Natural Hair Scalp Massage Tutorial: Are you massaging CORRECTLY? Learn how!

Natural Hair Scalp Massage Tutorial: Are you massaging CORRECTLY? Learn how!

TriniGirlNatural Hi Everyone I wanted to come
on today to talk to you about scalp massages. It’s almost wash day and I – my goal is to
do a scalp massage once a week with my prepoo. You’ll always hear me trying to do two things
at once if it’s possible to combine them and the first thing I like to combine is my scalp
massage and my pre poo. So first of all scalp massages are really
good for your scalp and for hair growth because they help to stimulate the scalp which helps
to stimulate hair growth and I think they’re also good for just releasing stress and just
relaxing because I find them so pleasant and so relaxing. So try it out, even if you don’t see the growth
you will see the benefits from just the relaxation and just that you time with your hair. So, how to do a scalp massage and what are
the important things to know when doing a scalp massage. First of all you want your hair to be not
too wet, not too dry. You don’t want it to be crunchy but you don’t
want it to be like sopping wet at the end either, especially if you’re doing an overnight
prepoo, you don’t want to go to bed with soaking wet hair. If it’s too dry you just spritz it with a
little water and then get your oil. You can also warm your oil a little. The important thing to know about scalp massaging
first of all is that you’re not rubbing your fingers on your scalp like this. You are putting your fingers to your scalp
and then you are moving your whole entire scalp like
that. It’s not like if you’re scrubbing, no, everything
is moving. I think a lot of people are confused about
that and I see a lot of people talk about hair loss from scalp massages or scalp massages
that don’t work and it’s probably because they are not doing it the right way. So definitely, fingers to scalp, move scalp. The more relaxed you are the more your scalp
can move so relax. You don’t want to just put your hands in one spot, but you
don’t have to get every single inch either, so you just do, do, do until you get everything
covered. Pay special attention to your edges and maybe
your crown, whatever your fragile areas are. You don’t need to drown yourself in oil you
can just dip your fingers in the oil and just do the massage, especially if you’re not going
to shampoo the next day. If you are going to shampoo the next day you
can be more liberal, especially if you are using coconut oil and trying to prevent hygral
fatigue, that only works if you get it on your strands. So usually I do the scalp massage first, then
take some more oil and put it on my strands to do the pre poo part afterwards. Once you’re finished massaging everywhere
like I showed you, the next thing you can do is tap with your fingers to stimulate the
scalp even more. I know a lot of people now use a vibrating
brush but if you’re relatively tool free like me you may be a little bit wary of them. I would still use my fingers to do the actual
scalp massage because I don’t see how a brush could move the scalp like I showed you. The brush is probably rubbing out your hair
like I told you NOT to do. But for the part where you just want to stimulate
your scalp you can pat it with your fingers like this or you could just place the vibrating
brush all over your scalp to stimulate. Now I am going to say something controversial,
you really shouldn’t be doing scalp massages on a clean scalp.The reason being, the sebum
production naturally stops when you have enough sebum there so as soon as you put something
heavy like oil on your scalp your sebum production is going to stop until you clean your scalp. So I never do it on clean hair, I do it with
my prepoo before wash day. If you want to do it more than once a week,
at least wait a couple days after wash day where you already have some sebum and again
you don’t need to flood your scalp with oil, you just put some oil on your finger tips
and do it. A lot of people say that they have dry scalp
issues but they’re actually giving themselves dry scalp issues because they’re cutting off
their sebum production because they’re oiling their scalp after washing on wash day so your
body’s all confused. A lot of people do have genuine dry scalp
issues, but other people who have scalp issues are giving it to themselves by putting heavy
products too close to their scalp on wash day. If you want to wean away from oiling your
clean scalp I suggest using aloe vera gel and using that to massage your scalp or moisturize
your scalp after cleansing on wash day instead of using oils. That’s lighter and that will evaporate faster
and that’s going to allow longer sebum production until eventually you can just let your sebum
do it’s thing. So at least by the end of the week your scalp
should have some sebum on it. I am just explaining what science says and
what works for me and that if you have dry scalp but you’re always
oiling your scalp then this could be something you could try. Aloe vera gel, oil it maybe once or twice
a week and just see what happens. Maybe I might free someone from dry scalp
issues and then it will be worth it. If you want to oil your scalp all day, every
day that’s perfectly fine as well. For scalp massages and for prepoos you want
to use penetrating oils. Coconut oil is good, it’s special because
it penetrates more than other oils and it also helps to bind the protein to your hair
so it helps to keep your hair stronger longer. I don’t use pure coconut oil because it can
have a drying effect. I mix it with olive oil or avocado oil. Vitamin e, castor, stuff like that is good
for your hair. For your scalp, you can take the previous
oils and add a few drops of peppermint oil. That helps give you that tingle and helps
stimulate the scalp. Now I’m going to show you a demo of how I
do my scalp
massage and pre poo. That was it guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope that was helpful. You will most likely see improvement and you
will definitely enjoy it. Good luck, happy massaging and enjoy! See you in the next one! Bye!


  • Trini Girl Natural says:

    Do you massage your scalp? 💆 How do you do it? Which oils do you use? And have you seen results? Tell us 👀👂😊❤.

  • Silver Fox says:

    I'm gonna have to listen to this again because it's kinda hard to understand you but I want to get what you are saying. Thanks for sharing. Peace ✌🏾

  • NaturallyMe BeautifullyMade says:

    not too many people are aware of this. so thanks for sharing. I do love to massage my scalp. I have to do it a little more tho lol. new subbie! let's support each other 💋 #YTsisters

  • Flaviagro says:

    Very nice I didn't know thank u for sharing I like thumbs up

  • Texture Love says:

    Excellent video! This was informative and really good 🙂

  • Latriise says:

    Very interesting. I've never heard anyone describe doing a scalp massage this way. But what you say makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ms.CoilyP says:

    I Looooooovvvveeeeeeee scalp massages! I love to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil mixed with Olive Oil to do my massages! But honestly, when ever I put a product on my hair, I naturally massage my scalp simply because they feel so amazing!

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