My shampoo isn’t “natural”

My shampoo isn’t “natural”

– Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease endeavoring to persevere as always. If you’re new here, I make videos about my chaotic good life,
so consider subscribing. (upbeat music) In this video it’s gonna be super quick, you know what I’m saying? ‘Cause it’s still Vemda,
it’s still Vlog Most Days, Vlog Many of the Days, Vlog More Days Than General in April for me. I wanted to just get on and talk a little bit more about hair. So over the last year with my locs I’ve definitely been experimenting. And I think I’ve documented most of my experiments on this channel. I’m not going to lie to y’all. Like, I just use Head & Shoulders now. And there’s a few reasons for that. One, so I have a few scalp things. What is it, like adult
cradle cap kind of situation where I get these scabs and
flakes every now and then. I’ll definitely get a series
of little mini-breakouts. And then also living here in Texas my allergies actually
do present themselves mostly through my skin and my scalp. For me it will end up actually just being my scalp is just super itchy. That’s what I’m usually working through. And honestly with the
natural hair shampoos and things like that, kudos to them for having natural products
and like all that kind of ingredients and being just holistic. You know, twigs and
berries, amen, I get it. But for me and my house,
that’s just not my ministry, it’s not my ministry at all. I will probably for the indefinite future use Head & Shoulders
and y’all can roast me in the comments if you need to, if you need to do that, do it. But that’s the life I’m gonna live. When I would even try
the natural hair products I would end up having to
wash my hair more frequently. So they would, yeah they
were getting my hair clean and my scalp clean but
because it had no kind of dandruff-fighting agent in it and I’m not just talking
about it’s got tea tree. Like, I need more than
some tea tree, okay? I would end up just having to wash my hair a lot more frequently. So two to three sometimes
four times a week. Now I use Head & Shoulders. I can go a week and it’s fine. It’s not a big deal. Before I’m startin’ to be like. For those of you that are
maybe in the loc community trying to find a regiment for yourself and trying to just have an ideal standard for how you take care of your hair rather than a realistic standard for how you take care of your hair. Um, I just wanted to let
you know that I’m out here living my best Head &
Shoulder Lavender life. In regards to build up because I know this will probably pop up in the comments. In regards to build up, for me hair health starts
from the scalp out. So if my scalp is doing great, I’m not too concerned about build up because I know how to keep build up from becoming too epic or
anything like that in my locs. I use Neutrogena’s anti-residue
shampoo every now and then to make sure there’s not
too much build up in my locs if there is any at all, actually. And then also if it becomes so epic that Neutrogena isn’t doing it or an apple cider vinegar-baking
soda soak isn’t doing it then I can break glass and if necessary just dunk my head in some Dawn. That’s not ideal but that is something that is in the realm of possibility to do to maintain my hair. And to moisturize my locs I’m still doing what I talked about in
a previous loc video which is I use aloe vera gel on my scalp and the shafts of my locs. I then follow up with
my favorite oil blend and let that sit in my locs in the shower while I finish washing and
then I do a slight rinse to get rid of the residue of that and my locs feel soft,
moisturized, even again, even using the Head & Shoulders. So that’s the regiment I
am on, like indefinitely. And I just wanted to come
on here and just say that, that I know that when
you’re a semi-free form, free form whatever method you’re using to maintain your locs or lack
thereof maintenance, cool. That it’s okay to, like,
you know, not be washing your locs with twigs and berries,
you know what I’m sayin’? Like, it’s okay to
just, you know, just use a regular-degular, over the counter, you can get it at CVS,
Walgreen’s, amen-type shampoo. And no shade, no judgment,
’cause that’s my ministry. That’s the ministry I’m in. And I just wanted to let you
all know that that’s okay. You know, I have documented
my whole loc journey with this set specifically on my channel so I have a whole playlist
of it, check it out if the spirit moves you. I’ll see you in the next one.


  • Grace SmithNotJones says:

    Do you, boo.🧴

  • saldiamond says:

    Ooh girl. I was on the twigs and berries too and I also switched to head and shoulders and……I won't be going back. Tea tree wasn't doing enough. So I feel you. 10000%.

  • Ahsante the Artist says:

    This is so funny because I found out about Terressentials from your (pre-locks) vlogging about it, lol. I feel like I have a similar flakes situation so maybe I’ll try H&S again – that stuff STINGS if it gets in your eyes tho – whoof!

  • Natashya Mitchell-Hendrix says:

    Thanks for saying this

  • On The Loc Journey says:

    gasp lol
    Do you boo!

  • MAZZ 777 Naturals says:

    Lol my friend uses that shampoo 🧴 do you dilute it?

  • bominickel says:

    As a person with seborriac dermatitis; I truly understand what u are going through. I use head and shoulders and other shampoos to address my scalp condition. Each of us have to develop a regimen which addresses our individual hair needs.

  • Solo says:

    Do what works for you. Ppl out here going broke for twigs and berries too lol

  • Courtney T says:

    😂Honestly, shampoos are the only product that I’m not super rigid about because of my scalp condition. I’m not about to be out here fucking around with some clays and juices when my scalp is on fire. Nope. I’ll take all the sulfates.

  • Beautiful Jeye says:

    "Not my ministry". I'm going to have to use that from now on, lol!

  • Victory Begins in the Garden says:

    roasting you in the comments lol its not that deep do you

  • Anayiah Rivera Salvador says:

    I feel sorry for you

  • Jackielocs says:

    Ideal: twigs and berries ethically sourced from Africa
    Realistic: Neutrogena Anti-residue shampoo, whatever conditioner is in the shower at the time, jojoba oil, homemade flaxseed gel to retwist…wait 3 weeks…do it again. Yes I work out and sweat. No I don't smell like dirty gym socks. 🤣

  • corazoncha89 says:

    I’m here for a regula shmegula get the job done shampoo and low key regimen. I love your videos and I’m glad you addressed your experience using natural shampoos with relation to scalp care. One of my biggest concerns of loc’ing is getting scabs and sores on my scalp from dryness. Whenever my hair is in a protective style I usually suffer from scalp sores. But I’m looking forward to exploring the semi free form life starting this summer.

  • J Thompson says:

    I use a sulfur bar soap and I’m a loose natural. For the first time ever…I can go 3 weeks without washing my hair (I had a rough January)! I’m happy, so I’m not concerned about how others feel about it at this time. 😆

  • Empress D of 6flh says:

    Yes to everything you're saying!

    I was only using natural sulfate free shampoos for my first year, but I noticed I had to wash weekly and was experiencing some buildup. I now just use diluted Method Dish-soap with an acv rinse afterwards and my scalp is thanking me. I was able to get rid of my buildup and can stretch my washes a lot longer.

  • byoung4eva1 says:

    Going natural, never meant using all natural products. It only meant to stop using relaxers, texturizers, etc. I mean for petes sake's eco styler which isn't a natural product, became popular in the black community because of black women who were natural. Somewhere along the lines ppl took the word "natural" to mean you have to use all natural everything, and by that logic most natural hair youtubers would fail, because most of them use products for natural hair. There's a difference between natural hair products, and actual natural products. Moral of the story:ppl use what works for you, as long as you don't go back to relaxers, you ARE natural.

  • Rachel Miller says:

    I'm not even locked and I use head and shoulders. I use an anti dandruff shampoo, ACV and tea tree oil lol. I've had dandruff in the past ion want it no more.

  • Master Steppa says:

    You are a beautiful impress like you little smile keep up the good works one love

  • Abe Olinski says:

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I'm still on that Lemon Clarifying Shampoo that you put me onto. But kudos for DOING YOU GIRL!

  • bettyreads says:

    I feel youu, head and shoulders treats me right lol

  • knewknots says:


  • Rachel Elizabeth says:

    Head shoulders knees and toes. Love that stuff. 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • SheAnatural B. says:

    Alright juices berries and twigs😂. Blessed not to have scalp issues like flaking cuz I'm trying to keep it natural…for most things.

  • Natmari says:

    Girl your skin has been looking so good lately and glowing. What are you doing? Can we get the deets? And your glasses are super cute – where did you get them?

  • Kay S. says:

    Yes, do what's best for you. head & shoulders shampoo with the almond oil is my staple. My scalp psoriasis does not exist anymore. I won't be going back. Sorry natural products. H & S almond is here to stay.

  • brewatch says:

    That Dawn is real talk. I've been using some sort of dish liquid for years. Some with locs need to give it a try because buildup is a thing, and yes everyone can see it.

  • adelarge says:

    Ooh I’m even worse…I use HEB brand generic head & shoulders…and I rotate with T-gel AND T-sal because my scalp acts a fool when shampooing gets predictable. No twigs or berries here 😂…and my scalp has never been happier!

  • C Ray says:

    Amen!!!!! I use the same shampoo ! Natural shampoos…not my ministry either. Love your videos

  • alison hilaire says:

    Unless you live in the forest like a tree fairy, you can't be 100% natural…😒 So, it's impossible to judge you! In that case especially, it makes even less sense to come for you, because you're using this for your scalp condition, it's not even cosmetic, it's like a medication.

  • Naturally Lisa says:

    Do what works for you.

  • TheCurlyKid says:

    SPEAK ON IT! 🤣People would ask me what I use and I say," Head and Shoulders Shampoo". I know exactttttly what I'm putting in my hair and I"m fine! lol My scalp can be on 1000 (itchy and has scabbed up) and I use a little H&S every now and then, and i'm Good!

  • IAGNF says:

    My scalp is so much like yours. My adult cradle cap stopped when I stopped adding oil and any kind of creamy conditioner to my hair. I only used clear or transparent shampoo (even just suave girl!). I’m semi free form. And my sebum oils my hair fine. I find when there is no extra oil or product in my hair my scalp works it’s ish out. Good luck my sister in this scalp nonsense!

  • Cristy J says:

    I just decided to go back to the regular dandruff shampoos. Trying Mazini. What part of TX you in? Been in TX all my life, dandruff forever and locked 5 years. (3rd time)

  • pmunkyandpals11 says:

    I had to switch to a dandruff shampoo recently as well! I noticed the difference (reduced flakes/itchiness) immediately. I was so self conscious before because my hair looked dirty and the flakes were all over my clothes. I'm gonna try the royal oils line from H&S next. It's supposedly better for our hair types 🤷🏿‍♀️ We'll see!

  • Amanda Akatukunda says:

    Twigs and berries. Lol
    Amma use that!
    Sometimes when I see all the 100% natural hype in the community, I'm like…..why so serious?!

  • Jay says:

    Love this video. I've had my locs for a year now and I've tried Dr. Bronners, water only washing, Shea moisture, cantu, and now I'm going to try Dr. Locs. But i may just go back to OTC too because the cost and shipping of Dr. Locs is a lil pricey and takes a while to get here. Good old 3 dollar Cantu might be the one.

  • HER LOXX says:

    Hey girl, good morning and great video. You have a great TV voice. I use herbal essence natural line, but I think That's just their name, nothing to do with natural. The scents of apple and vanilla are waaaay too sweet to be natural and when I look at their ingredients, there's pure formulas in it. But the scent of green apple is soooo addictive I love it. I have thick unruly hair, that needs alot of handle to Maintain it. Your method is your way, nobody else's. As long as your scalp is clean doesn't matter. Your hair looks great "San" twigs and berries 😁😀

  • Julia Elaine says:

    You have such a calmness and peace about you that is so soothing and enjoyable to watch.

  • ThatChickKim says:

    I'm actually curious; would you try the new head & shoulders royal oils line? Apparently, that's geared towards "naturals".

  • T Clipse says:

    “Twigs and berries” killed me 🤣

  • luvlocs06 says:

    "Break glass and… dunk my head in some dawn"! 🤣🤣🤣
    It's totally all about finding what works.

  • Muriel Rose says:

    So true, true…. head and shoulders is the thing….and also I am using Neutrogena shampoo because of you …and I love it! Thanks again !

  • M L Dyson says:

    People roasting you for doing what's best for you & your hair situation? Uhhhhhh…..those people would definitely fall into the "I suck" category. Kudos to you for finding your hair care formula

  • Her Highness says:

    Oh, is Dawn a “break glass” type situation? Oh ok. I use Dawn exclusively & I use it every 2.5-3weeks. My 4b/c semi-freeforms are clean, have a sheen, feel very lightweight & accepts rose water/olive oil for moisture very well. Works for me & no broken glass.🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

  • Theosha Talks says:

    Twigs and berries aren't for me either. I find that the most cleansing/clarifying ones make my scalp the most happy.

  • EmMused says:

    I go hard for natural products on my hair but I acknowledge that having a scalp without any issues gives me this freedom. You have to do what works for you. No one else knows your hair and scalp better.

  • Teresa Williams says:

    OMG!!! You have described my scalp situation and my answer too is head and shoulders! I always wanted to loc, but thought my scalp situation would be too much of a problem.

  • Kokafor934 says:

    I loved this! I've tried so many things that are supposed to help the scalp. Tea tree really don't do a thing for my scalp lol! I just got the Jason shampoo you mentioned in a video years ago and while it helped I still got flakes and the sulfur smell has stayed on my hair all week lol. I'm going to try head and shoulders to compare the two

  • Diane Flowers says:

    My apologies if someone already mentioned this, but have you tried the new H&S royal oils line for "our" hair (teal and gold bottle)? I tried the scalp elixir ( I believe that's what it's called) when my scalp was going nuts, and it helped so much.

  • Winterism says:

    Head & Shoulders is best kind, and I ain't about to mess with a good thing.

  • jay s von says:

    I thought I was the only one ,thanks for making this video. Love your dreads!!!

  • Laurie Peterson says:

    What we eat and the medications we take can produce dandruff and flaky yeast infections on our scalps….

  • Crystal B says:

    Makes sense especially with your scalp issues. What’s helped my scalp most, is keeping it product free.

  • Ovetta Thornton says:

    “Adult cradle cap”… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I feel you SIS! 💆🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ live your best life!!!!

  • Haleemah says:

    Breaks glass* dunks head in dawn**

  • kel.insight says:

    Tell 👏🏾me 👏🏾why👏🏾 I just bought some head and shoulders the other day?!? I’ve had sister locs for 3yrs now and when I say the twigs and berries ain’t cutting it 🙅🏾‍♀️. I need that tingling sensation on my scalp!

  • JournalisticJoe says:

    Same, I enjoyed the natural shampoos but they made my Seb Derm flare up so bad. I'm on a mixed regimen of natural stylers /hard and natural shampoo/conditioner and old school grease.

  • Daniel Adane says:

    Do you find shampooing twice helps your scalp or do you just do it once?

  • dogemon says:

    Girl you do you. I also have lots of dandruff and allergies so I need to use sulfates.

  • fatimasg1 says:

    Hey I use beeswax to loc my hair. There are plenty of “Na” sayers on that, but I say do what works best for you and your hair. I have a dry scalp too which is why I use the beeswax. It keeps my hair moisturized longer than all that other stuff. I wash my hair with clarifying Neutrogena, and then I finish it off with some Aussie conditioning shampoo. Works for me. I’m actually going to look into head and shoulders now.

  • Jahloveicrave 79 says:

    I understand u fully I go through the same thing also if I use any other shampoos other than what deals with my itchy scalp I’m in trouble I hve to use a medicated shampoo!

  • 43227nv says:

    Your skin is flawless. Beautiful.

  • sugarbanana says:

    Lol "that's the ministry I'm in"

  • Laquisha Johnson says:

    Yes and amen…. its truly liberating to see another loc’ed person being free….doing what’s best for your hair/scalp… it kinda gives viewers “permission “ to do what works for their hair/scalp and not be condemned for it. Many thanks to you for this video.

  • Jessica B. says:

    When I was loose natural I had to use more products (and i still kept it simple) once i loced next to none… Thank god!

  • Piper Riley says:

    Thank You So much Hallease for this video, I think it’s so important for people new to the loc community not to completely neglect, what feels right for their scalp and locs just because everything else is deemed a tabu or may cause build up…blah blah blah, I’m almost 2 years loced and it’s literally taken me as long to figure out what’s best for my scalp health, and ironically I found what works for me and because it’s not what I’ve seen on numerous videos, I still question my OWN decision…so thanks again for being so honest about what really works for you.

  • MIss K says:

    If it works for you, use it, it's nobody else’s business. I use tresseme products on my locs and it works well for me.

  • Lisette Brown says:

    Thats my shampoo as well. Dandruff is real

  • Helen Zracova says:

    Have been using this shampoo for about three weeks. My hair was dry, scratchy, flaky. But, now, using Argan Rain Shampoo 2-3 times a week, hair is smooth and soft. The best shampoo that I've found for my hair in years.

  • Kelly Paulemon says:

    That "twigs and berries" comment sent me over the edge and straight to the Like button! 😂

  • Lajuana Ess says:

    That oil causes my scalp to flare up with my sebbhoric dermatitis so that stuff aint good for me. I love them but it ain't good for my scalp. and i use gel to retwist. Looove it.

  • vee mor says:

    you are beautiful! Just from the intro alone, I can tell you make great videos and photography!

  • Tracy says:

    Do you still use the Jásön (with the do dads on top of the name) 😂 dandruff shampoo at all anymore?

  • CanadianQueen76 says:

    I use H&S on my locs, too.

  • Darlene Jordan says:

    I had the similar issues with my scalp, skin.
    I have Asthma & Eczema.
    I had to change my complete diet.
    No dairy (loved milk) no whole eggs.
    I can happily use Dr Bonner’s, diluted.
    No more Hot (too hot) showers or baths.
    Moisturize my skin, and stopped using heavy oils ( grease) on my scalp.
    I spray a blend of, Rosewater, Vitamin E & Distilled water on my scalp when needed.
    I keep my hair wrapped when outside. This has really helped. It gets hot in Sacramento in the summer.

  • Gopi MGS says:

    Thx u so much I am really looking for the people review with h&s shampoo

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