Nutrient deficiencies that cause blood sugar problems, insulin resistance, and diabetes

Nutrient deficiencies that cause blood sugar problems,  insulin resistance, and diabetes

Hey, Dr. Osborne here, with Pick Dr. Osborne’s
Brain, and viewer Joleen sent in a question today. She’s curious about the prevalence of diabetes,
the increased epidemic in our modern culture. And she’s wanting to know why is it that somebody
who is thin and works out could actually have insulin resistance? So pay attention if you are not overweight
and you exercise regularly, but you’re still having a hard time controlling your blood
sugar. One of the factors involved in regulation
of blood sugar are micronutrients. And so often times what we’ll see Joleen,
is we’ll see people with chromium, zinc and magnesium deficiencies. And these deficiencies can actually make you
insulin resistant, even if you’re working out, even if you’re eating low sugar or a
very low carbohydrate diet. So, to answer the question simplistically,
get with a good functional medicine practitioner, ask them to measure your micronutrient status. Things like chromium, magnesium, and zinc. We could add some more into that list. Like vitamin D regulates insulin sensitivity,
as well. And so does vitamin B3 or Niacin. So ask a good functional medicine doctor to
measure your micronutrient status. Because by having that information, you might
just find which supplements you can use to boost your body’s ability to recognize glucose
and get it out of your bloodstream and re sensitize your insulin receptor. Hopefully that’s helpful for you, Joleen. Make sure those of you who want to ask your
questions, send that over to [email protected], and make sure you subscribe to our channels
so you can get updates when we put out new videos for you. And as always, make sure you tune in Monday
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health. This is Dr. Osborne, signing out.


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