Number of psoriasis patients increase during fall

Number of psoriasis patients increase during fall

The change of seasons can cause people to
come down with a cold or catch the flu. It can also trigger certain skin conditions. For a closer look at one of the most common,…
Kim Mok-yeon reports. Psoriasis is a skin disease which is characterized
by patches of abnormal skin. The patches are usually red, itchy and scaly. Because of this, many people do not recognize
the seriousness of the disease, but research shows that patients suffering from intensive
Psoriasis are even less satisfied with their lives compared to diabetes and cancer patients. “Psoriasis is a disease visible to the eye,
but it is not contagious. However treatment is important because it
could cause depression as patients tend to avoid meeting other people when they see symptoms.” More than 160,000 people in Korea suffer from
Psoriasis. Though there is no known cure as of today,
doctors say there are several ways to ease Psoriasis symptoms. First, one must drink enough water, up to
2.5 liters daily. Showers should last for at least 20-minutes
with lukewarm water, and only wash areas that are prone to profuse sweating. And moisturizers should be applied to the
patient’s body within 3 minutes after shower. The best way to prevent the disease from getting
worse is providing continuous moisture care to our bodies during our daily lives. Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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