My Skin is FINALLY Starting to Clear Up

– It seems Eve wants
everything on this page. Eve, your list is as
long as the toy store. Do you know that deep down you’re not actually gonna get them, but it’s just fun to circle them? – I’m not actually gonna
get them for Christmas? – There’s this saying,
if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I don’t think that’s true. – No, that’s true. – I– – Whenever you’re mad,
we’re all depressed. (calm instrumental music) – Good morning, passengers. We just got done with orthodontist work, so why am I so happy? I don’t know. I don’t know. I think what it is is,
there’s this saying, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I don’t think that’s true. – No, that’s true. – I– – Whenever you’re mad,
we’re all depressed. – But I kind of think it
goes the other way, too. If the kids ain’t happy, Mama ain’t happy, and so I think I’m happy today
because my girls are happy. – Also, I have no idea why I’m happy. I just woke up– – [Julie] Me neither. – In a good mood today. – [Mom] So why’d you wake
up in a good mood, Abby? – I don’t know. – [Mom] So show us your braces. We just got done at Warren Orthodontist, and she has Christmas
braces, and you know what, it’s driving me crazy. Can I pop that? – No, it hurts really bad. – Other than the little
zit there on your chin, give us an update on your skin. – This part is not red anymore. Well, I mean, not completely
red, but, and my forehead is almost completely done,
and my cheeks are not as red anymore either. Basically, all the redness is gone. The only redness that’s on my
face is the actual pimple now. That’s good. – So she did the internal, the pill, the internal antibiotic for a month, and I told the dermatologist
I don’t wanna do it more than a month. Now, she’s been off of it
for a couple of months, and she’s still doing
the topical antibiotic, just in the form of a cream. Do you do that once a day, or twice a day? – Well, I have two types of it. I use one in the morning and one at night. – Okay. Julie, give us an update on your braces. – So next time I go, I’m
gonna get bands, which, it’s gonna look completely weird since it doesn’t look
like I have braces at all. – [Mom] Well, because
they’re Invisalign, huh? Are you wearing them right now? – Hm-mmm. – [Mom] You took them
out for your ice cream? We love Dr. Warren. Besides being really good,
he gets us ice cream after. (group laughs) Puts us all in a good mood. Maybe my good mood is due to the ice cream at 7 in the morning,
hashtag not sponsored. We’re getting these
kiddos off to school now. – You know what, we should just stay home and go to the movie theater
like we did last time. – [Abby] Oh, my heck, no, I’ve got things I need to do today. – [Julie] I know, I was just joking. – All right, we’ll see you in a bit. Bye. – Bye, Mom. – [Mom] Have a good day at school. – Thanks. – [Mom] Love you. – Love you, too. (train horn roars) – Do you know how fun it is to have all of your kids in school? I am not gonna lie, it’s kind of amazing. I used to think about
this day, and dread it. What am I gonna do with my time, and who am I if I’m not
taking care of babies at home? Am I gonna be doing anything worthwhile if I’m not watching kids? I will tell you, I don’t
know if I could ever go back now that it’s here, and I
didn’t think it would ever come. I didn’t think this day would ever come. Today, I am going into the salon, and I’m going to have my nails done. They’re chipping. I’ve been doing this gel polish, and my motive behind doing
that is my nails fall apart and I get these hangnails
that are painful, but with the gel polish, I
notice that it kind of acts like a glue, and it keeps my
fingernails from breaking, and I’m gonna try full lashes,
instead of the classic set because they are softer, and the classic always hurt my eyes, so I’m
gonna come in and get beautiful. – What’s up, fam? So school, I mean, it’s fun. I’ve made a lot of
friends, a lot of friends, and I’ve been doing well grade-wise, and I’m pretty much all
caught up except Spanish. I don’t know any Spanish,
but I just got home, and Mom and I are gonna go
pick up the kids at school, and then we’re gonna go
to our local hospital because I need a signature
for my Eagle project for scouting, and I’m gonna
be gifting some little capes that I’m gonna make for
kids with some friends, and we’re gonna gift
them to this hospital, but I need their signature first, so we’re gonna go do that, too. So yeah. – I told Chad, you have
to do this on camera. You have to teach this science. – No, just– – You are so good at science. I never knew this before. – We just talked about certain things. – Tell them why insects walk on water. I did not know this. – It’s just caused by surface tension, which is because water is
polar and then the insect is non-polar, which is
pushing off of each other because polar only dissolves polar, and non-polar only dissolves non-polar, so that’s why when you jump
off of a cliff in the water, it’s like hitting cement and
you can die or break bones because it’s surface
tension, which collapses, and then it goes down and sinks. – Oh, la, la, la, la, la. What’s the Skittles for? – [Mom] They’re all gone. Chad ate them. Hi, Julie. – Hi. – [Mom] Russell, go sit down
and get your seat belt on. – I wanna see if I have 100. – [Chad] Oh my gosh, there’s Jermaine. – Wait, Mom, my friend was asking– – If we could have a playdate. – Yeah because, and her
mom, she’s a teacher. – And she has your email. – And she knows where Springville is. Can I go to her house? – [Chad] Today? – We’ll have a playdate. No, tomorrow. – [Mom] Can you get her phone number? – Oh, she only knows your phone number. – Oh, guys. – [Eve] Yours. Can I go to her house tomorrow? – [Mom] Not tomorrow. Not tomorrow. – [Russell] Friday, or Saturday? – Wednesday. – [Mom] We’ll think about of a date. Get her phone number, and
then I can talk to her mom. – I don’t know. She already knows yours. – [Mom] Listen, I need her number. So you get her number and
I’ll talk to her mom tomorrow. That’s the deal. – Oh my gosh. – I know. – [Mom] He has some good friends. Makes me kind of a little bit said that he’s not at this school, but he’s having a really good
time at the school he chose, so it’s just encounters like
this that I’m like, aww. – Aww, it’s good to see them. – [Mom] It’s good to see them. – Yeah. – [Mom] But you’re still glad you made the choice you did, right? – Oh, yeah, I’m, yeah. I’m very glad I went to the
school I go to right now. – [Mom] Are you wearing dad’s shoes? – Yes, I’m one inch– – [Mom] I think you’re the same size now. – Oh, okay. – [Mom] Crazy. (calm harp music) I’m in the kitchen, and
I am cooking chicken again with my Anova. This is seriously the best
way I’ve ever cooked chicken because there’s no mess. When I’m done, I just throw the
bags away, and I found this. This was strategically placed
here on the counter for me. I wonder who’s been going through it. Eve, come here, I want to talk to you. I found this in the kitchen,
and I wondered what it was. Did you and Russell go through
this magazine together? – Yes. – What did you do? – We did lots of things. Russell wanted that. He did not want LOL stuff. – You don’t want an LOL doll? – Well, I do, but I made it on this list. – Oh, you made a separate list, okay. So you drew, this is your Christmas list? – [Eve] Yes. – [Mom] And you drew glasses. What else is on here? – [Eve] That is Gudetama. – [Mom] I have no idea what that means. – You have no idea what Gudetama is? He’s like the funniest thing in the world. And that’s a one-wheel Segway. – [Mom] Segway, a one-wheel Segway. Okay, what else is on here? – My own mini car. – [Mom] A mini car. – [Eve] Okay. – [Mom] What else is on here? – [Eve] That’s a little fish thing where you can spin around,
and that’s a lock thing, that’s a lock thing, and
then this is my own snake. – [Mom] You want your own snake? – Well, no, it’s not like,
it’s like, a robot snake, so this is a bike, and this is a baby– – [Mom] Crib? – [Eve] Yeah, and this is a
dolly, and this is an arrow. – [Mom] Don’t you already have an arrow? You got a bow and arrow for your birthday. – Yeah, but I want a better
one that can shoot farer. – [Mom] Are you looking for toys that you want for Christmas, Chad? – I think I wanna ask Santa for one thing off this whole entire toy list. The very first thing, a Nintendo Switch that the whole family can play with because it’s a 16-player game. Love you, Santa. – Eve, your list is as
long as the toy store. Maybe you could narrow
it down to three things. When I was a little girl, I used to go through clothing magazines and I would take a pen, and
you know what I would do? – Circle things. – I’d circle all the pretty dresses, and I just wanted them all,
and I’d circle all of them, and you know what my mom would say? – What? – She’d say, “Why are
you circling all those?” And I’d say, “Those are the ones I want.” “Those are the pretty ones,”
and she’d just nod her head, but I knew deep down I wasn’t
actually going to get them. Do you know that deep down, you’re not actually gonna get them, but it’s just fun to circle them? – I’m not actually gonna
get them for Christmas? – Not all of those. – How about I circle three in
my magazine and three on here? – Oh, okay. (group sings) – [Abby] That was the cutest
thing I’ve ever heard.

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