Natural cream for psoriasis – Herbs for psoriasis

Natural cream for psoriasis – Herbs for psoriasis

Tom O Brien Master Herbalist here, with another video on how to make your own
psoriasis cream, psoriasis is something that affects a lot of people its avery sensitive painful
skin condition that can be hard to manage… it combines a calendula, comfrey and st. John’s wort oil these 3 are anti-inflammatory antiviral antifungal
and antibacterial so perfect for skin conditions like psoriasis is very simple
to make and I’m gonna show you how enjoy request a video if you would like me to address any particular health issue and if you haven’t subscribed or if this is your first time here please subscribe and be guaranteed weekly content on the health and healing benefits of herbs and food as medicine I’m Tom O Brien, Master Herbalist and look forward to seeing you in a video soon take care bye bye


  • Tomisha Moore says:

    what is the base cream that you use? Thank you for this video.

  • Rui G says:

    What's the best essential oil to use as a mouth rinse? Thanks for ur videos bro

  • Patrick Merritt says:

    Thanks for the video, I hope to try this recipe soon.

  • The Shuiligans says:

    that's a great video brill stuff dude xx

  • Natural Health Strategies says:

    another awesome video 🙂

  • LARK'S GARDENS says:

    Hi Tom. Great combination of herbs to feed our skin. Your viewers would benefit from your recipe. For my aging skin I make my own infused comfrey, calendula and plantain oils. I add these infused oils to all my moisturizing products. The base of my 'body butter', which is much like your cream, is coconut oil & shea butter (white). From my experience, since childhood I have had eczema, topicals alone will not get rid of 'skin' conditions. You MUST heal your gut. I have found no 'quick fix'. You are what you eat. Keep up the good work. :0)

  • Ann F says:

    Hello! any suggestions for enhancing energy. Thank you 🙂

  • Rebecca Sanders says:

    Nice video 🙂 Would you consider doing a hand cream video? My hands get terribly dry, crack and then bleed. Ergo, most lotions sting when I apply them. Lately, I've been trying Badger Balm at night, but wanted to see what you would suggest. Thanks!

  • Tomi Zagorakis says:

    I really enjoy your videos! Keep em coming!!

  • Rocknrollvegan says:

    Hi Tom, i wanted to ask you what are the best herbs to use internally for skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis? I suffer from the latter myself. Great channel by the way, i really appreciate the info. Thanks.

  • Teresa Shell says:

    Hi Tom,Do you have any experience with H2O2 type therapies? I am dealing with 2 different autoimmune diseases, type II diabetes, hypertension and simply cannot take any more medications from my doctor. Any suggestions?

  • The Best Of Everything 2019 says:

    Where can you get the ingredients? Thank you. I just subscribed.

  • The Best Of Everything 2019 says:

    Hello. Thank you for giving your viewers such great health information. I'm new to your YouTube site.
    I have a question; Some history of me: I suffer with neuropathy and sciatic nerve damage, from my waist down to my entire feet, on both sides of my body. I also suffer with a rare condition in my pelvic, groin, and the entire pelvic area called Prudenal Nerve Entrapment. I get bad inflammation and bad nerve flare ups, which I have to get nerve blocks. I have done everything my many doctors told me but I'm done with them. There has to be something to reduce or get rid of NERVE INFLAMMATION-I'm now focusing on natural herbs medicine TO TREAT MY NERVE INFLAMMATION AND FLARE UPS. I never tried the natural HERBS because doctors never want patients to use them. My question, what can help reduce inflammation of nerves? I saw your other videos where you talked about inflammation but can't seem to find that video. I would appreciate information given to me. Thank you, Mrs. Angelica Arellano

  • The Best Of Everything 2019 says:

    Part 2- From the nerve and neuropathy inflammation and flare ups, I get chronic pain. Been like this for almost 10 years. I need your help. What can I take or do to get rid of sciatic buttock and surrounding nerves inflammation? Thank you greatly! Mrs Arellano

  • Master of the Universe says:

    I treated mine which was severe was by showering everyday most days I miss a few and by avoiding too much manual labour, sweating makes it worse as you shower to dry your skin out and get rid of the plaques. It works better than taking meds or using sun beds. When the plaques are gone it's a lot easier to control as because the small spots can increase rapidly so just wash more and they go away. Worked for me anyway and I sufffered from this for 30 years. All those creams and bath lotions were nonsense and never dried the skin out enough to stop the plaques growing. I just use liquid soap and a sponge in shower and works really well brilliantly in fact ,the doctors just made it worse by prescribing ointments and lotions preventing you from showering because you think you should keep the lotion on as long as possible. No one prescribed showering everyday until I moved to Germany where everyone seems to know that this gets the best result well from the people I have met anyway. Good luck. It is stress related usually meaning the more you stress the more you sweat so you need to keep your skin dry if possible. If you go to the beach and get a good cure this is from the uvb and the salty air drying your skin imao

  • Sam Sohail says:

    Dear Sir my whole body have psoriasis more then 10 years
    please Guide me how to make Cream
    what i eat
    then psoriasis removed
    please write down
    i thanks full to you

  • Elena ! says:

    Every time I hear that there is no cure psoriasis my heart breaks a little more…

  • Penny Felton says:

    All of the sudden about five years ago, my mom developed psoriasis on her hands. I found that psoriasis treatment method “Κοkοzο Wuno” works on my mom’s psoriasis case. It does take about seven days for it to begin though. For the first time in several years, her psoriasis is under control.

  • rad102577 says:

    can it be used on the scalp?

  • Von Wane says:

    Lanolin really helps relieve psoriasis

  • Rumana Qhavi says:

    thank u so much sirs

  • Rumana Qhavi says:

    but how to reduce internal itting in psoriasis

  • Rumana Qhavi says:

    reply plezzzzzz

  • Erica Holmes says:

    how do you get the ingredients for this cream mixture is it available in stores or online?

  • S Foster says:

    tom can i include aleo vera to that Psoriasis Cream also

  • Sam Sohail says:

    Sir Please write down psoriasis cream Ingredient
    my all Body have psoriasis more then 10 Years
    and i live in pakistan
    so please Guide me

    i thanks full to you

  • Sowrav Talukder says:

    I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Noboremed Secrets (google search it). But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular skin disease treatment?

  • Steve Bryan says:

    What is comfrey cream???????????????????????

  • Denis Cadogan says:

    Hi Tom, where can one get the ingredients. I have a daughter and work friend I would like to make this for.

  • Raja Anjum Mushtaq says:

    sir please tell me the time when we should use this cream and how long??

  • Renee' Powers says:

    Is this the same as Eczema? Thanks

  • Psoriasis Warrior says:

    I wish I knew about this when I had Psoriasis. Now I am completely clear through diet, but it looks interesting.

  • Sweet Pea says:

    Where do u buy these supplies to make it ? I haven’t found any at any vitamin or herbal shops

  • Quills says:

    Thank you for your video! I'm actually on the hunt for something to help my Mother and this looks like a good recipe. I was wondering if any of these ingredients bring immediate relief for the itching of psoriasis, and if not could you recommend anything that would work as an anti-itch element to add to this cream? I realize that the existing recipe should help eventually, but I'd like to provide her with something that takes care of that symptom as soon as she applies it. Thank you so much for all your kind help!

  • Coréy Mullan says:

    Are you Irish?

  • Mek Mek says:

    Where did you purchase the comfrey cream?

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