Natural Health & Hygiene : What Is Tea Tree Oil Used For?

Natural Health & Hygiene : What Is Tea Tree Oil Used For?

Hi, I’m Lauren Roy from Sugar Hollow Farm
in Phillipston, Mass. Tea tree oil should not be used in people with hormonal imbalances.
Tea tree oil is derived from a tree and has antiseptic, antifungal properties. It can
be used straight from the bottle for cleaning wounds and it can also be used in carrier
oils like sweet almond and olive oil to act as an antifungal for feet and yeast infections
and to be used under a bandage. You can take sweet almond oil and olive oil and combine
them. And if you only need a little, if you can
just put one drop
of tea tree, but you can also combine it in a larger bottle for use everyday. And put
about six drops of tea tree oil in your bottle. And then you just use it and rub it into your
feet, and then wash your hands afterwards. You can also combine it with aloe vera and
borage to make a paste for psoriasis. It’s been shown to use – to work really well. The
aloe vera soothes the skin and the borage acts as an anti-inflammatory and the tea tree
acts as an antifungal. So those are some ways that you can take care of different wounds
and psoriasis and other irritations with tea tree oil. This is Lauren Roy for Sugar Hollow
Farm in Phillipston, Mass.


  • sammimitsu says:

    If you add a few drops to some boiled water, you can dab it on as a deodorant. Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants are dangerous, because they block the sweat glands and the toxins go back into your body. Try using a few drops of tea tree oil in water, and add pure lavender for scent. It's cheaper and totally pure and organic.

  • laura dahl says:

    GR8T Video…
    Would you know of any natural cures for DOGS with ear yeast infections?

  • Tamela Lerma says:

    what is borash? I would like to try this for my psoriasis

  • MyLittleGreenThumb says:

    @cutetoiletwater Yes.

  • Nox says:

    go eat ur chocolate cookies

  • Nox says:


  • ohpineapples says:

    Can I ask a question? Why can't tea tree be used in peple with hormonal imbalnce? I have that right now and I was just heading out to buy some tea tree oil. I know my hair dresser uses Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo on me, but doesn't know my Hormonal problem. Why can Hormonal people use it? Thank so much. !! Smiles !! By Hormonal Imblance I mean I'm going thru mentopause right now. Thanks !! x0x0

  • Alexandra Crawford says:

    Can I use coconut oil???

  • Cacey Hays says:

    Tee Tree Oil works great on your computer aswell. Couple of drops on your hard drive takes away all the viruses!!

  • Ismokeweed Alldayeveryday says:

    i had a red dot on my nose for many months, i applied tea tree oil once, and it started to fade away, now i use it atleast once a day for my whole face and its clear! 😀 ps i never had previous acne problems.

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