinds like Garnier and I forget the names but the bottles are kinda round. I have thin hair, not oily or dry, just thin. So if it says it will add volume I will try it.

  • Sherry P says:

    Lord have mercy! I could have a shopping spree at Sephora for that price.

  • YUMMommy says:

    OMG that's some pricey shampoo and conditioner for the sizes. I feel like consumers are probably paying more the gold than the actual the other ingredients. I like the Briogeo brand. They can be a little pricey depending on where you buy the products from but most of their products are 16 oz or more.

  • Stephanie Clayton says:

    I used a Oribe Dry Texturizing spray from a box once and HATED it. It was so gross and sticky. I've always been interested in what people thought of their other products like shampoo&conditioner since I know they are outrageously priced. Glad it worked well for you!
    I've been using a whipped shampoo and deep conditioner from my friends indie Bath&Body company for over 2 years now. My hair hates me when I stop using it. My friend's shop has been closed since last summer though due to illness but she is going to try and make a comeback <3 I'll be sure to tell the world when that happens!

  • BadKittyBeauty says:

    Hi Ghost! Wow the prices of those hair products kind of blow my mind. I mostly use medicated shampoo, but otherwise I like to find good conditioners.

  • Maltora71 says:

    Omg $100! That's crazy!

  • Zainey Laney says:

    Yikes that is some pricey hair care. I balk at paying more than 20 for hair stuff.

  • Leyla Harrell says:

    That price is a bit ridiculous but I know it's such a good product. Thanx for your review πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—πŸ’—

  • It’s me Lisa MG says:

    $100 price tag! No thank you lol

  • Haffina says:

    I would never be able to justify the price. Just seems as ridiculously high amount.

  • EnglishProfStyle says:

    I find the price of Oribe to be insane. I know there are differences in products, but I don't think there is enough to warrant the price. Those samples are so small, I would probably use them in one go!

  • MICHELLE B says:

    They are pricey good review and one day soon …..

  • Claire Elizabeth says:

    I'm sorry… how much!? No thank you xx

  • Maskara Cakes says:

    That price is so crazy. Even broken down that's insane for shampoo & conditioner!

  • Maskara Cakes says:

    Great review!

  • lena7623 says:

    Holy mother! That is some expensive shampoo and conditioner. If it works for you that is awesome, though. Sometimes you just gotta splurge.

  • Christina Sanders says:

    This sounds interesting I might have to look up that dandruff line thats a little cheaper but I am having the same issues you mentioned in this video and my shampoos and conditioners are just not doing any good for it

  • Sara Zielinski says:

    This conditioner sounds amazing

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