Nevada Ban on Chloroquine is Bad Medicine for Coronavirus Treatment

Nevada Ban on Chloroquine is Bad Medicine for Coronavirus Treatment

Hi, I’m Christina Sandefur, Executive Vice-President of the Goldwater Institute. The governor of Nevada has just announced that he’s going to ban the use of the drug “chroloquine” to treat the novel-coronavirus within his state. Now it’s true, cholorquine is not FDA approved to treat the coronavirus, in fact, no treatment is. But, it is FDA approved for a number of other conditions like Malaria, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis and it’s perfectly legal for doctors to use FDA approved treatments to treat other conditions. That’s called off-label treatment, and it’s very common. In fact, about 20% of all prescriptions
today are made off-label. Now, in this time of crisis there are legitimate concerns about the supply of this drug, especially since lupus and RA patients really rely upon it. But policymakers wanting to do something already have the tools that they need to be able to deal with these temporary supply issues. In fact, the governor of Nevada knows this because he already issued an order limiting prescription fills of this drug to 30 days. Politicians aren’t physicians though, and they shouldn’t be making medical decisions. This is especially true in crisis times like these. We need to leave the important medical decisions to the people who can make them best. Doctors in conjunction with their patients. To learn more about the coronavirus crisis and the Goldwater Institute’s response visit


  • Clinton Stahlman says:

    The governor of Nevada is obviously an imbecilic moron to the nth degree. How was this jerk ever elected?

  • Wood Worm says:

    His funeral

  • Warren G. says:

    Typical Liberal politician who puts agenda ahead of American lives. We are fighting a war against two enemies , a virus and Liberal communists, both have two be eliminated.

  • Tony Polito says:

    She is speaking truth. There is significant evidence being reported from around the world — ok, informal evidence — that chloroquine is having a positive effect on coronavirus case outcomes. The drug is well-understood, having been around for many decades, safely used as an anti-malarial treatment by millions of people. And it is known to bear generally low risk on the downside. Accordingly, we should be trying it — ok, off-label. Especially as a last resort. Fauci's adherence to his position that "we need controlled trials first" is well-meaning, but it is just not recognizing the reality of the situation, all things considered.

  • Shivang defence update says:

    Tell that idiot governor that India already banned this drug export to save for Indians first.

  • Shell Bell says:

    Wow. He is a agent for the NWO!

  • JaneFonda1942 Apex Clan says:

    The Governor has just put his foot in his mouth and it's laughable.

  • Turbo Jones says:

    He can't waste it on dying patients when arthritis patients feel pain.

  • Adam Danischewski says:

    It's ridiculous that he banned Chloroquine, see this:

  • JaneFonda1942 Apex Clan says:

    I disagree with you about politicians not making medical decisions and leaving the decision in the hands of medical experts. Medical experts have denied Americans treatments that have been used successfully for years and yet these treatments are banned in the U.S by the F.D.A. So, I say no!!! Don't leave this decision in the hands of a medical bureaucracy that is suspected of being in the pockets of "Big Pharma".

  • Adam Danischewski says:

    He should be authorizing a 6 month fill for existing patients and leave the remainder up to the doctors and pharmacies to allocate. Taking Chloroquine off the table is practically a criminal offense.

  • Simon Sez says:

    …but I'll bet if he got the virus, he'd get his Chloroquine!!….what an idiot!!

  • 3RD Werks says:

    Sisolax is an absolute moron.

  • 1 2 says:

    @Goldwaterinstitute What is funny is he isn't on his perch in Carson City. He is on his perch in Las Vegas. He hasn't been living at the Governors Mansion at all. There where rummers that he wanted to move the capital down there.

  • S M says:

    He should be ban from getting any treatment when he gets coronavirus !!!

  • Burkhold St. Rudderberg says:

    Marijuana use is legal in NV but using Chloroquine to defeat the Coronavirus is illegal! This is a perfect example why we do not want Democrats in charge of anything!!!!!

  • JaneFonda1942 Apex Clan says:

    High dose vitamin C injected intravenously has shown to successfully lower the mortality rate caused by sepsis. It has been shown to remove the fluid that builds up in the lungs of sepsis victims and it has been shown to clear the kidneys preventing them from failing. M.D Marik of the Marik Protocol has lowered mortality rate of sepsis from 35% to 2% using injectable vitamin C. Look up the Marik Protocol.

  • Sean Morgan says:

    Good BYE Governor

  • VanGiai Do says:

    Thanks Nevada governor, you make people hating you and Democrats.

  • Ultra Magnetron says:

    Politicians rarely have the common sense to make this kind of decision, this is just another sad case where one person with an inadequate knowledge base affects the lives of possibly hundreds of people that may die without this medicine.

  • Carol Valenti says:

    GoldwaterInstitute : On March 21st, 4 days ago, Bill Still posted a video on his channel
    #The Still Report addressing the availability of Hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ. He reported that TEVA, the biggest Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co. in Israel are DONATING (GIVING) 10,000,000 doses directly to American Hospitals. They will have ANOTHER 10M rolling off the conveyor belts and on their way to the US the first week of April!! I’ve been a follower of The Still Report for a few years now and I trust him. I know him to be an honest, no nonsense, patriotic Conservative Christian, OBSESSED WITH truth and liberty. In fact, I FIRST HEARD of HCQ on The Still Report on March 11th. A full 2 weeks ago. He has posted 8 additional videos on the same subject since. In fact, his channel is how I found out about Nevada’s foolish governor. I HOPE there is a way to get this information (re: the donation from Israel) to the masses VERY SOON! Love to all.

  • Tim Henry says:

    What a nut.

  • Tim Henry says:

    The gov my have to many people in his State.

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