Natural Leave-in Conditioner With Sulphur For Oily Hair And Scalp #diynaturaldeepconditioner

Natural Leave-in Conditioner With Sulphur For Oily Hair And Scalp #diynaturaldeepconditioner

[Music] hello everybody welcome to my video today so guys today I will be doing a live in Korea Shana which one of my subscriber asked me to do her name is called harbona SHhhh oh my god I love that name so anyway this living condition arm would suffer died suffer first of all let’s talk talk about suffer and the benefit and so forth so for guys can treat our ringworm can treats Sir Issac and trim each his cup you can treat down trough it uses so many medicated soap medicated cream for people that that are so free from skin skin problem so so far I also have to clear your scalp so treacherous cut and to also stimulators your follicles for faster hair growth it can also cure XA man if you have eczema and anyway guys so far is very very important to our skin so me why if you really want softly from any skin alopecia you have bulbs swollen or scarred saw Scott tenders cup guys it is very important you mix off for with your oil or with your hair condition with a leave-in conditioner to help at least because something bacteria is a great anti bacterial tree is very important that you miss it with any of your product so needs to start treating your skin or your scalp for a better let me see healing of that issue okay so let’s get start of how to mix these products so first of where my software that’s it ground I need three hundred fifty milliliter of water to make a huge amount of let me say five hundred milliliter of our 600 of products so now I’m going to add my a loonie powder so every measurement will be writing along with my video is one to write them dance you are watching you shall be writing them down so now I’m going to mix our software and my annually powder so very wet then I will take it to my double heat boiler through just heat it up a little bit so after then this is my hibiscus flower oil so I’m also adding my carrot and banana oil which I did some time ago so now I do also my head or you can do as you prefer it is oil so now I’m also going to add my truly silly oil which is light or yet so also balance this heavy oil to at least make this criminal to look that heavy okay so I’m also going to add my MOCC fine one I’m missing a set record and my aim was if I was to get us from which to take to Malibu Ebola as well so now I have my water base which might with my so for so I’m going to add it’s a cup of mail you can use aloe vera gel or Thunderdome in these fees so because I have this cup of mint I’m just going to use this very one so I’m going to add photograph of my cup of mail and through use as my chikna okay so after that I will give it a step because it’s too hot guys so to just set or only I’m going to use my hand blender to just mix well so that everything babe mind you so for those not made in the water so we are going to make a great work here for so for to blend we’re this cream so I’ll bring in my oil phase nepali together with my what’s-her-face where I’m staring and staring out staring so that the software we met so now I’m going to take it to my fridge I let it to cool for why before I will come back again so guys here now as you can see we are back I left it for 15 minutes so I’m going to blend it game because this software is not blending where with the cream so this is my mixed edge trunk guys yeah I have different type of a extra I want to bring down one after the other so I just want everything to that Bo that I saw so now I pulled to my miss I’m missing it so I’m also going to add my mix extension oil this part of guys is personal okay so like my my mix extracts they are the ones I did myself they are different type of extra which I I cannot name them I did we had 10 type of extras and I pour into this cream so now I stir it with my stink shot and what I’m going to do now I’m going to allow it to sit for why then I’m come back again so I start to blend I’m black-irish oh how I know and I lie to seats so I just start to blend again you know blend the blender blend because this software is very hard to mix well with product so I’m just doing more work than less our work now so after that I will add my fragrance I’m going to mix two fragrance forgive me a strange sense so I mixed mango and baby powder fragrance but for delicates cup for delicate skinca we are doing medicated living condition okay so I add my preservation now so I’m going to give it a thorough mix finally so after this now I’m going to put it into my job a before that guys we are going to test for the pH so normally we know that a sometimes don’t test because I already know you know what you do every day you already know what you do look at the consistency how creamy and it’s going to come thick after hits it cools down so I’m going to measure the pH now the pay supposed to be five so if in the case is higher than five we are going to also work it out retail some through that so you know to bring it’s know if this highway were to bring it down with lactic acid at me sorry for that so now I’m putting it to my jaw as you saw it was five pH so guys I hope you loved this video if you are new in this channel guys don’t forget to subscribe give a huge thumbs up to this video like my video and try to follow me up in any order of my social media also support guys by sharing my video to your friends and family so I really appreciate all your love and care thank you all for watching bye bye


  • Tracy says:

    I was looking into incorporating sulfur in my scalp care. Is that about 5% sulfur. This cream looks beautiful. Thank you once again.

  • Yoyo7424 M says:

    I use sulfur too sister..just started trying to put in hair butter..sulfur resist being blended!! U have to put in work girl to get it to act right..Lol 😂 your cream looks so fluffy! I love 💗 it.. this sounds sooooo good…as usual! I wish u could wash my hair and use your treatments!🤔🥰😉😅..if only I were in italy 🇮🇹..😢😢🥺…xoxox and many manifested blessings

  • ayesha kabir says:

    What is leave in conditioner sis?
    Will it make my hair great,silky n smooth?
    Is there any ingredient that harmful to hair?
    In your conditioner all ingredients u used,is it safe?

  • dave742533 says:

    Love your videos always! very informative blessings beloved more grace in jesus name

  • Udochi Ufomadu says:

    I Love your videos and your personality. You make me smile whenever I watch you video

  • Bethany Wood says:

    Hey lovely God bless u. I am allergic to sulfur what can I use for the same results

  • ItzClovey Nuh says:

    The majority of the ingredients cannot be found here in the Caribbean.😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

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