My Fave Collagen Supplement

My Fave Collagen Supplement

– Hi all, Christine Byer
here Licensed Esthetician for 18 years, I’m based in
Fishers/Indianapolis, Indiana. I have been working on people
in the trenches for 18 years. I have been a little
bit MIA and I’m sorry. We went on vacation, had
a great European vacation. Very busy, I feel like I need
a vacation from my vacation. Not complaining, but it was
just a lot, a lot of big, a lot of airport days which are stressful. And also, personally have been feeling just kind of, I don’t
even know what’s next so, I have been taking care
of my skin, per usual. And there is one thing I wanted to share, and I have built my
channel over the years, Oh by the way if you haven’t subscribed if you could please
subscribe, tell your friends, if you have other skin
care aficionado friends. Have them subscribe,
but I built my channel and my practices and my YouTube channel by sharing information and
just sharing what works for the bulk of my
clients and all the things that you learn when your
business is skin care 24/7. And I also love to research so. One thing I did notice this last month, which is really interesting,
I’m a big advocate of taking collagen, collagen powders, whatever form tends to
agree with you the most. For me, I’ve tried a handful
and what I have settled on is Vital Proteins collagen,
I love their collagen. And the good news is that
they are readily available. You can buy them at Whole
Foods you can buy them at Freshtime, I just found
some at Whole Foods, like the big mondo ones for
like 20% off, so I stocked up. I do not sell it, but I love it. And what I had noticed is,
I’ve put it in my coffee every morning, I was using the creamer, which is a nice product, but it had a whole lot of fat in it. So I was like, you know, I’m just gonna do the regular collagen. And I was only taking a scoop everyday which I realized after a
few months was really only a half a serving, and so
when we went to Europe I bought like all these
packets so that I could just empty them into my coffee in the morning. About a week after I got home
I was looking at my hands and I was like, huh, those look better. And I noticed my face looked better and I hadn’t done a Sculplla, I hadn’t done anything to my face. I had been on tours
and just running around in the sun while I had sunscreen on. Just running around,
and so after I got home, I had been home for about a week and I was looking at my hands thinking, well they look better, the
skin somehow looks thicker. And then it occurred to me,
one thing y’all may not know about me is that I have scalp psoriasis and I have tried everything for it. But sometimes it will migrate to my knees. I had a little patch on my
knee for the last couple years and I just couldn’t be bothered with it and that disappeared in the last two weeks and I was like, that’s weird
’cause those are always there. And so they went away and
I’m like it can only be attributed to the collagen,
’cause when I first started the collagen I noticed all
these weird aches and pains went away, saw a little
in my face, you know. Saw when I first started internal collagen I noticed my legs weren’t all scaly. Which, you know, you’re
moving in the right direction if you don’t have to like,
reapply lotion to your legs three times a day ’cause
they’re so scaly and parched. So that was a big indication
that it was working. And I love collagen,
internal collagen, because it works on your entire
body not just your face. Yeah, that was a revelation,
take a full dose. And I was like, well okay
I was taking half a dose so I was essentially taking
double the amount I was taking for the last month, and
I noticed a difference. So what if I were to take two doses a day? Thing is, I don’t know how to fit it in because, you know, I only
drink one cup of coffee a day and that’s when I
do it, that’s my ritual. I put it in my coffee,
it’s my coffee creamer. Although, the kind I use
is just a gelatin so it’s tasteless and colorless,
but it does add some bulk to your coffee, so I use it as a creamer. I essentially doubled
my intake of collagen. Now, what if I doubled
that, I’m wondering. In the beginning, I did try
this, I did try two doses. And I remember I woke up the next morning and I had a big ‘ol zit right here and I was like, hmm, maybe too much. So I’m thinking it’s something
your body has to get used to and sort of expect, things
start to change, you know, your entire body is made of collagen, different types of collagen,
and this is type one and type three so it
even helps your bones. I just can’t stress enough
to find a collagen supplement that agrees with you and
I tend to like the powders ’cause I feel like a
big dose is a big dose. I feel like I take all
sorts of supplements so I just wanted something that was a little bit different and I didn’t have to choke down yet another pill. So if you’re not doin’
a collagen supplement and you’re past 30, 40 I
really suggest getting on it because it’s gonna make a
huge difference in your skin. It may not happen overnight
and it may be subtle but I did notice that my arms look better, just recently too, I think
over vacation I was out in the sun so much and even
though I wore sunscreen you know, we were in sun
drenched places, Lisbon, Marseilles and they’re just sunny. And a lot of people don’t realize this is that your skin, if you go
out in the sun over and over and over, it’s spending
all its energy to repair the sun damage, I didn’t
start to really notice the benefits until I had
been home and out of the sun for a week, and I was like, hmm very nice. So, please add that to your program if you’re doing nothing else,
if you’re a supplement-phobe just consider it, there are liquid forms. Image skin care makes a liquid form. I’m not crazy about the taste and it has, I think it has surculose in
it, it has some sweetener which is, bleh, gross but
I have seen people get really good results like that, on that I saw a gal on Facebook that
like got rid of her double chin and I was like man she must’ve
never taken any supplements or any protein at all to
get that sort of result but I thought that was
staggering that that had worked for her, I just
wanted to share that information because it was a revelation,
okay, so some things you can do without slathering a bunch of
stuff on your face and still make you look good still, so. All right, if you have any questions leave ’em in the comments
section, subscribe, tell your friends to subscribe,
gettin’ ready to have another neogenesis contest
and I’ll be giving away a NeoGenesis Recovery which
is their star product. It’s 70% active ingredients
of the human stem cell condition medium, my first
favorite product in the world is Recovery and that is
something I do not live without. And, it’s curious, I have an acne client. She’s been with me about two years now. And her acne is mostly under
control but she’s on a budget. And she was just using it to
start, she was switching off with Retin-A and then she
went off the Retin-A and just used recovery every night,
and then she decided she really liked the
results she way seeing and started using it morning and night. And I saw her yesterday
and I was like, oh my god! All your post inflammatory
pigmentation is breaking up! I said I’ve, this takes years! I couldn’t believe how
much her post inflammatory pigmentation had broken up
because this is a gal who would never go without
makeup and after a few months of using NeoGenesis
Recovery morning and night we’re seeing, I could
see her true skin again. When she first came to
me, all I saw was acne and all I saw was pigmentation
where she had picked or had pimples and she
hyper pigments so bad and then she has redness underneath. So that pigment, it just
looks like, sort of pepper now and it’s broken up and I was like whoa! And then she told me, I said what are you doing different? ‘Cause it had been six
weeks since I had seen her. She told me she was using it twice a day. It really does recondition the
skin and just re-formats it. Gives it everything it
needs to repair and I hadn’t seen anything, she’s
like, was one of my worst acne clients, I just
didn’t have a lot of hope for her type of hyper
pigmentation ’cause she had had it so long, and so that
was, what was so shocking is that it broke up like
that, ’cause I mean she’s had acne since she was a teen. So pleasant surprises,
anyway, thanks for watching and I will talk to you all soon, bye now.


  • houseofmarti says:

    Thatโ€™s crazy how refreshed your face looks! I thought it was the vacation but Iโ€™ve tried the Vital Proteins and I loved it!!

  • Irish Gerlach says:

    Hi Christine…!! Long time no see u..! ๐Ÿ™‚
    How's ur fibroblast treatment going..?! Did u treated ur face with fibroblast..? What u put on it to heal ur skin after the fibroblast..? Tks..!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • corikay says:

    So glad you did this video regarding collagen supplements! I have seen huge improvements in clients skin who take collagen on a consistent basis…And of course Recovery! One of my favorite products personally and professionally!

  • Czarny LBV/FR/UK/PL says:

    I take collagen daily in capsules now .and use topical collagen too daily sbc .I use to love the liquid one for a year but they are expensive but they work better in my opinion .not all of them have sugar mine was tasteless .not all brands are equal as far as I can tell from my experience .

  • Czarny LBV/FR/UK/PL says:

    Well the benefits you experienced .could also be due to the change of wheather water and food too. Food regulations in my knowledge are stricter in Europe than it is in America .not only collagen .I am.also trying chlorophyll / spirulina

  • claudiabokk9 says:

    What do you suggest for those of us who want to go the vegan route? Thanks.

  • Paula Sutton says:

    Thanks so much Christine. I donโ€™t like the taste of the collagen I gave on hand, but I will try it in my coffee tomorrow. Maybe if I do that I can get it down every morning. Going to go back to the video where you say what you use since you said it was tasteless.

  • Gina Ciliberto says:

    I havenโ€™t watched u in a while Christine you look GREAT. Your skin is fuller and toner in the right places. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผโ™ฅ๏ธ
    Would bone broth be comparable? Thanks for always sharing

  • SleeplessinOC says:

    Hi Christine , I think my questions to you an another video got buried under other comments so Iโ€™m hoping you see this one. Can you please tell me how you address clientsโ€™ issues such as melasma and hyperpigmentation?
    And nasolabial lines and folds?
    Thank you !!!

  • elena olivares says:

    Thanks for posting about your experience with collagen. Iโ€™ve been getting breakouts lately after switching brands of hydrolyzed collagen. I stopped taking it for a week when I traveled recently and my skin cleared up. After a brief search online I found that this is a side effect with some brands. I may try capsules next… thinking that may be the best way to get a reliable dosage vs. guessing how much will cause a breakout.

  • Kim Hatzell says:

    I agree on the collagen supplementation! I've been taking another brand I found on Amazon by Sports Research (lotta great reviews). Vital Proteins is also on Amazon, I think the two are comparable. I add it to my coffee too, two scoops. Fine lines on my face have filled in, face skin seems a bit plumper, my hair is not shedding like it was, and nails are growing quicker. ( All within a month) I'm still waiting for my hands to look better, that may take more time (damn!!!) Lol. But yeh, take your collagen ladies! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Shella Bella says:

    Hi just found your channel. How long have you be using the collagen? Thx!


    Always need a vacation from the vacation lol
    Almost 10K!!! Exciting!!
    Iโ€™ll be cruising down to Whole Foods today ๐Ÿ˜

  • Melissa B says:

    Lisbon Portugal! Lucky lady. Bucket list place for me. My father was born & raised in Sao Jeorge.

  • epd0126 says:

    since it mixes so well in hot liquid i dissolve it in just a little hot water then i add in my orange juice

  • Evelyn Varne says:

    Hi Christine, Can you recommend a collagen tablet that is good quality.

  • mauraurora says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!!!๐Ÿ™

  • JP MP says:

    Hey what about super collagen c Neocell 6000mg??? And is 30 years old a good age ??? And for how log you take it???????

  • Daniella Prince says:

    Have you ever tried drinking bone broth? Lots of easily absorbable collagen in that

  • Queen Circe says:

    Christine, I have scalp psoriasis too!!!!! What helped me get rid of it by 98% was clove essential oil. Because it is potent and can burn the scalp, I mix equal parts Castor oil. I leave it in overnight and I do this once per week. It can be messy and uncomfortable but it was the ONLY thing that got rid of it. It helps hair grow at a rapid rate too! I hope it works for you too if you decide to try it xx

    But be very careful not to get it on your face or eyes because it will burn. I would also suggest using gloves when applying it so nothing gets on your hands and can't transfer to face or eyes but also, so that it doesn't eat away at your nail polish if you wear nail polish xx

  • Michele Dodd says:

    I heard your supposed to take collagen on an empty stomach I have seen collagen with all five types I would like to try it but it's pricey

  • Mary Demandante says:

    there are so many types of vital proteins collagen, is any variant good?

  • maria G says:

    Would the fibroblast therapy be safe for someone without a lot of fat to begin with? RF was a huge mistake for me. Melted fat around my eyes and sides of face , so Iโ€™m wary of any laser device like that. It does seem to help your skin though. Thx

  • Maine Jane says:

    Can you please put a link to the girl who lost her double chin from collagen supplements? Thank you

  • Elaine Clements Finn says:

    I just started a Bovine derived Collagen today. 15 minutes after drinking a spoonful in coffee, I developed a pretty intense headache. Is that normal ?

  • Corey Montez says:

    Hey Christine have you tried it in just water, so much more covenant…

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