Ocular Rosacea Treatment, Triggers, Diet, Causes, Definition, and Cure

Ocular Rosacea Treatment, Triggers, Diet, Causes, Definition, and Cure

Ocular rosacea definition, treatment, diet,
causes, and cure with a question mark I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna
Zigler. You’re watching The Dry Eye Show Let’s jump into the content today.
Let’s first jump into what is ocular rosacea. Rosacea most of you know is
that reddening of your skin or kind of that butterfly type pattern that you
might see with some patients. I actually have rosacea myself and it just kind of
when I do have flare-ups. It actually causes my cheeks to become incredibly
rosy. Mine is actually triggered by a food allergy which we’ll get into a
little bit more later on but with ocular rosacea it’s a redness of the eyes. A very defined redness around the iris of the eye or the white part of the eye Then also you might have what’s called telangiectasia which is on your eyelid margins. If you close your eyelids
and look there is going to be little tiny blood vessels that run up and down and
if those are more prominent you might have ocular rosacea. What this causes is
a lot of burning itching redness and that’s pretty much the
symptoms of ocular rosacea and it’s just due to an inflammation in both the skin
which is more common and then the eyelids and then the eye itself so
inflammation like we always talked about with dry eye is the main cause of this solve the inflammation and you will solve the rosacea then you will
solve the ocular rosacea. Is there a cure? We are going to answer that right
away. No there is not really a cure but there kind of is. We are going to go into that a little bit more. Just know that you’re dealing with an autoimmune response. That is inflammatory and if we reduce inflammation in the
body as a whole will reduce inflammation So with that being said let’s go into
what causes ocular rosacea. Dr. Travis talked about inflammation is what causes ocular rosacea and it can be caused actually by
environmental factors or genetic factors We are going to go through a couple of
the triggers here below so spicy foods can absolutely do it hot caffeinated
drinks, extremely hot or cold temperatures, anger, stress, UV light, vigorous exercise, saunas, and hot baths corticosteroids or steroids, poor hygiene of your eyelids and your body in general and then poor eating habits such
as processed foods low vegetable intake that type of thing. Those are really what we are focused on My rosacea is caused from my eating. I don’t have poor eating habits because I ate a very low inflammatory
diet but if I drink certain types of red wine I get it and it’s funny because
we’ll be out and I will have a glass of red wine and then sudden my face flare
up. Extremely hot temperatures so if I’m exercising in the summer outside
I will be sweating a lot that’s when my face feels like it’s on fire. We will go over ways that you can help reduce that and so let’s jump into ocular
rosacea symptoms and signs which we’ve already kind of touched on but we’ll go
over them again. A glaring redness around the eye. In the white part of
the eye if you have really red eyes you might have ocular rosacea look for other
signs of rosacea as well like that reddening of the cheeks and everything
and then the telangiectasia on the eyelids. I talked about earlier with the little blood vessels that run up and down your eyelids if
those are more prominent that means you might have ocular rosacea. Some other symptoms can be burning and stinging of the eyes is very common and
that pretty much sums up ocular rosacea in signs and symptoms. You might feel
like you have like a grittiness or a foreign body sensation in your eyes
or a tearing or a stinging of the eyes How is ocular rosacea diagnosed? This can be a little bit difficult but if you have any of these symptoms you think you might have ocular rosacea then it’s definitely worth a
visit to your eye doctor because they’re going tolook at a bunch of different
things. They are going to look at your skin up close. They are going to look at your
eyelids up close. They are going to look at your meibomian glands. Ocular rosacea has actually been shown to contribute to meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis even demodex issues because ocular rosacea patients
or rosacea patients in general with facial rosacea tend to have an oily
complexion and that just really contributes to blepharitis
and to demodex and so your eye doctor is going to check you or should check you for
blepharitis, dry eyes, meibomian gland dysfunction and demodex. If you’ve got a lot of that those signs are all things that point directly towards ocular rosacea. If you are just joining us this is The Dry Eye Show. I’m
Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. Today we’re going over ocular rosacea the definition of it what causes it signs and symptoms treatment
and cures. There’s a link in both the comments and the description that you
can go learn more and read the whole article that we wrote on this and before
we jump into the natural treatments for ocular rosacea I want to let you know
that if you leave a comment below either let us know where you’re from if you’ve
joined us before and then also if you have ocular rosacea if you don’t have it
or you have no idea what it is but you think you might have it put that in the
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bottle of our spray. Let’s jump into ocular rosacea natural treatments
and cures. Ocular rosacea can be maintained and it can’t really be cured
like we said earlier but you can do things to lower the inflammation in your
body and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on is things to lower
inflammation and also eyelid hygiene which we talked about so much with dry
eye. It’s also the same with ocular rosacea and so this is going to help
prevent flare-ups but you still might have flare-ups pending on what you eat.
What you’re doing and what environment you’re in. This is going to help you manage the condition a little bit more What we want you to do is wash your
face and eyelid area with a tea tree base soap. Our Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil based
soap helps kind of soothe that redness that itching as opposed to all the
chemically written soaps and the reason that ours I’m not going to say it’s a
little better but we feel like it works a little more because it only have five ingredients. The main ingredient in it is organic green tea. Green tea actually helps reduce inflammation and so that’s why we put that in as the
main ingredient. The tea tree oil helps with managing demodex and
demodex as Dr. Jenna stated earlier can help or it actually can hurt and
actually flare up the rosacea You want to make sure that after you wash your face that you’re ensuring that
your eyelids are clean twice a day so we recommend using a hypochlorous acid cleanser such as Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser and basically you can do this by simply closing your eyes spray it directly on your eyelids and rub it in and just let it dry or you can use a
cotton ball or a cotton round whatever is comfortable for you as far as applying it but you really want to make sure that you’re using a cleanser
twice a day morning and evening to keep your eyelids really clean. We like hypochlorous acid because it’s very gentle. It’s a substance that your
body makes naturally and it naturally fights bacteria. It’s a good antiseptic
so it’s a wonderful eyelid cleanser to use twice a day. We hear a lot of times before we jump to the next we hear a lot of times that you guys are just saying this because you sell the product. No we actually know how to treat
the condition and we came out with the product due to the the fact that we know
how to treat the condition and so that’s why we came out with these and another
side note on hypochlorous acid is when you’re cleaning your eyelids if you have
rosacea over your whole face spray it on your whole face use about four to five sprays rub it in. I actually do this in the
morning instead of putting lotion on now I actually spray it on my whole face or instead of coconut oil and I just rub it in. Let it sit. It’s not greasy. It just dries right up and it feels really good. Next natural treatment is we’ve talked about how it actually makes meibomian gland
dysfunction worse. You want to apply a warm compress. Applying a warm compress eye mask so you put it in the microwave for 20 seconds put it over
your closed eyelids for 10 to 20 minutes just reheat it as needed that being said
some people with ocular rosacea do find that a warm compress tends to make their
eyes feel worse if that is you then I would skip the warm compress or
alternate it with a cool compress you know different days whatever you feel works for you and if you don’t have meibomian gland
dysfunction then maybe just do a cool compress. Put it in the freezer and pull it out. Absolutely with ocular rosacea makeup should be avoided if you
can if you’re at home I would not put makeup on basically lots of skin products and makeup and all types of things like that have irritants
in them. They’re made of chemicals and so when you put close to your eyes it has the potential to clog your meibomian glands and to get
in your eyes and to irritate your skin and it’s just going to make things much
worse so if you can go makeup free I know it’s not possible really all the
time but if you can give your skin a break give your eyes a break and
go makeup free speaking of giving your eyes a break stick the glasses instead of contacts so as soon as you start to feel your eyes
get irritated remove your contact lenses and then switch to your glasses until
that episode kind of goes away and that flare-up goes away and if you’re a
contact lens wear make sure you’re switching to a daily disposable lens
which is one that you can throw away every single day it’s not possible for
every prescription but if it is in yours make sure you use a daily disposable
lens. Now the next one is that you should limit your sun exposure so make
sure that you’re wearing sunglasses a hat, sunscreen absolutely when you’re
outside. UV light is a very common trigger of rosacea. It’s going to trigger yours most likely. It’s also so important to stay away from tanning
beds. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that anymore but I still do. Some people
still use them and then make sure you’re consuming omega fatty acids and so omega 3 and omega 6. We talked about all the time diet plays such a crucial role
with everything with inflammation, dry eyes, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction and especially ocular rosacea Figuring out what triggers your rosacea is the key and eliminating that but if you’re not sure
make sure you increase your intake of omega-3s and omega-6s fatty acids. My
favorite avocados has a great omega 6 to 3 ratio. Flaxseed is a big contributor to helping contributor but a big helper when it
comes to ocular rosacea. Flaxseed supplements, flaxseed as a whole. We like
using ground-up flaxseed because it gets in your body a lot more readily and it’s
easier to digest if you eat the whole flaxseed it’s just fiber which isn’t bad
for you either and then of course you can take our
omega-3 supplement as well that’s fish oil but just making sure that you
increase your intake of omegas. Avocado ground flaxseed, chia seed, hemp seeds,
walnuts, and nuts in general. Our last little tip here is to make use of artificial tears if you need them If your eyes feel dry go ahead and use
an artificial tear but you want to make sure that it’s a preservative free
artificial tear so you don’t want to add any extra preservatives into your eyes
and extra irritants into your eyes so artificial tears we’re going to say it many
times but they are not a treatment for dry eye or ocular rosacea or
blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction but they do help the
symptoms sometimes so if they help you go ahead and use them and we have been
switching our views on artificial tears a little bit more since we went to
Academy because there were some a few studies out that showed that they
are beneficial for patients that have very mild dry eye and so if we recommend Retain MGD the most you can just buy it on Amazon that one’s really
good because it’s preservative free and it works more on that ocular rosacea
patient. We get this question a lot and we’re going to go into this but what
are the best eye drops for treating ocular rosacea and just like we just
talked about eyedrops are not a cure for ocular rosacea instead of figuring out
what’s in your diet that’s causing it environmental stressors and making sure
that you enhance your eyelid hygiene regimen like we went over earlier in the
show. That’s what we recommend to our patients is just making sure that you
get a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleanser really cleaning up your eyelids in your
face figuring out the triggers that should help relieve your red itchy skin
but hypochlorous acid has been hugely beneficial for our rosacea
patients just spraying it all over your skin and your eyelids it’s going to help
just calm that irritation down. It may sting at first if you’re having a flare-up because you are inflamed anything will sting at that point and so
the three hypochlorous acid that we recommend of course ours. We love ours. Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser you can get that on Amazon. You can also
click the link in the description of the comments to head over to the page and it
will show you there and then the two prescription ones which is Avenova and
then Acuicyn. Those tend to be a little bit more expensive but if you
want to go with a more prescription route Is there a difference between all three of them? No not really it’s just different routes of how
put them to market and it was a business decision between companies. Let’s go over a little bit more the ocular rosacea diet. Number one you have to make sure you’re drinking enough water during the day. You should be
drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. If
you weigh 150 pounds you should be drinking 75 ounces of water at least. carry around or a usable water bottle fill it with filtered water throughout the day. Do what you need to do to get your hydration in. If you don’t want to measure it you can drink eight glasses of water a day. If you want to do
it that way. We drink fifteen. I drink a lot of water and you probably drink
way more than I do but some fatty acids so we talked about omega-3 is already
but they do have unique anti-inflammatory properties especially
for those with ocular rosacea You can get these from wild caught fish if you are a fish eater like salmon and mackerel and things like that but
you can also get them from a supplement flax seeds like we already talked about
avocados things like that so make sure that you’re adding those into your diet.
Do not be afraid of fat like every American is. Just make sure you are eating good fat. Good fat is great for your body. Bad fat is terrible for your body. Stay away from processed foods. Stay away from anything that says low fat. Run. It just means they add sugar which is worse than fat. The third tip is to avoid spicy hot foods. So for a lot of people spicy foods are a big trigger of
their rosacea so just avoid those foods or limit them if you can and then alcohol consumption alcohol is a big trigger for some people and it might
just be certain types so for some people it might be the gluten that’s in beer
that triggers your rosacea or it might be some type of tannin or something like
that that’s in red wine that might trigger your rosacea maybe you drink something else Travis forget the red wine and have a white wine or beer or something like that. You just have to be careful about what you’re eating Dairy I will add that one in there. Dairy can
actually be a trigger for ocular rosacea and some people. Those inflammatory foods that you just need to be careful about. Some tips there about ocular rosacea diet. The main thing to remember here is there is not really a
cure for rosacea just ways to manage your symptoms and figure out what’s
causing the flare-ups and eliminating those and that’s the key thing to
remember with this. Again there’s a link in the description or in the comments
that will take you over to the article that will go over everything that we just
went over. That was a really beefy dry eye show that we just did. Ocular rosacea
We promised you guys we’d come out with something really good. If you’re just joining us this is The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler If you’re just joining us we pick one
comment or every single episode to win our Heyedrate one ounce bottle for free
and we ship it to you. Just comment below if you have ocular rosacea. If you don’t have it or if you’re not sure and then also just let us know who
you are where you’re from and if you’ve joined us before and then if you have
any questions of course put those below as well. We’re going to jump over to live
questions here in just a little bit and then we are having our makeup remover
It’s a four ingredient makeup remover It is for free in the comments below. You can find the link to the description for that. If you can’t find it just
let us know and we’ll post it for you but that is for free until next Monday
because we are just launching it. It’s pretty awesome. It’s grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil It’s geared exactly for you guys. We made this just for you I love it. I hope you love it too. Give it a try. I It’s free. It turned out much better than we design it as we were testing it Let’s jump over to live questions and let’s see what we have below. Welcome everybody. Thanks for
joining us now. She’s from Florida Jean says hi doctors Jenna Travis. Hi Jean and she says great information. Thanks. This was a something
we’ve been meaning to do forever. Debra says hi from Blairsville could possibly
have this very interesting yeah and a lot of
people you don’t realize it and then once you kind of hear the symptoms of
the redness right here rosy cheeks kind of the redness on the eyelids at
telangiectasia which a lot of people have and then just that redness we
always hear the patient that says I just have redness all the time yeah and it
could be just that you have rosacea and you might look for redness everywhere
else and that’s where hypochlorous acid comes in rule or it comes to play a big
role for you. Donna from Whitehall Pennsylvania was recently diagnosed
after seven months I love you guys. Thank you very much Donna. This one’s long
I’ll let you read that while I go to the next one. Brandon says hi from Chicago Can ocular rosacea cause problems making tears? Of course it can. Eyelids are connected to your tears. Your
eyelids create your tears. Your lack of lacrimal gland is up here in your eyelid
and then your meibomian glands make your oily layer of your tears and the
one that’s really affected is the meibomian glands because like Dr. Jenna
talked about earlier ocular rosacea and rosacea in general effect the meibomian
glands. They clog them up a little bit more and so that’s going to affect your
quality of tears which if you don’t get more oil on to the eye your eye is going to
water more as a result which actually makes more watery tears which isn’t what
we want we want more oily tears and so we have to get the rosacea under control
then the meibomian gland dysfunction under control and then just it’s going to
reestablish the homeostasis of your tears and that’s the goal. Sarah says that she recently had a stye and it basically went away within about three days but now her gland looks like it’s dilated so she can
tell when she does meibomian gland expression it just looks a little almost
a little larger than what it used to and is that normal. Basically it is because
if you think about it you’ve got almost like a pimple on your eyelid in your
gland so that gland was swollen. It was dilated when it had that stye in there. It’s going to take a little bit of time to shrink back down to
normal. It’s not anything to worry about. Just continue to do what you’re
doing. You’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. To make sure that hopefully you won’t get a stye again in the near future and
if you have oil that’s coming out that’s a good sign. That you can actually see it
flowing and so that’s a good thing. Just keep the eyelid hygiene up. Donna says my derm told me I don’t have rosacea on my face which he said is rare
So if you have it on other parts of your body the same principles apply. Using the
hypochlorous acid even on your arm. We recommend if you have like psoriasis or
something you can even put it on that but if you have like eczema anywhere
else or rosacea but if you have rosacea anywhere else
don’t be afraid to use the hypochlorous acid our lid and lash cleanser on other
parts of your body. It’s for everything. If you have a cut on your skin it helps
heal it so much faster show them your I have bandage on it. She burned herself
and she’s been putting our hypochlorous acid on it. It help it heal so don’t be afraid to put that anywhere that you have rosacea. What facial washes do you recommend? I use your spray but what else could I use? We recommend using ours. It is right here This is our Heyedrate Handmade Tea Tree Oil Soap for face and body. We use this all over. I can’t get it to focus. We recommend using it in the shower because it does contain tea tree oil so if you’re not careful around
your eyes if it gets in your eyes it is going sting because it’s tea tree oil
and it always going to sting We recommend using it in the shower. We use it all over. You can use it just on your face if
you want to but then the shower washes it away really easily and you don’t have
to worry about it getting in your eyes as much so that’s definitely
what we would recommend exactly Try ours. It’s only five ingredients. The reason we did that is lack of chemicals and eye chemicals
drive me crazy. She’s got some soap from Bath and Body Works and I’m your mom you can blame her. I can blame my mom sorry but every time I use that my hands dry
up instantly and it’s because the chemicals that are in it and then I have
a plain soap that is literally just like two ingredients and when I use that my
hands are fine and so it could be the chemicals that are in your face wash
That’s why ours only have five ingredients Organic green tea is the main one. Tea tree oil is the one that we use for the demodex purposes. Then it has raw shea
butter, coconut oil olive oil. Adina from the UK. I don’t know if I have ocular rosacea I do have MGD and aqueous
deficiency but my left eye is always more inflamed than the right because I
have got three strabismus surgeries and always I feel the symptoms worse in that
eye I can see the information around the eyeball and on the white of the eye. So
yes having the surgeries definitely disrupts kind of your homeostasis of
your eye and so that’s why people that have cataract surgery and LASIK they
usually tend to have drier eyes as well and that’s why you have more dryness on
that side. I know you didn’t ask a question. You’re just stating. Jean says I don’t have ocular rosacea. I thank God but I do have MGD
and sometimes my upper eyelid becomes so painful. Why? That can be a lot of things
Very hard to do. It could be a lot of things but it could be it could even be the start of a stye. If you’ve got meibomian gland dysfunction. It could be that there’s a little stye coming on there. We had a friend that
came over the other night and he had us look at his eyelid and he’s like it just
has been bothering me for the past week or so it kind of hurts and he definitely
had a big stye there. It could be that just continue to do what
you’re doing with your routine and the hypochlorous acid and everything should really help to get it to go away. Kathy says I carry your hypochlorous spray in my purse. Jean says I have one more question since green smoothies Restasis no longer burns
my eyes. Thank you. Does this mean the inflammation is gone? This probably means that the inflammation is extremely reduced and so what you did there gene
is you started drinking green smoothies which are alkalizing low inflammatory
foods that actually decrease the inflammation of your body so when we eat
processed food and alcohol and we drink a lot and smoke that puts our body and
in an acidic state and when your body’s in acidic state that means acid you’re going to be more likely to have
cancer cells growing more likely to have disease and inflammation especially
inflammation is going to run rampant in an acidic state and when you drink green
smoothies every morning it’s not going to happen overnight but you’ll feel
relief within a week and even more relief within a month if you stick
with it because we always talk about the seven days of unbearableness. Seven days
of uncomfortable and then seven days of unstoppable. Once you get through 21
days of green smoothies then your body starts to shift into that alkaline state
You’re so used to that acidic state that it takes a while to shift once you start
to shift that decreases the inflammation in your body decreasing the inflammation
of your eyes therefore Restasis should not burn as much. We do recommend if you’ve never heard us say this before we recommend green smoothies every morning for everyone. So everyone should have a green smoothie in the
morning for breakfast replace whatever you’re having with a green smoothie and
there was some discussion in the dry eye syndrome support community about buying smoothies at a smoothie place versus making them at home and I absolutely
recommend make them at home if you can When we’re traveling and things like that we might buy one out but I absolutely look at every single
ingredient that goes in that smoothie and I make sure that I ask them to
replace the juice with almond milk and things like that because at a smoothie
place they’re going to use a lot of juices versus water and things that don’t have sugar in them so just be careful if you’re out and about and
you’re grabbing a smoothie because it might not be as healthy as you think it
should be Dorothy says I’ve been using Thera tears
dry eye therapy for dry eye. If that’s working for you continue just don’t use
it more than four times a day Edina says I also join your videos and I
would like to have the eye makeup remover I want to win it and you will find out tomorrow. We’ll announce it
right here on the comments. The eye makeup remover is not the giveaway. It’s actually a mail-in rebate. You purchase it and then you
mail in the rebate. It’s not in the UK yet It’s just in the U.S. The giveaway is for the 1 ounce Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser. Linda asked a great question. Does Xiidra or Restasis work better? Define better. Xiidra and Restasis kind of work in very similar routes. They both can deactivate t-cells on your eye and these t-cells are responsible for
your immune system. They kind of are activated when your immune system is
attacking your eye because of the inflammation and so the goal of these
Xiidra not as much as Restasis. Xiidra works a little differently. They don’t
really know how it works but they both have to reduce the t-cell count and so
that takes anywhere from one to six months to do and that’s why it takes Restasis so long to work and people don’t feel results for six months. Xiidra
tends to be a little quicker. They’re not sure why that’s happening but tends to
have results in about one to two months and then the new one that’s coming out
called Cequa probably next February or March. Cequa is a stronger cyclosporine
stronger version of Restasis with a different delivery vehicle and so they
say that it may cause symptoms early even faster so which one works better
depends on the patient and it depends if you stick to it or not and so there is a
place in dry eye therapy for Restasis Xiidra and Cequa. We always recommend other ways to do it first if you want to just get a brief overview of how we
treat dry eye go to Dry Eye Boot Camp Challenge. That’s a seven day boot camp
challenge. Take action on every single day and that’s a very brief summary then
if you want to join the full eight-week boot camp you can do that at the end of
the seven days but the seven days is a very abridged version that’s very tight
and take action on that but to answer your question neither one is better they
just work differently. Diane asks how do I get the eye makeup remover? There is a link in the comments but I will post it as a reply
to your comment below. It’s on our website. You click to the website. You
purchase it through the link on Amazon and then you enter your email and you’ll
get a form and you fill out the form and then you’ll get it in about 30 days. So
does a mail-in rebate. Pat says I don’t know if I have it
I do have MGD and blepharitis and mites I’ve been using recommended products and methods I would like the eye makeup remover. Thanks. I will also put it in the
reply to you as well. You purchase it at Amazon at full price and then you fill out the form and then we give you the gift card. All the details I’ll put it in the reply to you. How does ocular rosacea just come out of nowhere
meaning sudden onset without facial rosacea and so that’s a great question
and everything we talked about. You have a trigger and it’s all about
figuring out what that trigger is and that’s the tough part. There’s so many
toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis from the air quality around where
you live. The air quality around where you work. The work environment that
you’re in stress. What you eat that day. What you drink that day and keep in
mind that genetic factors play a role too. It might not be something that you’re eating or drinking or coming into contact with it could just be that you’re predestined to have it basically and
then that’s when it comes just down to the management and just making sure you
avoid the flare-ups. What do you think of the True Tears? It’s goofy. It’s interesting. At academy we asked a little bit more about it and the True Tear for those that don’t know it’s two
little prongs that go up your nose and they stimulate a nerve which then causes
more tears to develop in your eyes so my first question was okay we’re
stimulating tears which means they’re going to be watery tears and so I was like
why do I want more watery tears and what most of my patients have MGD they claim
Allergan claims that even some more oily tears come out when it’s stimulated. Yes
so they claim that the composition of the tears is the same as what your eyes
would naturally produce. I’m a little leery about that but some people I’m
sure it would work for. If you want to try it. Let us know that works for you.
Dorothy says hi. I have intraocular lenses in both my eyes from cataract
surgery. My eyes get very dry. Dorothy if depending on how long you’ve been following us go to dryeyebootcampchallenge.com join the seven day challenge take action on each day and then see if you notice the result. I
think you will after three days. That’s just my opinion. If you want to read our book you can go to dryeyecommunity.com and you can get
the free book there You just put your email in and I also
have my dry eye checklist on there that we give to all our patients. Marilyn
says are you familiar with Regener Eye Drops? Regener Eyes is you talk to the guy so it’s a company down in Florida and I’m blanking right now what they are
they’re not amniotic are they They are amniotic eyedrops and so
they’re made from amniotic material That’s one thing to keep in mind some
people don’t like that and like ProKera is an amniotic graph. These are amniotic
membrane drops. Now with that being said this is very similar to Xiidra and Restasis.
These aren’t magical eye drops. Same thing with autologous serum drops. These are
using your body’s natural healing components in amniotic tissue or fluid
and then autologous serum which is your own blood your serum in your blood using
your own body to heal yourself. It’s not going to happen overnight neither is our
spray. Nothing happens overnight you have caused damage over years and years
and so that’s not your fault either. It just happens and this is going to help try to heal that damage and so it’s
going to take time and so if you do any eye drop that you try we generalize Xiidra, our spray, Cequa any of those you have to make sure you give them a month to six
months to really fully work because it’s healing tissue that’s been damaged for
so long just like our green smoothies it’s not going to cause instant relief
You’ll notice a relief after 21 days but you just got to stick to it. Same with hydration. I think hydration is the single most important thing you
could do for your dry eye. People take it for granted for sure but like what he said with autologous serum and Regener Eyes we heard this a lot of the
optometry academy meeting that those are not lubricating eyedrops. They’re not
meant to lubricate your eyes. They’re meant to heal your eyes. If you have
something that’s going on in the front of your eye. You have maybe a recurrent corneal erosion or you’ve had an abrasion or things like that very dry eyes even they’re going to help repair your cornea and repair your eye and just like you said that takes time. Adina asks how can I have a private conversation with you guys? I’d like to
share my story with you to find out what do you suggest for me. I’ve tried a lot
of treatments for MGD and dry eye but no relief at all. Please I need your help. That’s a great question. We occasionally do private consulting with
we’ve done it for probably close to 20 people. We don’t do it too often and if
you’re more interested in something like that you can shoot one of us a PM and we
can talk about it but we usually charge. I don’t remember what we charged when we were doing that but well you can private message one of us and
then we’ll talk to you about it and give you a price and then we can meet via
video chat just like this so if you’re just joining us this is The Dry Eye Show
I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler We went over ocular rosacea today so go back to the beginning of this episode and listen to that whole
thing it’s about 15 minutes long and it’s a pretty beefy article and so it
talks about a lot so make sure you go over that. Thanks everybody for joining
us and leaving your comments below. We are going to pick one winner to win a
Heyedrate one ounce lid and lash cleanser and so if you leave a comment below you
either let us know where you’re from if you’ve joined us before. If you have any
questions. We pick one commenter to win the spray. So make sure you leave a
comment below and make sure you like this video. We are taking off. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you soon


  • ugk26 says:

    Can you please do one on floppy eyelid syndrome. I’m curious your take on it and treatment options. It’s hard to find anyone that understands the disease state.

  • LAYNE says:

    Hi doctors can you have ocular rosacea without having the facial type? Also can just having dry red eyes with inflammation not be ocular rosacea or is it ocular rosacea? I was put on corticosteroids but turns out was allergic now my eyes are red does this automatically mean I have ocular rosacea now? Can eye medications cause inflammation even if they are anti-inflammatory?

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    1) Would 3-4 times/day warm compress makes more telangiectasia?
    2) Is rosacea related to hormone?

  • Susette Waser says:

    I figured the ocular rosacea has resulted after an acute attack of blepharitus in September that has plagued me since- warm compresses in the a.m. To reduce the swelling but it takes hours- given up makeup and am very dissatisfied with the ophthalmologist's exam- your information is mote helpful thank you! I am interested in how to use tea tree oil, I make my own shampoo with Castile soap, eucalyptus and peppermint. How to dilute the tea tree oil? I hate this- I have never been this ugly in my whole life! 😢

  • Debbe Burton says:

    Love your channel! Thank you for the open and honest causes and treatments. I am in Chicago. I have had Rosacea for 10 years but only having recently getting flare ups. Also experiencing ocular rosacea recently as well. UGH! I have RA and am on a PB diet for treatment without meds. I use your soap daily and love it. I am going to order the spray. Keep up the great work!!

  • freida smoker says:

    How do we get the makeup remover for free? When I click on the link it takes me to amazon.

  • Eagle c. says:

    Hi Docors, Red lid margin upon awakening in the morning
    =1)demodex (=inflammation?), 2)eyes are too dry, if redness fades, or both. Solutions: doxy, z-pack for 1), ointment for 2)? or more? I've tried ointment, doesn't help. Just curious if restasis helps it? Thanks a lot.

  • G. C. M. says:

    Hi doctors, I think I have ocular rosacea. My doctor prescribed 1 pill of antibiotic 20mg per day. So that is what I am doing for now. I would like to know more about how to clean my eyes. I am also beginning to put more attention to what I eat. Please let me know how I can alleviate the itchiness. Here Gladys from Indiana. My doctor also recommended "Sylantra" which cost is about &800; I did not buy it but, am I missing a good product?

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    BINGO! Thank you! Now I know why my eyes are so bloodshot and constantly tearing so much it looks like I'm crying. (I sure feel like it.) Angry red on my cheeks – and chin and nose and forehead. Eye doc never mentioned this even after my describing the flare and showing him a pic. I'm having the worst flare ever right now. Interstitial cystitis is flaring too, right now, but not very bad, thank goodness. But this rosacea flare is sooooo painful! Feels like sunburn and acid burn at the same time. Winter is the worst for me. Cold, dry outside, dry heated air inside.

  • Dorsett40 says:

    Just came across this video today. I just bought the products and can’t wait to use them. Thanks so much for the information —will check out your other videos next.

  • Eagle c. says:

    Avoid sun, face only? If so, we can only take Vit. D supplement? Many thanks.

  • Eagle c. says:

    Telangiectasia, if we reduce inflammation with diet, would 'existing' telangiectasia disappear? or still need doxy, ( IPL) etc? Thanks a lot.

  • oox1xoo says:

    How about swollen eyelids aswell as other symptoms.
    Most opticians in the Uk including hospital don’t even recognise
    Demodex as a cause .

  • oox1xoo says:

    And yes a warm compress made it worse.

  • David Wimble says:

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  • Bobbie Harper says:

    I was diagnosed as having rosacea a while back by my derm. I asked some questions about it because I did not know anything about it. I don't have that butterfly look as much as I did when I was younger, however what I am going through now is, what you explained in this video, but more. I have like skin flakes inside my eyes, some are so big that they are seen on top of my iriss, or in the middle. I know this, because of the photos that are taken and the way it's hard to see when in my vision. When I blink the skin flakes move around inside my eyes.
    My question is, have you seen patients that are going through what I am going through? And the next Q. is, how do I get rid of these skin flakes? This really bothers me.
    Another important question is, why would my Derm, give me steroid cream to put on my face if it was bad for patients like myself?

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    Thankyou. I have rosacea on my nose and cheeks ( fortunately a light case ) but have dry skin . I’m 60 and it is hereditary. My eyes are so dry and gritty feeling. I have had three broken blood vessels recently several weeks apart. I’m wondering if this is related. It’s not from rubbing my eyes .

  • Heidi Ellis says:

    Remember not to wear makeup for your eye exam! After 3 years of being misdiagnosed with dry eye symptoms, I went to the Optomistrist without makeup…he immediately reviewed all my symptoms and made the diagnosis of ocular rosacea. It took a full year to get my symptoms under control, best advice I learned is to take flax seed every day and use a warm compress on my eyes in the morning and at night! I live in Florida, dealing with heat, humidity and pollen. I wear contacts and glasses too!

  • E Paez says:

    hi there, i just found you, this is exactly what i have, i've had it for like 20 years without knowing what it was. at that time i had the red eye thing, the doctor told me it was a condition related to rheumatoid arthritis but did not know what to do to manage the condition or what it was. I've had irritated eyes very frequently and hope the your free bottle of cleanser will help on my lids and on my cheeks!! thank you.

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  • Silvia Correa says:

    Hi you guys, just found your channel thanks for the videos. I recently had eye surgery (Lasik) about a month ago and I have been struggling with dryness (not too much right now. Visited my ofthalmologist last week for a check up and he told me I was having a mild queratitis due to the surgery but I also suffer from rosacea. Right now Im going through a bad lasting flare up (ever since the surgery due to emotional stress) and my eyelids turned red, inflamed and they both sting which had never happened before. Could I have developed occular rosacea since the surgery? Thank you!

  • Debra Ellerbee says:

    Yes I was diagnosed with Roasea June of 2018 then ocular Roasea from ga my eye doctor don’t even believe in ocular Roasea ,,he gave me steroid for eyes is it normal to have. Puffy eyes under my eyes

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    You guys are great thx for the info. So much more helpful then any other docter ive been too. I believe ive been living with Rosacea and ocular Rosacea for a long time with out even knowing it. Ive recently just had my eyes go red around my eyelids along with the feeling of something in my eye with red eyes. Also my eyelids have been very veiny.

  • mod72cfw says:

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    I live in New Jersey. You have just described me to a tee. Rosacea, very red skin around the eyes, vertical veins, and very red eyes at all times. I also have an inflammatory autoimmune skin condition called DSAP and I have lived with this for more than twenty years. HELP!

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    I have suffered for 3 1/2 yrs. and after 2 doctors, 3 eye doctors and an immunologist, not ONE mentioned this and I believe this is exactly what I have !!! They ruled a lot of stuff ‘out’, but this was never mentioned. I came to research rosacea because my skin started feeling dry and itchy at times… and I just got a bad flare up… ran across the ocular part and it fits to a ‘tee’. Glad I found this video 😁

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