My favorite vegan diet supplements

My favorite vegan diet supplements

Thank-you for joining me today at ModVegan.
My name’s Margaret, and today I’m going to be discussing my favourite vegan supplements. The vitamin that I think most people
will call to mind when they think of vegans, they tend to think of B12 B12 helps you with your energy metabolism
and it’s also very important for your brain health. Deficiencies in B12 are fairly common, whether
you are vegan or not. You need to have a special enzyme in order to be able to process B12,
and so some people do not have that even though they eat meat. So they may need to have B12
supplementation regardless of whether they eat meat or not. You take it once a day and stave off, you know, insanity
(laughs) or whatever happens to you if you don’t take it. I know that it’s very bad, so take your B12. Another one I take, because I have extremely
weak, nails – my hair seems fine – but for some reason I’ve always had weak nails. I
take something called Biotin. Biotin helps with hair and nails. It’s a very
useful vitamin. I like it a lot, because it has made my nails much stronger. I’ve always
had a problem with weak nails, and so I’ve always tried to find whatever I can that will make
my nails a bit stronger. And the Biotin is working great. I definitely can see a difference
in my fingernails. They’re still fairly short, but I’ve been taking the biotin for about
three weeks now, and it seems to be working very well. The last product that I’d like to show you
is an Iron supplement. I generally get enough iron in my diet, but as a precautionary thing,
just because I like to make sure my iron levels stay nice and high, because I’m a runner, and
a young women, and that’s who tends to have anemia, so just to make sure that doesn’t
happen, I take something called Spatone. I don’t know if you guys have heard of this.
It has a different name depending on where you are , but Spatone is the name that I believe
it has in Great Britain. Spatone is a water that’s taken from a spring
in Great Britain – Whales, actually. And in Whales they have this spring that is filled
with iron-rich water. And what they do, is they put it in these little sachets, which
are actually filled with water. And the sachets are very rich in iron. You take one of these,
and it’s your daily amount of iron. And what I love is that it’s just water. But
once you add juice or anything else – I sometimes add Emergen-C (make sure it’s vegan, some
of the Emergen-C products aren’t vegan, but most of them are). So, I mix it with Emergen-C
and it’s just delicious. You don’t really notice it at all. As long as there’s a little
bit of sugar, a little bit of acid (which is good, that helps you to absorb iron). Toss it in
some orange juice or fresh squeeze yourself an orange – do something like that and it
will make it taste a lot better. It’s a very painless way – actually my daughter
begs to take this every day, I think she likes that it’s in packages. She makes me give it
to her every day and she really enjoys it. So, if she will drink it, then it can’t be
that bad, because I’ve got picky kids! So it’s not that bad. Since I’ve been taking it, I’ve noticed that
even though I’ve been vegan now, like at least mostly vegan for at least six months or so. Gosh, probably more than that! But, anyway, for quite a while
– I’ve just had my bloodwork done recently, and and I have excellent iron. So iron is
not a problem for me, and I think that this has helped. Thank-you for joining me today. If you liked
this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. And please comment! Let me know what you think
of the video. Did you like it? Are these interesting products to you? If you’re vegan,
what kind of supplements do you take? Is there anything special that you take? Or do you
just kind of “wing it”? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll
see you next time. Have a beautiful day.


  • purityrefinedbyfire says:

    That's great thanks! I'm definitely going to get some biotin I have weak nails too.

  • Monika Humayer says:

    Two recent studies have suggested that potassium sorbate can be toxic and may have significant health effects on our bodies. One study found that potassium sorbate can damage white blood cells. Potassium sorbate was found to be genotoxic, meaning it could damage genetic information, cause mutations and even lead to cancer.Another study highlighted more potassium sorbate dangers. In this study, when potassium sorbate was combined with ascorbic acid, it caused DNA-damaging activity. Ascorbic acid is more commonly known as vitamin C and is common in many foods. Particularly with canned fruits or soda drinks, it is very possible to be eating a combination of potassium sorbate and ascorbic acid.         Very scary

  • Monika Humayer says:

    Spatine has potassium sorbate, I take it as my bidy absorbs the iron very well I mix it with Cvitamin powder . It's a shame that they are using gen damaging etc potassium sorbate, Is there any other iron rich suplement which ain't make me paranoid?? Thanks

  • Vadym Radkov says:

    I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on WooPep page, great for health 🙂

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