Oatmeal Baths for Eczema

Oatmeal Baths for Eczema

Hi it is Melissa again. Today I want to talk
to you about oatmeal baths and the reason I want to talk to you about oatmeal baths
is because they are so freaking popular. For some reason everyone is using them. Well,
it’s not some reason, I know why people are using them and that’s because they are very
gentle. People can use them on their baby’s skin. Because the baby’s skin is so soft and
smooth and delicate and that’s why you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals and throwing
bleach on them and bicarb soda at them because that is going to change the pH of their skin.
What happens with the skin is that when you use all these other chemicals. These ones
that make your skin more alkaline. “Alkaline is really good.” Yes, true for some things
but not true for other things. The skin especially because the skin is naturally in the acidic
range and what that acidity means is it that it can fight the microbes and pathogens a
lot easier. When you raise the pH, that will create a situation on your skin where
it can no longer fight as much of the bacteria and all the itch causing things. That’s why
I love oatmeal baths. Oatmeal actually does come in a lot of good eczema products. So,
I have used it in some eczema products before l and I have actually found it to be quite
soothing. Oatmeal our good humble friend the oatmeal can be used for different reasons.
Three of these reasons are. Number one, for eating. Number two in products that you can
moisturize with. And my personal favorite number three for bathing. If you see products
called colloidal oatmeal you can make an oatmeal bath really easy, just get some oatmeal throw
it in the bath or you can put it in a bag, like a little tea bag and dunk it in the water
like a cup of tea and swim around in, feels really good. Colloidal oatmeal is apparently
really good. Colloidal is a fancy word for blended oatmeal. Just a really finely powdered
oatmeal and what that does is creates an environment in the water where it is really milky and
full of the goodness the oatmeal offers. The oatmeal itself can penetrate the skin better,
coat the skin better. You can feel like Cleopatra stepping out of a milky bath. The other things
that oatmeal offers is that it is moisturizing, it is cleansing for the skin it is also mildly
anti- itch, anti-inflammatory. The best thing is you can use it on your children and babies,
your not going to be damaging them in anyway. That gets five stars from me. Thank you for
listening to this video if you have any requests for any other videos you’d like to see for
eczema treatments then please shout out to me I loved to hear your thoughts. Thank you
and good bye.


  • Abby Wright says:

    Very helpful thanks!

  • KariahLuke MacChan says:

    Does the oats not block plug hole

  • gala says:

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  • zeeshan ulmulk says:

    Hey dear I have flare up Itaching information what to do even leave oily things other but still have it

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