My Favorite Fresh Scalp Relief Products

My Favorite Fresh Scalp Relief Products

The reason why I’m really big on scalp care is because a healthy scalp is the beginning to healthy hair Start with your scalp, and then let’s deal with the hair Hey guys, it’s Q with QLovesHair and today, I’m doing a follow-up video to my fresh scalp video I get a lot of questions about that video and about what people can do to Keep their scalp nice and fresh and especially this time of year It’s going into wintertime, and we all know when winter hits Oh my gosh the drying of the scalps can drive you crazy So I’m just gonna give you a few tips a few other products that I use To help you get some control this season and maybe help minimize the horrible flaking the itchiness The suffrage in the first video if you haven’t seen it. It’s gonna be Linked so you can actually just click on it and go watch the video there, and it’s a complete thorough fresh scalp treatment with moisturizing So what we’ll do is just talk about a few products the first product that you saw in the video was actually in the container Which is my Antiseptic spray bottle this is my first layer of products on the scalp. It is an antiseptic the product is actually called It’s by a company called Dudley. It’s skin and scalp antiseptic So that was the first thing you want to put an antiseptic on the scalp. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic Which is you’ll find tea tree oil in the Chi carries an amazing tea tree Line they have a full line shampoo conditioner blow-dry lotion mask This stuff is phenomenal, and it doesn’t strip your color. It’s also flake free So that’s a huge plus for it, and they actually have this product here Which is the scalp spray that you can use as your first layer So if you don’t have an antiseptic feel free to use this is a scalp, and this is going to help to alleviate itching It’s going to help alleviate drying and irritation and the flakes and you can use this as your antiseptic as well But this product is a soothing scalp spray that You can just use during the day if you’re having a a really itchy bad day Just spray this on your scalp and just rub it in and oh my gosh. It feels so good so good Good so the other product line that I like is straight request the first thing that they had was called under control now Let me tell you something this stuff right here is a tea tree antiseptic shampoo So you can use this as your first layer, and then you can come behind it with the medicated treatment shampoo It’s your second layer, so you can put this on the scalp first And then you can follow it with this and then each time you layer a product you want to make sure you put them under The dryer that’s going to ensure that the product really gets absorbed into the scalp you get deeper penetration when you use heat After this then I layer it with this and put you back under the dryer, and then I shampoo you with the medicated Shampoo if you decide to go with Straight Request you want to use this first and then that The other product that Straight Request recently came out with it is the sulfate free tea tree shampoo But it has apple cider vinegar, and I’m know y’all have heard so much about the benefits of apple cider vinegar I’m probably using more of this now, then I am this And my clients seem to be happy with this as well. It’s a tie between This is this with my clients. The last one I’ve used that I know Works also and there’s a product missing here too because they have like a spot scalp treatment Sort of like this they also have it in the Avlon product But I like this because it has the one and two they work collectively so I like, I really like systems I like systems create a system so I can start from the beginning to the end Now once you’re done with all that then you need to use a moisturizing shampoo of your choosing my go-to Moisturizing shampoo is usually argan oil by Chi the argan oil line, and I also love the CHI monoi oil the CHI monoi shampoo and conditioner under the deep brilliants line. So I’ll pop that up on the screen to so you can know what I’m talking about, but once you’re done with your shampoo, your treatment Your shampoo and your conditioner once. you’ve done that service when you go back into the hair you want to use a very very very light Hydrating serum. My favorite serums are right here This is the Argon oil by Chi, Argon serum. This is the Deep Brilliance Monoi serum or the Bio Silk Hydrating Serum I love their serums because they’re super super light so I would just pump a really tiny layer So just go through and part the scalp in the different sections, and then I massage it into the scalp And it does not weigh the hair down It doesn’t weigh the scalp down. If you weigh your hair down with these products you have gone way overboard. These products are very very very light. That is basically what I do. So what you saw in the video These would be the products that I would recommend. I know there are 10 gazillion other products out there. Find what works for you. Good luck this winter and let’s get that scalp under control. That’s all I have for you today. I hope this helps. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment box. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and until next time. This is Q with QLovesHair telling you to take care of what you love Bye!


  • Toya Wimley says:

    Where can I purchase these products at? Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Denzlo M says:

    Hello. I'm just seeing this video. Great info! I have locs and I am experiencing dry flaky scalp. Do you have a video regarding locs? and would your system work for one who has locs? Thank you

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